Bags that keep coming back

December 20, 2017

Corowa Supa IGA Owner Craig Waldron with Corowa Public School students who have donated reusable bags to the supermarket for customers to use.

Corowa Public School students have donated a gift that keeps on giving and will help save the planet.

As part of the Year 3 and 4 students’ sustainability studies, plastic bags were melted with the use of an iron and later stitched together to make reusable bags.
The final step was to decorate the bags which made them unique.
The bags, about 30 in total, have now been donated to Corowa Supa IGA who will hand them out to customers who are looking to reuse the bags when they do their shopping.
Corowa Supa IGA Owner Craig Waldron thanked the students for their hard work and the donation.
“It’s a great initiative, they have worked very hard on these and they are all unique,” he said.
“Our customers will love using these when they do their shopping.”
Teacher Pagean Huggett said the students were very happy to donate their sustainability project to the supermarket for residents to use.
“The students have been learning just how bad plastic bags are for the environment,” she said.
Some interesting facts the students have learnt include that in all of Australia, the amount of plastic bags the country has could fill the MCG 7½ times.
Also, if tied all together, the plastic bags would go around the world 24½ times.
Earlier in the year other students continued waging a war on waste as they invented biodegradable products.
Among the inventions was a drink bottle made of bamboo and held together with bee resin and wax.
The drink bottle could be used until it starts to biodegrade, at which point it would be put in the ground where it would take four to six months to biodegrade.
The product reduces plastic bottles and saves the planet.
Students learnt that only one in five plastic bottles are recycled and plastic bottles take between 400 to 1000 years to decompose.

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