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November 01, 2017

Corowa Golf

A great week for golf, with rain holding off until a few showers under threatening thunderous skies on Saturday afternoon.

But plenty to report on, so better get on with it.

Tuesday, October 24

Pro Comp – Stableford: Winner - Rod Rosengren 37 pts. Runner-up - Gary Clinch 37 pts. Ball winners - Andrew Love, Graham Steed 36 pts, Don Spencer 35 pts, Terry Moriarty, Rob Porter 34 pts.

Golden Oldies – Stableford: Winner - Terry Hinch 19 pts. Runner-up - Bill Garner 15 pts. Ball winner - Alf George. NTP - Terry Hinch.

Wednesday, October 25

Ladies 4BBB Par: Winners - Trish Lethbridge and Vera Mason +12. Runners up - Sue Patton and Jan Mills +9. Ball winners - Sheila Van Haren and Gwynneth Handberg +7, Lucinda Knight and Marg Tobin +7, Jo Pavey and Noreen Miller +5. NTP’s - A grade - Marg Tobin 27th, C grade - Lucinda Knight 27th.

Thursday, October 26

Pro Comp – Stableford: Ladies winner (3 players) - Gillian Goodman 27 pts. Men’s winner - Haydn James 43 pts. Runner-up - Ephraim Mitchell 42 pts. Third - Bill Castle 41 pts. Fourth - Graeme Pickett 41 pts. Fifth - Mark Plunkett 40 pts. Ball winners (2 balls) - Darryl Herrod 40 pts, John Taylor 39 pts, Craig Scown, Phil Turnbull, Rick Jamieson, Alan Spinks 38 pts, (1 ball each) Peter Tait, David McGrath, Steve Carrick 36 pts, Andrew Scott, Michael Love, Bob Parr 35 pts.

NTP’s - Don Spencer 4th, Mark Plunkett 18th.

Eagles - Andrew Scott 13th, Ephraim Mitchell 15th.

Saturday, October 28

Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Gay Richards 40 pts. A grade r/up - Donna Rohrich (Albury) 38 pts. B grade winner - Sheila Van Haren 41 pts. B grade r/up - Maureen Jeeves 35 pts. Ball winners - Margaret Gillick, Margaret Bradford 34 pts, Nola Carmosin, Vera Mason 33 pts, Trish Lethbridge 32 pts. NTP’s - Sheila Van Haren 4th, Donna Rohrich 27th.

Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Andrew Scott 41 pts. B grade winner - Geoff Nicholls 39 pts.

C grade winner - Glen Rolton 42 pts. Ball winners - Alf Arthur, 42 pts, Andrew Coburn 40 pts, Paul Bradford 39 pts, Dirk Heinert 37 pts, Richard Sargood, Allen Wood, David Holmes, Neville Tait 36 pts, Geoff Ellis, Charl De Mink, Bruce Pearce, Craig Buchanan, Carlos Ramos, Greg Witherden 35 pts, Casey Gamble (Wodonga), Peter Tait 34 pts. NTP’s - Andrew Scott 4th, Tex Van Der Kool 27th.

Jackpot hole 21st - now winner, so far up to $62.

Sunday, October 29

Stableford: Winner - Geoff Ellis 36 pts. Ball winners - Andrew Love (Commonwealth) 36 pts, Alex Patton 35 pts, John Coghill 34 pts, John Taylor, Peter Reid, Michael Love 33 pts. NTP’s - Andrew Love 18th and 27th.

For your diary

Sunday, October 30 - final round J and E Nankervis.

Saturday, November 11 - stroke, round one of Club Championships, men’s and veterans, monthly medal - gold medal playoff.

Sunday, November 12 - stroke, round two Club Championship and veterans.

Wednesday, November 15, round two ladies Championship and final round veterans.

Saturday, November 18 - stroke, round three Club Championships, final round ladies Championship and juniors.

Sunday, November 19 - stroke, round four Club Championships.

This is the club’s premier honour board event, so it’s your chance to shine.

Happy Golfing ‘The Bogeyman’

Howlong Golf

Monday, October 23

9 hole Medley Stableford: Winner - Maureen Wood 24 pts. Runner-up - Elsie Romey 23 pts. Ball winners - Fay Den 20 pts, Alice Rasmussen, Peter Walsh 19 pts.

