Residents enjoy tickling the ivories

December 13, 2017

Indigo North Health Glenview resident Joan Smith enjoys playing the community piano.

Rutherglen may have missed out on a Victorian Tidy Town award recently but local residents know the worth of one of the entries in the awards – the community piano.

One such resident is Joan Smith who resides at Indigo North Health Glenview.
Joan enjoys tickling the ivories when the nursing home residents enjoy their regular lunches down the street in Rutherglen.
“The outings give the residents a chance to get out and into the community,” Indigo North Health Glenview Leisure Lifestyle Co-ordinator Jo Waring said.
“Most of the residents have lived here a long time and even though they are in the facility here in Rutherglen it is nice to have them outside in the community.”
Jo said the residents enjoy the regular sing-alongs at lunch and were recently at the Pickers Cafe and Collectibles.
Residents and visitors to Rutherglen have enjoyed the second-hand refurbished piano that has been parked at various businesses along the main street of Rutherglen during the year, giving many people an opportunity to tinker.
The community piano was nominated in the Victorian Tidy Town awards, alongside three other Rutherglen projects with the town also in the running for Tidy Town of the Year that was won by Beechworth.

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