Students speak their mind

December 13, 2017

Rutherglen High School students Brooke Hickling, Jess Benton, Amy Arnold, Principal Phil Rogers, Tyson Pascoe, Coach Jade Knight, Olive Russell, Riley Welsh with Rotary Club of Rutherglen President Phil Nickson.

Rutherglen High School recently showcased some incredibly talented public speakers at the annual Rotary Club Public Speaking night.

This night has been held for the past 26 years and allows students at Rutherglen High to present to an unknown audience.
The presentations were split into two groups – juniors from Year 7 speaking for two to three minutes, and also the seniors section from Years 9 and 10 speaking for three to four minutes.
The first speaker in the junior section was Riley Welsh and she spoke about the science of DNA and genetic modification, and posed some thought provoking questions and concerns about what our society will look like given the extensive research that is happening in this field.
The second junior speaker was Olive Russell and she spoke about her passion for astronomy.
She talked about black holes and the ongoing research into this fascinating but invisible aspect of our universe.
The third speaker was Tyson Pascoe and he talked about pollution and its impact on global warming. He challenged us all to think about the little things we could do in our daily lives to reduce the amount of pollution in our society.
The senior students all presented relevant and contentious issues currently being experienced in society in a thought provoking and articulate manner.
First speaker was Amy Arnold and she spoke passionately about budget cuts to schools for funding students with disabilities.
She spoke about the potential impacts of under resourced funding and ably presented a case to stop these cuts.
The second speaker was Jess Fenton and she spoke about discrimination and prejudice in our society towards the Muslim community.
She gave well-rounded definitions of discrimination and prejudice and urged the audience to show respect and tolerance to all people in society.
The third and final speaker for the evening was Brooke Hickling and she spoke passionately about the problem of bullying in today’s society.
She defined and gave examples of verbal, cyber and physical bullying.
She urged victims to speak up and contact police, teachers or trusted adults to call out the bullies. She discussed the negative consequences of being bullied and especially the problems when victims live in fear and don’t seek help.
The adjudicators had a difficult task in picking winners, but announced that the winners for 2017 were: Olive Russell – Junior section and Brooke Hickling – Senior section.

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