Corowa Clay Target Club

December 06, 2017

Corowa Clay Target Club members.

Callum Youings with the Junior High Gun trophy.

The second last shoot for the year took place on November 26 at Corowa Clay Target Club with six full squads in attendance.

Event 1, 10 target double barrel continental eye opener with 11 shooters maintaining perfect form to shoot the event clean.

Event 2, 50 target double barrel continental in tricky wet conditions saw Colin Wemyss, John Wojcik and Daryl Hunt in a three-way shoot out for the overall win.

Colin came out victorious with 84/85 and took 1st place in AA grade also with 2nd going to John Wojcik 83/85, A grade 1st Peter Sandral 65/68 staving off Greg Rowe 2nd 64/68, B grade 1st Arthur Wooley 48/50, 2nd Brandon Pieper 46/50, C grade 1st Louise Wilson 53/60, 2nd Vicki Coombes 52/60 after yet another short shoot off.

Event 3, 20 target single barrel 1st in AA grade and overall with the only perfect score was Bob Leita 20/20, 2nd John Wojcik 28/29, A grade 1st Rick Palmer 19/22, 2nd Bob Glossop 18/22, B grade 1st Brandon Pieper 19/20, 2nd Ian Cooksey 18/21, C grade 1st Vicki Coombes 16/21, 2nd Ben Kuchsert 15/21.

Event 4, 30 target double barrel and we were once again graced with the presence of Australian Shooter Emma Cox who kept everyone else at bay and won overall and AA grade with 36/36, Royce Wojtowyez and Bob Leita went head to head to battle for 2nd when the weather got the better of them and they agreed to share second place in AA grade on 54/55.

A grade 1st Ray Gamble 30/30, 2nd Peter Sandral 29/30, B grade 1st Ian Cooksey 29/30, 2nd Brandon Pieper 28/30, C grade 1st Louise Wilson 28/30, 2nd Louise Tingate 26/30.

Overall High Gun for the day on 107/110 was Bob Leita who also took home the Veterans High Gun, Ladies was won by none other than Emma Cox 106/110 and Juniors went to Callum Youings. Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all the helpers.

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