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October 19, 2017

Corowa Golf

A shorter report this week with the ‘Riverbelt’ played at Corowa on two days (and usually reported separately).

Apparently also no lady niners or golden oldies, so we had better get on with what we could find.

Wednesday, October 11

Ladies ‘Pink Day’

The course a picture with all that pink about and here’s how if went.

Men’s winning team - Andrew Love, Paul Pavey, Gary Rowe, Terry Johnstone.

Ladies winning team - Trish Lethbridge, Deb Eason, Heather Briggs, Jan Mills.

Mixed winning team - Ross Lewis, Tessa Merritt, Guy Rowe, Sandra Lewis.


Men’s - A grade - Guy Rowe, B grade - Glen McKenzie, C grade - Cliff Coghill.

Ladies - A grade - Deb Eason, B grade - Sandra Lewis, C grade - Jacquie Lawler.

Longest Drive

Men’s - A grade - Andrew Scott, B grade - Glen McKenzie, C grade - Paul Merritt.

Ladies - A grade - Deb Eason, B grade - Marg Gillick, C grade - Tessa Merritt.

“Lucky strike” - Neil Ormond.

“I did me bit for a good cause” - Mandy Buchanan.

Thursday, October 12

Pro Comp – Stableford: Winner - Mark Plunkett 38 pts. Runner-up - John Taylor 38 pts. Third - Doug Ward 37 pts. Fourth - Tim Patton 37 pts. Fifth - Stephen Couch 36 pts. Ball winners - Nev Tait, Keith Morrison, Alf George, Mark McDonald, Graeme Pickett 36 pts, Alex McGillivray, Wayne Miller, Cliff Coghill, John Fraser, Damien Plunkett, Wayne Peglar 35 pts, Dean Bechain, Neil Caulfield, Alex Patton, Hayden Jones, Terry Tilley, Don Spencer, Graeme Chester, Craig McNaughton, Gerry Clinton, Ernie Whitehead 34 pts. Eagle - Gary Chappell 23rd. NTP’s - Gerry Clinton 27th, Nev Tait 18th.

Saturday, October 14

Ladies Stableford

Winner - Maureen Jeeves 39 pts.

Runner-up - Lucinda Knight 38 pts.

Ball winners - Bernie McLean 35 pts, Jutta Wheatley, Jacquie Lawler 34 pts, Marg Tobin 31 pts. NTP - Bernie McLean.

Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Andrew Scott 40 pts. B grade winner - Geoff Nicholls 36 pts. C grade winner - Tom Embleton 36 pts. Ball winners - Andrew Love, John Coghill 38 pts, Les Payne, Bob Parr 37 pts, Jim Heriston (Albury), Steven Turner, Geoff Ellis 36 pts, Gary Clinch, Greg Witherden, Alex Patton, Graeme Chester, Warren Hornsey, Michael Sherlock (Howlong), Peter Tait, Glen McKenzie 34 pts, Paul Triantafillou 33 pts.

NTP’s - Andrew Scott 18th, no winners on the jackpot hole 12th.

Sunday, October 15

Stroke - Blue, Red, Yellow Markers: Winner - Martin Cunningham 82/65. Runner-up - Geoffrey Scott 85/65.

Ball winners - Andrew Love 68/66, Neil Ronaldson 91/68, Steven Turner (Norther) 78/69, David Livingston 97/69, Jo Pavey 93/75, Lindsay Seymour 72/70, Trent Vonarx 73/76, Doug Ward 81/70, Lochie Conboy 93/70, Michael Love 99/70.

NTP’s - Kellie Cunningham and Taylor Good 4th, John Fraser 27th.

Men’s winner - Martyn Cunningham 82/75.

Ladies winner - Jo Pavey 93/75.

For your diary

Friday, October 20 - Route 66 begins.

Saturday, October 28 - 4BBB stableford aggregate.

Sunday, October 29 - round 4 J and E Nankervis to be played on this day or before it.

