Time to meet the Bogey Man

June 06, 2018

The Bogey Man collated Corowa golf results for many years. Local golfers were always keen to get their early morning edition of the Free Press to read The Bogey Man’s weekly golf report. Sure enough there, in print, would be their amazing golfing feats on the fairways earning them bragging rights for the remainder of the week.

Holes-in-one and championship winners were essential material. All golfing achievements received his full attention. Selection in pennant, district or State teams had The Bogey Man’s pen working furiously. Junior golfers were always highlighted, receiving plenty of praise and encouragement. Seeing their names in print was an added bonus. 

As with the wider community, the ‘digital age’ caught up with The Bogey Man. All golf results are now electronically sent to the news desk following the close of play. The Bogey Man has ‘signed off’. It’s time to meet the man behind the by-line. Barry Wheatley was The Bogey Man. Your secret is out now! 

Thank you, Barry. Golfers and Free Press readers appreciate the many years of untiring effort you voluntarily put in to promote and praise the achievements of Corowa golfers.

Barry Wheatley a familiar face to all Corowa golfers

Members and guests were always greeted with his happy smile and genuine query, ‘how was your golf today?’ Replies, whether a brief or lengthy description, were listened to and remembered - filed away in his memory bank for the next golf report!

However, all golfers received his trade mark response, “that’s b . . .  marvellous!”

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