It’s still 50 metre pool

April 18, 2018

Federation Council has given in-principle approval to a new 50 metre outdoor Corowa Swimming Pool.

After much discussion at yesterday’s monthly council meeting, councillors voted 5:3 in favour of Option 4 by consultants, for the 50 metre outdoor pool, learner program pool and splash pool.
Leading the push for the 50 metre pool was Cr Shaun Whitechurch who said the people of Corowa have voiced their opinion for the 50 metre pool.
“When I came on to council I was sick of hearing ratepayers going to town meetings then finding council going against the people,” he said.
Cr Paul Miegel led the way for Option 2A, for a 25 metre indoor multiple pool usage and outdoor waterplay area.
He said notwithstanding very good letters from the swimming club for the 50 metre outdoor pool, there have been other very good letters for an indoor 25 metre pool, in respect of all people, including older people who make up a significant percentage of Corowa residents.
“Looking at long-term, it’s the only way to mitigate losses (in revenue) and it increases economic development and tourism,” he said.
Cr Gail Law expressed her disgust at the proposed 50 metre outdoor pool. She described as “ludicrous” spending $8 million for a 15 week a year facility, compared to an all-year round option estimated to cost $10 million.
Cr Andrew Kennedy queried the estimated costs, saying the preferred option 4 could be constructed for less.
C Bronwyn Thomas said once a 50 metre pool is gone, it’s gone forever.
Voting for the 50 metre outdoor pool were Cr Whitechurch, Kennedy, Thomas and Norm Wales; against were Crs Miegel, Law and Fred Longmire. That made voting 4:3. Cr David Longley was absent.
Mayor Pat Bourke obviously supported Cr Whitechurch’s motion after saying, at 4:3 voting, “the motion is carried”.

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