And, have you put your team of five together for “Golf Five”.

Applications for this novel event at front counter so make use of daylight savings time and play this anytime on any 9.

And, of course, the spring racing calendar is soon upon us too, we are starting off with a TAB twilight meeting on Monday, November 6.

For this umbrella package includes - admission and race book, umbrella seating all for $20 per person.

The evening includes live entertainment by Maurice Milani, Fashions on the Field, full bar facilities, undercover betting ring and buses running from different locations (check webpage for details).

Entry $15 adults, $10 pensioners, kids free (under 16).

The following day is, of course, Melbourne Cup Day and we will have full details of this day very shortly.

Happy Golfing

‘The Bogeyman’

Corowa RSL Indoor Bowls

Tuesday, October 10 was a fun day at indoor bowls. Due to the rather smaller than normal turnout the decision was made to make it a fun day and so it was, the members that took part did have fun.

The runner-up team with 21 points was lead S. Bishop, second J. Catlin, third D. Roberts and the skip P. Kerr.

The winning team with 30 points was lead D. Chapman, second P. Dodds, third L. Roksandic and the skip M. Pratt.

Thursday, October 12 saw a round of the treble championship played.

It was a very competitive and keenly contested event, the bowling was of a very good standard by both teams and the result could have gone either way.

In the end the team led by Steve Jones proved too steady and resilient to come away with a well-earned victory.

Friday, October 13 was again, a smaller than usual turnout but the bowling was of an excellent standard, the bowlers taking part enjoyed the excellent exhibition of bowling by members.

The runner-up team with 32 points was lead B. Greaves, third J.W. Webber and their skip D. Roberts.

The winning team with 33 points was lead L. Roksandic, second S. Dudziak, third D. Chapman and their skip G. Sander.

On Tuesday, October 3 the runner-up team with 33 points was lead S. Trembath, third S. McGlone and the skip G. Sander, the winning team also with 33 points was lead K. Pleming, second M. Dougal, third R. Backhouse and the skip K. Culhane.

Thursday, October 5 saw two games of club championship were contested, game one was a round robin event in the trebles championship it was won by the team of, lead D. Chapman, second E. Jones and their skip S. Jones.

The other contest was an elimination final of the club single championship, it was an outstanding contest with the scores being even throughout the contest but towards the end P. Dodds was more steady and consistent to win with a very small margin over W. Dowsey to advance to the grand final.

On Friday, October 6 a fun day was had by all with a hectic weekend coming up the bowlers were relaxed and had fun.

The runner-up team with 23 point was lead A. Smith, third G. Sander, the skip J.W. Webber, the winning team with 34 points was lead M. Pratt, third K. Pleming and the skip D. Pleming.

On October 7 and 8 the Corowa annual two-day tournament was held, Saturday was our open day and Sunday our annual charity day with the proceeds raised on the day going to a charity chosen by our members.

This year the sum of $1000 was donated to Corowa Search and Rescue.

We had bowling teams from Melbourne, Forbes, Deniliquin, Barooga, Benalla, Wangaratta, Albury, Wodonga, Mulwala and, of course, Corowa competing each day.

It was a hectic weekend for the Corowa Indoor Bowls Committee, who performed their tasks extremely well and deserve a big thank you.

The best performed team over the two-days was a team from Wodonga led by skip Des Britt.

to all the teams competing to make the tournament a real success.

Corowa Services Bowls

It has been a busy week at Services, prominent bowler and coach Geoff Maskell arrived on October 6 and spent four days coaching club members in the finer arts of lawn bowls.

Friday, October 13 was a great day with the Daniher Drive at the club playing their version of bowls, but even greater for Melbourne Football Club as they took revenge against the Essendon Football Club by winning the match.

A good crowd of locals gathered to watch and applaud the players.

Sunday was the club’s first charity day – the Lorraine Klose Fun Day – was well attended by staff of the RSL Club with bowlers and friends, proceeds of the day will go to a charity supported by Lorraine.

