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January 31, 2018

Corowa Services Bowls

The club endured another un-illustrious week on the greens for weekend and midweek pennant. 

Midweek Pennant:

Both A1’s and B2’s were robbed of a chance to rise from last on their respective ladders last Tuesday, January 23 due to play being called off with the heat rule.

Fingers crossed all will have risen to the occasion of a cool change for games due to be played Tuesday, January 30, and come away with great victories.

Once again, some games were played across the region, and those winners were able to have points allocated, whilst those whose games could not be played shared points.

The heat rule this season and its accompanying scoring policies has played havoc with this season’s finals aspirations, across the region.

Weekend Pennant:

A2’s were demolished after a long bus trip playing away at Mansfield on Saturday.

Hot and humid conditions saw much wilting of players.

Controversially slow greens (some suggested 12 - 13 seconds at best), which didn’t speed up during the day, had heads scratching and suggestions that had the green been timed during play, the results might have been very interesting. 

Unfortunately, the A2’s finals chances weren’t improved with the overall 76 - 109 loss.

Just one rink up (that of Wayne Lee) was victorious on the day.

The rink comprising Alan Holmquest, David Lewis, Jim Walker and Wayne Lee won 24 - 21. Well done in the heat boys.

Fortunately, all arrived home alive (not without multiple toilet stops – it’s a long way from Mansfield when you are drowning your sorrows on the way).

Suzi Swift’s first time on the bus with the boys (and Kaz) was not without excitement: gatecrashing the boys’ toilet stop at the roadside rest caused some mighty quick zip-ups.

K-Dog’s rink copped a big loss and their dream run on top of the Skippers Ladder will be just a fond memory if they can’t rack up some big scores in the lead up to the finals. A2’s remain 4th on the ladder.

A4’s lost playing at home to Wodonga 85 - 97.

Anne Summerill again led her rink to the sole victory with 24-21.

Anne was aided by Roger Mathers, Peter Smith and David Muir.

The other losing rinks were all close games. 

A4’s are sitting in a neutral 6th position: finals hopes just alive but relegation potential if our guard drops. 

Champion of Champions

Our two Club Champions, Ken Widdison, and Kaz Hughes, played last Sunday at Civic in the first rounds of the O&M Champion of Champions.

Ken Widdison make it through after defeating two opponents.

Firstly, defeating James Lamb from Wareena Park 25 - 21, then Gary Sanders 25-24.

That was a high-quality game and right down to the last end, Ken defeating Gary by 1 shot. Ken plays Stephen Flanagan from Tungamah the next round this coming Sunday at Civic: please support Ken with your presence: your support is important to help Ken through. 

Kaz defeated her first opponent, Denise Henderson from Beechworth, winning 25 - 23 after coming back from being 7 shots down.

Then, another tight battle against the St James Champion veteran Beth Parker, saw Kaz play a couple of what must surely have been heat-affected decisions in the last 2 ends when the score was even at 20 -20. She lost the game 22 - 25.  

Corowa Civic Bowls 

The weather has certainly affected the bowls program this week.

Midweek Pennant

All teams were at home and play began early but as the temperature steadily climbed the games were abandoned in accordance with the 36 degree heat rule.

Early lunch was welcomed by everyone.

During lunch Bowls Victoria Representative John Fisher presented Gwen Tait with a certificate marking her 90th Birthday.

Gwen is a very popular long-time member of our club and we congratulate her on her birthday and we look forward to the next milestone.

Wednesday social bowls was a test of endurance and well done to those members who played.

Winners Ned Young and Ken Taylor 33 pts, runners up were Peter Bates and Steve Rodway 17 pts.

On Australia Day we had a special social day - Pikelet Triples.

The day was enjoyed by all and thank you to those who prepared and organised the day.

Winners - B. Docherty, F. Robinson and M. Shipcott +31.

Runners up - L. Ford, J. White & L. Pyke +25.

Sunday, February 4 men’s and ladies club triples begin, so put your team on the sheet in the tunnel.

Weekend Pennant

There was little joy for Civic this weekend when none of the competing sides could muster a win; in fact the club had only 4 winning rinks from a total of 14 playing sides.

The A1’s lost 74/125 at Kiewa, A3’s went down 77/90 against YMGCR, B2’s lost by a mere 3 shots to YMGCR 59/62 and B3’s were soundly beaten at Wangaratta 38/89.

At Kiewa in A1’s only Tom Webb’s rink got up and that was on the very last end after trailing all day.

Max Scanlon also trailed all day to go down 18/34.

Con Hendren’s rink was well in touch mid game but lost 5/22 over the last 12 ends to go down 15/35.

Dan Webb was also looking down the barrel all day and finished on 20/36.

The A1’s will be very keen to redeem themselves next week against Wangaratta.

A3’s hosted YMGCR in a game which could well have decided second place on the ladder for Civic - however the home side were defeated 77/90 with only 2 rinks up.

Kevin Hoey’s rink got off to a great start and remained in control all day to win 23/17.

Lynton Ford had a tight game but led nearly all day to score 23/21.

Mark Mills rink also had a ‘nip and tuck’ game but faded a little towards the end of the game to go down 19/23.

Bill Docherty and his rink were right in the game at the half way mark but failed to score on the last 8 ends and consequently went down fairly heavily 12/29.

This loss sees Civic step out of the top four which means winning their final two matches is paramount to their chances of playing in the finals.

B2’s also hosted YMGCR with the visitors winning by the narrow margin of 3 shots 59/62.

Margaret Watson’s rink lead all day to score 24/18.

Bob Kilpatrick got off to a bad start being down 4/19 after 13 ends but thereafter allowed their opponents only 3 shots and were extremely unlucky to lose 19/22.

Judy Willet’s rink had a very close tussle all day and lost only on the final 4 ends 16/22.

B3’s travelled to Wangaratta and were soundly beaten 38/89.

Frank Abbs rink lost 15/25, Len Wilson went down 14/29 and Marie Lewsey had a day she would probably like to forget losing 9/35.

Sunday saw the first rounds of the Men’s and Ladies Champion of Champions event, result of which will be reported later.

Resting Toucher

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