Corowa RSL Squash

August 02, 2017

Club Champion: Graeme Leslie who defeated Matt Davis. Women’s champion: Helen Fuge who defeated Sam Green. Junior Champion: Tom Rebbechi who defeated his older sister Amy Rebbechi. Grade 2 champion: Danny Green defeated Steve Blain. Grade 3 Champion: Adrian Roach defeated Helen Fuge. Grade 4 Champion: Sam Doyle who defeated James Strachan.

Round 1, Thursday, July 27;

Emus defeated Echidnas

Graeme Leslie 3 Games 54 points defeated Chris Rebbechi 1 Game 44 Points.

Robert Woodward 3 Games 45 Points defeated Tanya Seymour 0 Games 36 Points.

James Strachan 3 Games 67 Points defeated Ka Hardinge 2 Games 65 Points.

Tom Rebbechi 3 Games 45 Points defeated Eliza Rebbechi 0 Games 22 Points.

Bulldogs defeated Lions

Steve Blain 3 Games 59 Points defeated Danny Green (filling in for Bryce Stones) 1 Game 42 Points.

Danny Green 3 Games 59 Points defeated Helen Fuge 0 Games 25 Points.

Matt Menz 3 Games 61 Points defeated Gerrad Bevan 1 Game 59 Points.

Jamie Warner 3 Games 59 Points defeated Michelle Walsh 1 Game 42 Points.

Blake Green 3 Games 52 Points defeated Samantha Bartlett 1 Game 48 Points.

No result yet from Kangaroos v’s Wombats due to illness.

Matt Davis and Jim McGrath are yet to play.

Tony Doughty 3 Games 45 Points defeated Justin Robb (filling in for Fiona Grigg) 0 Games 20 Points.

Justin Robb 3 Games 47 Points defeated Sam Green 0 Games 34 Points.

Chris Reilly 3 Games 59 Points defeated Frank Fitzgerald (filling in for Sean Doughty) 1 Game 48 Points.

Frank Fitgerald 3 Games 71 Points Defeated Amy Rebbechi 2 Games 56 Points.

Round 1, Monday, July 24;

Demons Defeated Rebels

Graeme Leslie 3 Games 27 Points defeated Mark Nesbitt 0 Games 11 Points.

Ed Nixon defeated Fiona Grigg Due to forfeit.

Mark Lethbridge 3 Games 34 Points defeated Robert Woodward 1 Game 33 Points.

Chris Reilly Defeated Rory Stones due to Forfeit.

Jaguars Defeated Swans

Helen Fuge 3 Games 27 Points defeated Justin Robb 0 Games 13 Points.

James Strauchan 3 Games 36 Points defeated Frank Fitzgerald 1 Game 19 Points.

Spiders Defeated Tigers

John Plemming 3 Games 42 Points defeated Danny Green 2 Games 26 Points.

Jim McGfrath 3 Games 33 Points defeated Steve Blain 1 Game 22 Points.

Sam Doyle Defeated Matt Menz due to Forfeit.

Jamie Warner Defeated Michelle Walsh due to Forfeit.

Just a reminder to all players and supporters of the upcoming Corowa RSL Squash Club annual general meeting on Monday, August 14 at 8pm.

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