Both the Ladies and Men’s Minor Singles have reached the final stage and Julie Holmquest will play Margaret Barber and Tony Coughlin will play Sam Nixon on Sunday, October 22.

Weekend Pennant started on Saturday, October 14 and unfortunately it was not a very successful day for Services.

A2 v Chiltern - Chiltern 97shots 16 points to Services 81 shots 2 points.

A4 v Benalla – Benalla 104 shots 14 points to Services 82 shots 4 points

B2 v Mansfield – Mansfield 103 shots 12 points to Services 56 shots 2 points

B3 v Civic – Services 85 shots and 12 points to Civic 83 shots 2points.

This game was full of drama as Civic were up 2 shots but 1 rink had 2 ends to play, Roly Nixon’s boys scored 6 to put services 3 shots up Civic scored 1 on the last end but this was not enough.

Mid-week Pennant started on Tuesday with Services playing Civic, Moyhu and Benalla.

Howlong Golf

Monday, October 9

9 hole Medley Stableford: Winner - Elizabeth Landy 19 pts. Runner-up - MJ Ursu 17 pts. Ball winners - Michael Ursu, Marg Fowler 16 pts, Frances Young, Maureen Wood 14 pts.

Tuesday, October 10

Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Jack O’Halloran 44 pts. A grade r/up - David Smith 41 pts. A grade winner - Keith Lambert 45 pts. B grade r/up - Mal Walter 42 pts. C grade winner - Robert Metcalf 40 pts. C grade r/up - Steve Ash 39 pts. Ball winners - Owen Tittensor 41 pts, Reginald Edwards 40 pts, Reginald Outen 39 pts, Ian Williams, Ron Newman, Ray Reid, Bill McKenzie, Graham Clarke, Jade Payne, Bert Washington 38 pts, Lyndon Hemphill, Neville Batt, Kevin Argent, Martin Tobin, Mathew O’Halloran, Robert Blundell, Malcolm Hutchinson 37 pts, Trevor Pattinson, Russell Munro, John Van Nispen, Patrick Seccull, Don Spencer 36 pts, Kim Gray, John Mentakis, Russell Mooney, Neville Lowe, Alan McMaster, Peter Morton, Bob Watson 35 pts. NTP’s - Reginald Edwards 2nd, Ian Weaver 5th, John Danaher 8th, Owen Tittensor 18th.

Ladies Stableford: Winner - Rachael Wright 36 pts. Runner-up - Irene Smart 33 pts. NTP - Rachael Wright 5th.

Wednesday, October 11

Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Janet Rogers 38 pts c/b. A grade r/up - Marilyn Leung 38 pts. B grade winner - Chris O’Toole 43 pts. B grade r/up - Jennifer Roe 38 pts. Ball winners - Brigitte Schmelzle 38 pts, Di Tyrell-Miller 37 pts, Kate Daly, Lynn Newman 36 pts, Marlene Ayres, Chris Ballentine, Jeanette Edwards, Beverley May, Gloria Martin 35 pts, Heather Sarau, Jan Hastings, Valerie Cross, Jennifer Richards, Alice Rasmussen, Gail Arthur 34 pts.

NTP’s - Brigitte Schmelzle 5th, Eve Byatt 8th, Julie Donovan 13th.

Thursday, October 12

Men’s Silvercolts Stableford: A grade winner - Peter Donovan 44 pts. A grade r/up - Thomas Larkins 41 pts. B grade winner - Peter Smith 40 pts c/b. Ball winners - Ivan Yates 40 pts, John Gibbs 39 pts, Laurence Moylan, Peter Revell 38 pts, Matt Versteegen, Gordon Goodear, Bill McKenzie, Reginald Outen, Doug Poole, Bruce Bengough 37 pts. NTP’s - Bruce Bengough 2nd, Neville Brown 5th, Kim Gray 8th, Peter Donovan 18th.

