Power harm Howlong’s chance at finals

August 09, 2017

CDHBU has been causing some damage over the past few weeks, this time harming Howlong’s chance at playing finals, as the Power defeated Howlong by 35 points in their clash at Howlong on Saturday.

The first quarter was a scrappy affair with turnovers from both sides resulting in the goals as Howlong lead by eight points at the first change, 2.3.15 to 1.1.7.
The Power lifted in the second quarter with both coaches, Jermey Stevenson and Michael Collins, playing well.
And with Shannon Broadbent his classy self the Power started to get on top.
Russell Anderson moved forward and was providing a great target up forward as the Power kicked 4.6 for the quarter to take a 14 point lead into half time, 5.7.37 to 3.5.23.
The Power held firm in the third quarter with Andrew Ollington and Matthew Howard playing well in defence while Sam Haigh and Nathan McClelland were having an influence in the mid field.
With Ollington kicking his second goal from his post at full back the Power was able to extend the lead to 16 points at the last change, 7.11.53 to 5.7.37.
Stevenson got the Power off to a great start in the last quarter with an early goal, and with Anderson marking everything up forward the Power looked home.
Brad Goyne was doing a great job of tagging, while Michael Linklater sealed the win with a goal as the Power kicked four goals to one for the quarter to run out winners.
Final score: CDHBU 11.14.80 defeated Howlong 6.9.45.
Goals: Jeremy Stevenson 2, Andrew Ollington 2, Russell Anderson 2, Matthew Ross, Steve Cordwell, Michael Linklater, Brad Goyne, Shannon Broadbent.
Best: Jeremy Stevenson, Shannon Broadbent, Andrew Ollington, Russell Anderson, Matthew Howard, Brad Goyne.
The Power reserves travelled to Howlong to take on the Spiders sitting just above us on the ladder.
The Power started well in the cold and wet conditions kicking two goals to one point to take a lead into quarter time.
The second quarter seen a much a more even contest around the ground with the Power kicking inaccurately with three points to Howlong’s two goals.
The power onballers with Brad and Josh Lewis leading the charge supported well by Mal McCartney, Jakob Hanrahan, David Garcia continuing with their consistent effort and James Webb dominating across the ground in the ruck.
The back line once again held tight, with a best on ground performance by Geoff Harvey, along with Steve Talbot and Mitch Clifton.
These boys can always be counted on to give 100 per cent.
The forwards in Tom Hynes, Doug Lavis and Brad Lewis made sure the scoreboard ticked along with the Power coming away with the win.
Final score: CDHBU 5.10.40 defeated Howlong 5.2.32. Goals: Tom Hynes 2, Brad Lewis 2, Doug Lavis. Best: Brad Lewis, James Webb, Josh Lewis, Mal Macartney, Doug Lavis, Mitchell Clifton, Jakob Hanrahan, Geoff Harvey, David Garcia.
Under 14s
We travelled to Howlong knowing that it would be a hard contest because of the tough conditions. The rain and wet ground made it very difficult to score, lucky enough we took our chances in front of goal and were are able to ilk out a one point win, 2.5.17 to 2.4.16.
With only two games left in the season, it’s important for the boys to finish the season strong especially with the chance of a finals birth.
Thanks again to all the Corowa boys that gave us a hand throughout the whole season.
Awards: Sportspower - Jedd Longmire; Guy Street - Jay Lavis; Ricky D’s - Ethan Hanrahan; Ladies - Lachie Raggot; Coaches - Alex Lavis.

CDHBU Netball

A Grade – CDHBU 36 tied with Howlong 36.
A grade provided an absolute show for the spectators on the weekend against Howlong where the scores were tied in the final moments.
Rosie Dye really stepped up to the mark this week, holding and shooting beautifully in the ring.
Grace Kingston and Erica Hanrahan also stepped up and controlled the play, both in the mid court and defence while getting multiple turnovers.
Awards: Meat on the Murray - Rosie Dye; Perfection – Grace Kingston; BOC- Erica Hanrahan.
B Grade – CDHBU 31 def by Howlong 50.
The B grade girls had a tough fought game on Saturday against Howlong, but due to our own forced errors we went down 50-31.
Brooke Morris played an incredible game in defence, yet again being a vital part of the team’s turnovers.
Georgia Cargill was also a standout, being a strong voice on the court and providing a lot of direction for the girls.
Awards: Newmarket Hotel - Brooke Morris; Health Culture - Georgia Cargill; BOC- Brooke Morris.
C Grade – CDHBU 16 def by Howlong 55.
The score line did not reflect the intensity and defensive pressure the girls put on the court.
The second half saw the girls shine in defensive positions.
Lana Rhodes smashed it the centre and defending superstar, Chonny Gorman was unstoppable in attack.
Awards: Border natural Therapies- Lana Rhodes; Essential Beauty- Chonny Gorman; BOC Chonny Gorman.
C Res – CDBHU 25 def by Howlong 58
The girls played a great game with strong defensive pressure. Lily and Pagean both played a stand out game; both in the running for players player. Great work!
Awards: Corowa Golf Club Meal- Pagean Huggett; Blush Skin and Beauty- Lily Hanrahan; BOC- Pagean Huggett.
Under 16 – CDHBU 28 def Howlong 22.
The girls had a close win today against Howlong. We were unfortunately short a few of our girls but fortunate enough to have Aislin and Sophie from our under 14s team.
Aislin took to the court with our 16s like she had been playing with them all year.
All over strong performance from the girls, especially under strong pressure.
Awards: Origin Clothing – Lily Hanrahan; Ricky D’s Pizza – Aislin James; CDHBU Ladies Committee – Maya Ross.
Under 14 – CDHBU 13 def by Howlong 32.
The scoreboard did not reflect how the girls played. They were all amazing and worked really well as a team, implementing our hard worked trainings into the game.
We are so proud of them and how far they have all come. Two more games left for them to shine.
Awards: Guy Street Store – Isabel Walton; Sportswear – Ella Harvie; CDHBU Ladies Committee – Sophie Goyne; Netball Canteen Award – Brooke Smith.
Under 12 – CDBHU 20 def by Howlong 40.
The girls had a smashing third quarter.
Unfortunately, it was not enough to get us over the line.
Mickey played an awesome game in shooter while Ebony played a strong defensive game.
Sophie played well in the mid court showing her improvement.
The girls have come a long way since the start of the season.
Awards: Lewis Fencing- Sophie Griffin; Corowa Travel Link - Mickey Lewis; CDBHU Ladies Committee - Ebony-Rose Hynes.
Under 10 – CDBHU 16 def Howlong 5.
Another great win by the girls with heaps of improvement showing for every girl.
A strong defensive game played by Ella, Niamh and a great mid court drive by Elise put us at a strong advantage.
Awards: Lewis Fencing - Niamh Lavis; CDBHU Ladies Committee - Elise Norman; Corowa RSL Kids Meal - Ella Ross.

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