Ladles of Love and kindness

April 20, 2017

Ladles of Love’s Maggie Corbett pictured with the random acts of kindness cards that are being distributed throughout Corowa.

The determination of the committee of Corowa’s Ladles of Love has resulted in what was planned as a one-off helping hand becoming a regular occurrence.
Since the group’s formation 12 months ago, the committee has expanded their services to not only include their $10 donation meal cards but also random acts of kindness cards in the hope of spreading love and kindness just a little bit further. 
The Ladles of Love group was established by a group of volunteers eager to help those less fortunate and aims to provide a regular warm meal to people from Corowa and surrounds who are homeless or might have fallen on tough times.
To date the group has distributed 30 meal cards per month to the value of $10 each and recipients of the cards in turn are able to go to Guy Street Store in Corowa to purchase a hot meal, milk or bread to the value of $10.
The initiative has been well received by those needing assistance and the group has now written to community groups and businesses to seek further support.
The group is currently funding the meal cards via regular community barbeque fundraisers but believe there is a need for more cards to be distributed throughout the community and are hoping for support to enable them to distribute even more.
Group member Maggie Corbett told the Free Press the group was overwhelmed with the amount of support they had received from the community since starting Ladles of Love.
“We are just so thankful to everyone that has come on board with us and made this dream a reality,” she said.
“Each month we just keep growing and coming up with ideas to help those less fortunate in our community, for us it is all about being the helping hand some need from time to time.
“It is just so overwhelming what people want to do and I can’t wait to see it all continue to come together as beautifully as it has.”
The group has a Facebook Page Corowa Ladles of Love Kitchen, which they used to recently launch their random acts of kindness cards.
Since the launch, posts have come flooding in of stories, accompanied with photos of smiling faces who have become a recipient of a random act of kindness.
Maggie said the group’s latest venture has them all very excited.
“It’s wonderful to see the posts and hear the stories throughout the community of how amazing someone feels after receiving a random act of kindness,” she said.
“It’s all about taking a step back and doing something small to make a person smile.
“It’s the simplest things that count like buying someone a coffee, paying for their groceries, or even giving a stranger a single flower.”
Maggie said the cards don’t necessarily mean you have to purchase someone something; you could simply help them into their car, hold open a door or take your neighbours bin in.
“Everyone has something going on in their lives and their own hardship stories so even something as simple as a quote on a piece of paper or a big smile can change the negative way some people might thinking,” she said.
“There are a lot of people throughout our area that suffer from mental health issues and a simple act of kindness towards them could help somebody who is on the verge of giving up.”
Maggie said the group was encouraging the community to come on board and pick up a card to assist in sharing the kindness.
“You could change someone’s whole perspective on their day, week or even their life by doing one simple thing for them,” she said.
“Every time one of us sees those cards, we can’t help but smile and we know that you won’t be able to help but smile when you are a part of this too.
“There is no better feeling in the world than knowing that you have been the helping hand behind putting the smile on someone else’s face.”
For more information on Ladles of Love follow them on Facebook at ‘Corowa Ladles of Love Kitchen’.

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