Corowa Shooting Club

September 13, 2017

Corey Wilkinson presented with the Bradley Harkin Memorial Shoot award by Brian Harkin.

Corowa Shooting Club members (back) Brian Harkin, Jacob Motha, Corey Wilkinson, Tom Caldwell, Rodney Green, Brandon Pieper, Allan Cooper, Phil Woods and (front) Les Bowdren, Ryan Wilkinson, Paul Wilkinson and Cody Edwards.

Bradley Harkin Memorial Shoot held on Sunday, August 27.

The wind was icy and unpredictable as the first event started with only five people shooting the possible 10/10 in the 10 target double barrel continental eye opener.

Phil Woods, Allan Cooper, Royce Wojtowyez, Rodney Green and Daryl Hunt were the skilled participants.

Event two was a tricky Continental Medley event with 15 targets double barrel, 15 single barrel and 15 point score.

Overall and AA grade winner was Allan Cooper with 72/75, second Paul Wilkinson 70/75, first A grade Cody Edwards 64/75, second Rodney Green 63/75, B grade first Phil Woods 70/75, second Tom Caldwell 63/75, C grade first Ryan Wilkinson 59/75, second Brandon Pieper 51/75.

Event three was the Bradley Harkin Memorial Shoot and young Corey Wilkinson impressed with his 111/111 overall win taking out Daryl Hunt in a nail-biting shoot off.

Corey also took out AA grade and Daryl took second 110/111, A grade first Geoff Walls 49/52, second Lesley Wojtowyez 48/52, B grade first Phil Woods 47/50, second Jess Goodall 45/50, C grade first Brandon Pieper 41/50, second Les Bowdren 40/50.

Overall High Gun was contested over a shoot off with Daryl Hunt victorious 175/183, Allan Cooper took out the Veterans High Gun 128/183, Jess Goodall claimed the ladies after a shoot off with Lesley Wojtowyez 138/159 and Jacob Motha won the Junior High Gun 124/135.

Special thanks to Brian Harkin for attending and handing out the prizes for the memorial event.

Thanks also to all the fantastic members who baked up a storm for the official afternoon tea and everyone else who helped referee, fill traps and carry out the administration and canteen work.

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