Saturday, October 14

Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Martin Tobin 41 pts. A grade r/up - Wayne Harris 40 pts. B grade winner - Ross Martin 39 pts c/b. B grade r/up - Stan Ridley 39 pts. C grade winner - David Charles 42 pts c/b. C grade r/up - Ron Newman 42 pts. Ball winners - Bob Schneider 41 pts, David Robertson 39 pts, Tetsuya Kamiyama, Stephen Cox, Mathew Porter 38 pts, Tim Kirkwood, Danny Kiervan, Neville Brown, Deon Van Der Merwe 37 pts, Simon Martin 36 pts, Reginald Outen, Steven Barbera, Ken Rainbow, Bill Iverach, David Armstrong 35 pts, Kevin Argent, Brian Carr, Eddie Fah, Trevor Schroeter, Glenn Lilley, Peter Stevens, Andrew Neilson 34 pts, Ken Whybrow 33 pts. NTP’s - Nathan Schneider 2nd, Ross Martin 5th, Greg Keir 8th, Mathew Porter 18th.

Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Heather McCallum 43 pts. A grade r/up - Lorraine Horton 41 pts.

Ball winners - Julie Cox, Melinda Blumoser 38 pts, Wendy Day 37 pts, Sue Harris, Annie Peterson 35 pts. NTP - Robin Stevens 5th.

Friday, October 13

18 hole Medley Stableford: A grade winner - Russell Mathews 38 pts c/b. A grade r/up - Steven Barbera 38 pts. B grade winner - Rosemary Barbera 37 pts. B grade r/up - Kerry Dunne 36 pts. Ball winners - Peter Daley, Peter White 37 pts, Glenn Stevenson 36 pts, Michael Ursu, Jimmy Aitken, Derek Beehan, Jason Huggard, Kurtis Spinelli, Greg Allan 35 pts, Cam Smithson 34 pts. NTP’s - Susan Mitchell 2nd, Maureen Mathews 5th, Derek Beehan 8th, Cam Smithson 18th.

Men’s 9 hole Chook Run: Winner - Dean MacGregor 23 pts. Runner-up - Kel Smith 22 pts c/b. Ball winners - Thomas Larkins 22 pts, Neville Batt, Peter Redhead, Tom Rilen 21 pts, Bill Iverach, Gregory Gardiner, Casey Rolfe 20 pts, Darcy I’Anson, George Lee, John Mentakis, Chris Palmer 19 pts.

Ladies 9 hole Chook Run: Winner - Diane I’Anson 18 pts c/b. Runner-up - Anne Clifford 18 pts. Ball winners - Alice Rasmussen, Margaret Craik 17 pts, Maureen Wood, Karie Lowe, Heather Poole, Susan Gibb 16 pts.

Rutherglen Golf Club Ladies and Juniors

The ladies who went to Mitta to play in the NE Sandgreens came home with nothing but a ball each and some very wet golf gear, but in all had a good time.

Someone who did have a good day was a lady from Beechworth who had a hole-in-one and was also in a playoff for the championship, but perhaps the hole-in-one went to her head and she lost the playoff.

This week will see travellers go to Beechworth for their tournament, good luck to the team of Annie, Lisa, Jenny and Heather, come home with the bowl ladies - no pressure.

On Thursday the travellers are going to Wangaratta.

The shower of rain did wonders for the course.

This week is stableford; there will be no 9 holes Monday owing to the vets being played on the course.

The club will start looking into starting times as the weather is getting warmer, at the moment still 9am for 9.30am start.


Wednesday, October 11 stableford - H. Eggleston 34 pts c/b, runner up J. Williams 34 pts.

Until next week, good golfing.


Had a couple missing on Saturday but those there were put through their paces with Alf, he gave a refresher course and by the look of it there was not too much practice done over the holidays.

So, come on, let’s get up and hitting next week.

Until next week, lots of practice.

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