Tuesday, October 24

Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Martin Tobin 43 pts. A grade r/up - Ephraim Mitchell 42 pts. B grade winner - Gordon Sawyer 38 pts c/b. B grade r/up - Kim Gray 38 pts. C grade winner - Jeffrey Mitchem 44 pts. C grade r/up - Gordon Goodear 42 pts. Ball winners - Terry Barker 42 pts, Kevin Dance 41 pts, Steve Ash, Ron Elston 40 pts, Wazza Norton, Russell Mathews, Bert Washington 39 pts, Philip Cummings, Peter Morton 38 pts, Bill Van Noordennen, Neville Brown, Paul Packham 37 pts, Graham Gould, Don Eastick, Peter Daley, Glen Shannon, Edward Wornes, Tom Johnson, Reginald Outen, John Stevens, Trevor Pattinson, Robert Blundell 36 pts, Michael Nicholson, Eddie Fah, John Whittle, Wendel Reitenbach 35 pts. NTP’s - Sandy Eyers 2nd, Stephen Martin 5th, Russell Mathews 8th & 18th.

Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Carol Richardson 40 pts. A grade r/up - Margaret Austin 38 pts.

Ball winners - Maureen Mathews 36 pts, Kay Walker 34 pts, Lorraine Walton 33 pts. NTP - Lynda Dickson 5th.

Wednesday, October 25

Ladies Par: A grade winner - Gillian Goodman +7. A grade r/up - Heather McCallum +5. B grade winner - Carol Richardson +4 c/b. B grade r/up - Diane I’Anson +4. Ball winners - Noellene Wells, Mary Dixon +3, Kate Daly, Sandira Bissessor +2, Sue Eisenhauer, Jan Hastings, Jan Sutherland +1.

NTP’s - Colleen O’Keefe 2nd, Helen Embleton 5th, Susan Gibb 13th.

Thursday, October 26

Men’s Silvercolts 4 Ball Stableford: Winner - Keith Allison and John Arthur 50 pts. Runners up - Michael Hollis and Michael Slattery 52 pts. Third - Russell Mathews and Terry Mardling 51 pts. Ball winners - Peter Smith and John Arthur 50 pts, Ian Williams and Kim Gray, Tom Bennett and Des Nemeth 48 pts, Graeme Male and Ray Reid, Neville Lowe and Colin Kennedy, Peter Tamango and Tony Jelbart, Scott Milton and Robert Bingham, Brian Duncan and Michael Hibberson, John Coughlan and Gordon Bryant 47 pts, Jeff Cashman and Syd Taylor 46 pts. NTP’s - Don Eastick 2nd, Stephen Rooke 5th, Tom Bennett 8th, John Van Nispen 18th.

Friday, October 27

18 hole Medley Stableford: A grade winner - Max Abel 43 pts c/b. A grade r/up - Adam Mathews 43 pts. Ball winners - Jimmy Aitken 41 pts, Jeffrey Mitchem 40 pts, Maureen Mathews, Scott Proctor 39 pts, Shane Taggart 38 pts.

Ladies 9 hole Chook Run: Winner - Kaye Redhead 24 pts. Ball winners - Yvonne Sheather 21 pts, Diane I’Anson, Jan Sutherland 20 pts, Helen foster, Alice Rasmussen, Fay Dean 19 pts, Julie Donovan 18 pts.

Saturday, October 28

Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Allen Brown 41 pts. A grade r/up - Ray Reid 39 pts. B grade winner - Tom O’Halloran 43 pts c/b. B grade r/up - Philip Trimble 43 pts. C grade winner - Doug Poole 42 pts. C grade r/up - Scott Jackson 41 pts. Ball winners - Scott Proctor, Phillip Barker 40 pts, Paul Baker, Ken Rampling, Danny Kiervan, Andrew Neilson 39 pts, Ray Van Klaveren, Tom Murphy, Phil Gibbins, Bruce Bengough, Shane Taggart, Noel Stewart Kevin Kerlin, Joel Barker, Brent Cochrane, Ron Newman 38 pts, Max Anderson, Kim Gray, Eddie Fah, Wazza Norton, Michael Kelly, Terry Mardling 37 pts. NTP’s - Steven Humphries 2nd, Peter Stevens 5th, Stan Ridley 8th, Shane Taggart 18th.

Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Michelle Stevens 43 pts. A grade r/up - Rachael Wright 40 pts.

Ball winners - Colleen O’Keefe, Susan Wood 39 pts. NTP - Dot Reitenbach 5th.

Sunday, October 29

Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Gary Dundas 41 pts c/b. A grade r/up - Ross MacAlpine 41 pts.

Ball winners - Clifford Harmer 40 pts, Peter Stevens, Brett McMahon 38 pts, Barry Cohen, Geoff Asgill, Brenton Adams, Graham Gould 37 pts. NTP’s - Peter Stevens 2nd, Kevin Harmer 5th, Gary Dundas 8th, Russell Mathews 18th.

Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Lisa Smith 40 pts. A grade r/up - Maureen Mathews 39 pts.

Ball winner - Amanda Arnot 33 pts. NTP - Lisa Smith 5th.

