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November 09, 2017

Winners of Corowa Civic Bowls Club Ladies Club Pairs were Sue Curtis and Barbara Pulling.

Corowa RSL Indoor Bowls

Tuesday, October 30 delivered a wonderful exhibition of indoor bowling.

All the teams performed really well and the winning team had a real challenge to achieve the desired result - so well done to the winning team for their effort.

The runner-up team with 31 points was lead M. Dougal, third S. Bishop and their skip K. Pleming.

The winning team with 32 points was lead shared between D. Frazer and G. McGlone, second E. Jones, third D. Roberts and their skip G. Sander.

Thursday, November 2 saw two games for the club trebles championship and what exciting games they were, the members witnessing the games were in for a treat.

The bowling was outstanding by both the winning teams and the losing teams, a draw in both games would have been a just reward for all taking part however Corowa3 defeated Corowa5 by a narrow margin.

In the other game Corowa2 defeated Corowa6. Congratulations to the winners and commiseration to the unsuccessful teams.

On Friday, November 3 a fine day of indoor bowling was enjoyed by members.

The bowling was most encouraging and the members’ performances were very promising for the upcoming weekend tournament.

Runner-up team with 21 points was lead L. Roksandic, second M. Pratt, third S. Jones and their skip E. Jones.

The winning team with 31 points was lead J.W. Webber, second A. Smith, third P. Manning and their skip D. Chapman.

Corowa Services Bowls

The Ladies Singles Championships semi-final was played last Thursday when Susie Swift defeated Julie Holmquest and Kaz Hughes defeated Pam Lee.

The final between Susie and Kaz will be held at later date.

The Men’s Single Championships began last Sunday and the winners of the rounds played were Alan Holmquest, Ken Widdison, Lance Davis, Wayne Lee, Tony Coughlin, Rod Garthwaite and Larry Turner. Further rounds will be played next Sunday at 9.30am.

Teams are being assembled for the Men’s Federation Triples Tournament which will be played on Saturday, November 18 and Sunday, November 19 – there are still a couple of spots available for late entrants.

The club will be conducting Twilight Barefoot Bowls starting on Friday, December 29, members, visitors, adults and children are invited to participate on the greens each Friday evening over the holidays, more information in later editions of the paper.

Pennant round up;

Midweek – A1 travelled to YMGCR and went down 81 shots to 55. A3 played Wangaratta and won 69 shots to 64. B2 lost to Beechworth 88 shots to 49.

Weekend - A2 travelled to Wodonga and with two rinks up and two down came home winners 87 shots to 84 shots.

A4 hosted Yackandandah and also with two rinks up won the match 100 shots to 78. Highlight of this game was the great bowling by Ray Dureau’s rink winning 42/11.

B2 travelled to friends at Rutherglen and they also came home smiling with the three rinks wining and scoring 95 shots to 53.

B3 travelled to Beechworth and although each rink tried hard were just outplayed and went down 54/91, but there is always next week for this side.

Corowa Civic Bowls Club

This week all teams were away for midweek pennant.

Division 1 played at Rutherglen and came home with a win.

C. Hendren’s rink had a close game and finished 24/22. E. Ide’s rink battled hard all game but at the end went down 19/24.

J. White and his rink played well to win 29/21.

Division 3 travelled to Moyhu and were able to have a comfortable win.

G. McFarlane’s rink found their opponents too good on the day going down 19/25. B. Docherty’s rink played well on the synthetic green and won 29/19.

G. McIntosh and his players were the stars of the day with 30/14 win.

Division 4 played ClubMulwala.

E. Hollingsworth and B. Smethurst’ s rinks found the opposition too strong on the day going down 15/23 and 2/27.

H. Van Summeren’s rink played well all day but finished with 24/24 draw.

The club championships began at the weekend.

Two games were completed and these players will continue onto the next rounds.

Ladies - M. Lewis, A. Norman, E. Ide, J. Willett.

Men - T. Webb, T. McDonald, R. Davies, M. Scanlon, J. White, B. Davison, S. Rodway, D. Webb.

Good bowling to all.

Weekend pennant;

In perfect conditions both A1 and A3 teams travelled to Rutherglen where results were shared.

A1’s took the honours thanks to a very impressive display from Dawn Hayman and her rink of D. Webb, T. McDonald and I. Lewis - Civic won the day 102/93 but had only 1 ½ rinks up.

Dawn’s rink got off to a great start and allowed their opponents only six ends in an awesome display, winning 39/13.

To Webb’s rink, although on top most of the day lost three shots on the last end to finish tied up at 21/21.

Col Hendren’s rink got off to a slow start, taking six ends to ‘trouble the scorer’ but despite winning 13 ends after that could not bridge the gap and went down 18/22.

Max Scanlon and co had a very close tussle for most of the day but losing 13 shots on the last four ends proved the difference and they lost 24/37.

The A3’s also managed only 1 ½ rinks up on their sides loss of 94/109.

Mark Mills’ rink led comfortably early and whilst their opposition fought back strongly, Mark’s rink held on to win 24/22.

Kevin Hoey’s rink was down early, fought back well with some multiple scores and a six on the third last end put them in front but they lost four shots on the last two ends to hold for a tie 29/29.

Lynton Ford and his boys had a tight tussle all day but lost shots on the last three ends to go down 21/29.

Bill Docherty’s rinks slow start, down 21/16 after nine ends, proved too big a hurdle to overcome and they lost 20/29.

B2’s played at home hosting Mansfield, and were unlucky to lose by only two shots 73/75 in what was a strange game.

Michael Hoey’s rink, off to a slow start, made a remarkable recovery and allowed their opponents on three ends after the tea break.

Unfortunately, one of those ends contained six shots but they still won comfortable 35/25.

Rob Kilpatrick’s rink had complete control of the game after 17 ends when they led 18/6.

But the ‘irony’ of bowls crept in and they did not score after that whilst their opposition added 18 shots, hence Bob went down 18/24.

Lyn Pykes rink trailed most of the day and despite a strong finish fell short at 20/26.

B3’s travelled to Myrtleford where the opposition proved too strong with Civic going down 55/86 (with one rink up).

The shining light was Steve Rodway’s rink which won 25/22 even after their opposition scored 11/2 after the 18th end.

Frank Abbs held sway early but got overrun toward the end and went down 19/27.

Marie Lewsey’s rink had a day they would prefer to forget losing 11/37.

‘Resting Toucher’

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