Monash recognised at museum

May 23, 2018

Alex Sloane and former Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer AC with the painting of John Monash and fellow Australian soldiers that Tim commissioned himself and is lending to the Pioneer Museum.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer AC assisted with the opening of an exhibition for General John Monash at the Mulwala Pioneer Museum recently whilst also using the event to renew calls for the General to be retrospectively promoted to Field Marshall.

“Frankly we owe John Monash as he received zero awards after November, 11, 1918. Zero awards, the least we can do is make him posthumously Field Marshall,” Mr Fischer said.
“Monash has been under-profiled and under-praised.
“It is incredible that he led Australia for one last pitch after the war and we salute WWI and the RAF as we declare the John Monash exhibition open.”
As well as calling for Monash’s titles to be upgraded Mr Fischer also loaned the exhibition a painting he commissioned of Monash alongside other commanders which depicts a scene of Monash before he met with Winston Churchill.
“No one took a photo of Churchill and Monash, if one was taken, my campaign would not be needed.
“Monash would already be a Field Marshall.”
Yarrawonga Mulwala Historical Society member Alex Sloane said he was proud to have the exhibition in Mulwala as Mr Monash does not receive the recognition he deserves and he hopes the exhibition will teach local students more about the man.
“It was like he was scrubbed from history, but the tide is beginning to turn with multiple books in the last few years published on him.  He should be studied in schools as part of Australia’s history,” Mr Sloane said.
“We will have this exhibition until mid-November and will be specialising in school groups coming through and filling in a questionnaires about Monash and the display to show what they have now learnt about him.
“It is great for Yarrawonga Mulwala to have this exhibition.
“If you walk through and start clockwise, you’ll become an expert on Monash,” Mr Sloane said.

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