Rutherglen Golf Club Ladies and Juniors

The Louise Briers SKO has been done and dusted, a very close match all day, neither player had a break away, Jenny winning the first then a couple that were square and that was the case all day.

Going into the 18th square and looked like going to the 19th, Jenny’s putt went in the hole then lipped out, game over.

A very relieved winner in Heather, congratulations to both players, it was a great match.

Next Wednesday, November 1 will be the gold M/M playoff, good luck to those girls playing in that, starting time 8am for 8.30am.

This will now be the time through the summer, but Monday 9 holes still 9am for 9.30am, but if you wish to start early you may do so.

Next Wednesday, November 8 is the last round of the Drummond challenge at Yackandandah, the club has a couple who could be in the running for a couple of the grades.

Friday, November 10 is the final NE tournament for the year at Wangaratta, Sally Symonds 4BBB, hope to see you there, a fun day, wear your Christmas shirt as Christmas is fast approaching.


Monday 9 holes - P. Prescott, r/up L. Thompson.

Wednesday, October 25 - final Louise Briers SKO - winner - H. Eggleston 18th, 9 holes - P. Prescott, r/up - P. Cooper.


Alf put the guys through their paces this week, hope it all got into the brain.

Chipping, putting, learning to read the greens, wow what a lot to remember.

Paddy again proved he can putt and Ryn with great concentration learnt to hit straight.

These two won a trophy each, well done.

Let’s hope it will still be there next week when the juniors play holes, in the meantime lots of practice.

Corowa Civic Bowls Club

Pennant results this week show two of the three divisions winning on the day.

Division 1 - travelled to Benalla where they battled on the slick greens.

J. White’s team played well to stay in touch with opposition, 20/23 but rinks skipped by E. Ide and L. Ford had a day they would rather forget with scores being 12/34 and 17/44 respectively.

Benalla players handled the conditions very well and deserved their win on the day.

Division 3 - a happy story for these players at home to Wodonga with all rinks winning on the day.

B. Docherty 26/19, G. McFarlane 34/23, G. McIntosh 22/21 shows it was a good team effort over 25 ends.

Well done to all players.

Division 4 - travelled to Rutherglen.

There were some late changes to the team but they settled well to finish with two rinks up.

L. Wilson battled for 19/23, E. Hollingsworth 27/19, H. Van Summeren 26/15 were able to steady the scoring and give them a good win.

Good team effort.

Men’s and ladies club singles begin on Sunday, November 5 and there will be results of the event as it continues from next week.

Remember social bowls continue on Wednesdays, it’s a good chance to practice your game, so put your name on the list in the tunnel.

Weekend Pennant

In A1 division round of W/E pennant the main attraction was the replay of last year’s A1 grand final between Corowa Civic and YMGCR.

Once again, and against the odds, Civic came out fairly comfortable winners, 108/89, but with only two rinks up.

The star performer was the rink skippered by Dawn Hayman, where an excellent overall team effort achieved a big win 37/9 against strong opposition.

Tom Webb’s rink had a fluctuation game but came home very strongly to win 28/23.

Max Scanlon and his boys had a tough struggle all day, were well down at one stage but rallied well to fall just short by six shots - 21/27.

Col Hendren also found the going tough but again fought it out well to go down 22/30 at the finish.

This was a strong and encouraging performance from Civic, particularly at YMGCR home rinks.

A3’s hosted Bright and despite many new faces in the team this year performed well for an impressive win over competent rivals - Civic won 97/69 with three rinks up.

Lynton Ford’s rink led the way with a 28/11 win and was firmly in control all day.

Mark Mill’s rink jumped out of the blocks and led 16/2 after four ends and went on to score a solid 31/19 win.

Bill Docherty had a tight encounter for the first half but pulled away in the latter ends to win 20/14.

Bob Vendy and his fellow players had a slow start but drew level on the 16th end only to fall away on the last few ends to go down 18/25.

B2’s travelled to St James where all games were very closely contested all day but in the end Civic failed by just four shots to lose 62/66.

Lyn Pyke’s rink was the only winner 23/22, whilst Marg Watson lost by solitary one shot 20/21.

Bob Kilpatrick trailed most of the day to eventually fall short 19/23.

On Sunday the O & M men’s and ladies triples were finalised with Peter McLarty’s team from Wodonga successful in the men’s event and a composite team, skippered by Mary Tregarth (Wodonga) won the ladies title.

The draw for the men’s and ladies singles championships events is now on the board - just two rounds will be played on Sunday, November 5, starting time is 10.30am.

Members are again reminded that correct dress requirements must be worn for pennant days (some stray headwear has been noticed).

The club does not wish to run the risk of being challenged in the respect by an opposition team.

It is good to see Fred Robinson looking ‘hail and hearty’ again after his recent bout of illness.

‘Resting Toucher’

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