Costly rubbish dump

June 06, 2018

Vinnies coordinator Cathy O’Shea. Not happy.

The dumped rubbish pictured at the back of the Vinnies store in Corowa last week.

By Jarryd Barca

It has cost a 25-year-old Corowa woman thousands of dollars to dump her general waste. 
A vehicle towing a trailer carrying a quantity of general waste which was unloaded at 5.45pm on Thursday, May 25 at the rear of St Vincent de Paul (Vinnies) Corowa, was captured on CCTV.

The vehicle drove off and the matter was reported to Corowa Police. 

“Police viewed CCTV footage of the incident and identified a 25-year-old Corowa woman,” Sgt. Gary Lewis told The Free Press.

“Police issued her with a fine under the Environment Protection Act of $7,500. She made full admissions.”

Vinnies coordinator Cathy O’Shea, who has coordinated the store for the past five years in its 40-year history, expressed her disappointment at the dumping of the rubbish. 

“Hopefully it sends a message: ‘Don’t dump, you’ll get caught’,” she said. 

“Have a little bit of thought for our volunteers and have a think about what you’re doing. We work our butts off five days a week and are proud of our work here.” 

Cathy praised the work of the police and the support of the council, describing both organisations as “great”. 

Police said the illegal dumping of waste will not be tolerated and praised Vinnies. “Here’s an organisation that gives to the needy and you have this sort of act occurring,” Sgt. Lewis said.

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