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May 02, 2018

Corowa Services Bowling Club 

The AGM was held at the club on Sunday, April 29.

The new committee members are: President - Barry Warburton, Vice President - Ron Tidd, Secretary - Ann Summerill, Treasurer - Larry Turner.

Committee members - Peter Browne, Frank Gee, Peter Summerill, Ros Braddeley, Troy Brockley.

The committee decided to have the same number of teams as last season in mid-week and Saturday pennant.

Following a fund raising in remembrance of Lorraine Klose, Corowa Services bowlers donated $00 to the ‘School of Marie SeamReap’ in Cambodia.

The day was finished with the trophy presentations to the winners of club championships.

Mixed Pairs: Winners - Maxine & Ed Burton. Runners up - Wendy Robb * Frank Gee

Men’s Nixon Handicap: Winner - Ken Widdison. Runner up - Rod Garthwaite

Ladies Consistency Handicap: Winner - Kaz Hughes. Runner up - Laurie Way

Men’s Minor Singles: Winner - Sam Nixon. Runner up - Tony Coughlin

Ladies Minor Singles: Winner - Julie Holmquest. Runner up - Margaret Barber

Men’s Triples: Winners - Tony Coughlin, Peter Browne, Wayne Lee. Runners up - Jeff Nixon, Ray Dureau, Larry Turner.

Ladies Triples: Winners - Pam Lee, Anne Smith, Alma Muir. Runners up - Susie Swift, Gwen Austen, Judy Black

Men’s Pairs: Winners - Allen Bartlett, Ken Widdison. Runners up - David Muir, Peter Smith

Ladies Pairs: Winners - Judy Black, Kaz Hughes. Runners up - Maree Jones, Laurie Way

Men’s Singles: Winner - Ken Widdison. Runner up - Wayne Lee

Ladies Singles: Winner - Kaz Hughes. Runner up - Susie Swift

There is social bowls every Tuesday and Thursday.

Names in by 11.30am, games start 1.00pm

Corowa Indoor Bowls

Tuesday social bowls saw a good attendance with three mats in play.

The winners were - Beryl Greaves, Anne Smith, Peter Manning and Jen Webber.

The runners up were - Gwen Mills, Shirley McGlone/ Dympie Frazer, Dot Roberts and Ines Dowsey.

In round four of the pennant Corowa 1 defeated Corowa 3 by 27/12 to go into second place on the ladder.

A hoe game for both teams of course.

Wayne and Ines Dowsey, Steve Jones and Geraldine Monish easy winners over David Chapman, Peter Manning, Anne Smith and Jen Webber.

Corowa 2 lost 17/19 in a close game and are now in seventh place on the ladder.

Skip reports that his team went to sleep in the middle of the game and the team made several comments about their skip.

Friday social bowls saw us with three mats down again.

Winners were - a new member Doug P, Peter Manning, Beryl Greaves and Daphne Banks/Evelyn Jones with two wins on 36 pts.

Runners up were Georgie Agnew, Joe Wilson and Ken Pleming also on two wins and 33 pts.

And it was great to see Daphne back in action again.

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