King has strong ideas for council

August 30, 2017

Gavin King, who has always had an interest in local government, has nominated for the upcoming Federation Council election.

Corowa resident Gavin King would like to see an increase in local visitor attractions if he was elected to Federation Council.

The 59-year-old duty manager at Corowa’s RSL said he had always had an interest in local government.
“A confluence of events has led me here – I just turned 59, the kids are a bit older so I have more time on my hands and people need a variety of candidates and so I put my hand up,” he said.
The father-of-three said he was not locked into any position with current council issues.
“I am aware of the two big issues facing council when they do reconvene – the Corowa Swimming Pool and the Howlong Compost facility,” he said.
“I am not locked into any position, there’s a passionate argument on both sides.
“Because of the master plan for the foreshore and there’s plans to do things with the caravan park as well, all of that has to be taken into consideration.
“At the end of the day, I want to weigh up what’s best for the community.”
Mr King believes all options should be considered as far as the swimming pool is concerned.
“There’s still the option that we could repair it but it needs to be looked at and as long as we get the best outcome for everyone in the community, that’s what matters,” he said.
“I am certainly not going to lock myself into a position either way.
Mr King said looking to the future in regards to the Corowa foreshore master plan, he would like to see a treetop walkway or a flying fox to attract visitors to the area.
“The foreshore needs something that attracts people naturally and we need to be able to sell it,” he said.
While Mr King said he was aware that it was a high-cost item, it was something of a goal to work towards.
“You need to set your goals and hope to achieve them,” he said.
Mr King referred to the flying fox at Arthurs Seat on the Mornington Peninsula.
“Arthurs Seat has a good one that attracts a lot of visitors, so it’s something to look at down the track as a template,” he said.
“I would also like to see the bike and walking track extended down to beyond the Golf Club, with the idea that eventually we would have a swing bridge across the river hooking onto Lake Moodemere and hopefully Indigo Shire would get on-side and hook up with the bike track so we have a bigger loop.”
Another idea Mr King has is to do with electricity.
“The nature of how we get our electricity is going to change; now we drag from a central point that pumps the power out everywhere but communities are now able to generate power,” he said.
“In some towns, households hook up with electrical power and they swap the power between themselves.
“So it’s about looking at the town’s ability to capture electricity and then distribute it, this is something that needs a lot of people on-board but it should be considered because the electricity supply 10 years ago will not be the way electricity is supplied in 10, 20 or 30 years.
“These are just a few of the things I am looking at.”
On election day, Mr King is asking people to take their time and look across the ballot paper.
“Ratepayers have great choice, there’s a mix of people with different skills, ability and demographics,” he said.
“If voters go below the line they can select the candidates they want within the groups and that’s really important as they will end up with a truly representative council that hopefully looks after everyone.”

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