Campaign targets speeding Corowa drivers

March 17, 2017

A new campaign will target drivers speeding in specific Corowa streets.

Streets in Corowa where speeding is an issue are being targeted in a major road safety campaign called ‘Drive and Arrive Safely’.
The campaign is aimed at slowing down vehicles by increasing driver awareness of the dangers and consequences of speeding by providing real time advice of the speed vehicles are travelling.
Federation Council Administrator Mike Eden said the current campaign was focussed on Dawe Street, Corowa.
“The campaign is targeting this street as speed has been identified as an issue,” he said.
“Measures have been taken in recent months to calm speed in Dawe Street and we are keen to ensure that people travelling on Dawe Street are taking care to drive within the speed limit.”
A variable message sign board will be in place shortly on Dawe Street, advising motorists of the speeds they are travelling and Highway Patrol Police will also be doing random checks in the weeks to come.
Mr Eden said speeding motorists were strongly advised to slow down or face heavy fines, including possible loss of licence, when they are caught.
Drive and Arrive Safely is a Local Government Road Safety Program project being undertaken by Federation Council in partnership with Local Highway Patrol Police.
The project has been developed in response to the alarming figure that 20% of casualty crashes (where someone is killed or injured) in Federation Council in the five years to December 2016 have been speed related.
For further details on this project, please contact Council’s Road Safety Officer, Scott Landells on 02 6033 8925 or [email protected]

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