Residents vow to fight car wash

November 22, 2017

Corowa residents outraged with Federation Council green-lighting a second 24/7 car wash for the town, which would be located next to the skate park, have vented their concerns in person with Mayor Cr Pat Bourke.

The recent meeting took place at the planned site and aired the trepidation of many residents, including David Barwick who cited the closeness of the skate park and the increased road traffic in an area where children walk to and from the nearby school as problems with the location.
Mr Barwick said Cr Bourke told the concerned residents that his hands were tied because the development application ticked all the boxes.
“The only way forward would be to buy the land from (the developers) or offer an inducement to put it somewhere else,” Mr Barwick said.
“Cr Bourke was certainly listening to what we had to say, but did not offer a clear solution.”
Cr Bourke confirmed he had met with the concerned residents to listen to their fears about the proposed car wash development.
“It was a really positive meeting with residents,” Cr Bourke said.
“Discussions were had in relation to the car wash development and the meeting provided council with an opportunity to address the concerns raised by residents.”
Another resident Pat Brody, who attended the meeting, said it would not end here and residents were prepared to fight.
Pat said traffic in Bow Street was already appalling and a car wash on that corner block would only add to the problem.
“Local people need to come up with an alternative solution to keep everyone happy because the fact is that it’s another business for Corowa and that’s good, the only thing wrong with it is that it’s on the wrong site,” she said.
“We need to be positive and if anyone could come up with an alternative idea, that would be great.”
Cr Bourke was sympathetic to Margaret McDonald who recently moved into her newly built house across the road from the proposed car wash site.
Mrs McDonald told the Free Press that had she have known the development application was going to go ahead then she would have re-thought her house plan and put measures in place like double glazed windows to help block out the night time lighting.
Mrs McDonald said while council received 43 objections, she doesn’t believe they were given the consideration they deserved.

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