Clay Target

By Corowa Free Press

Corowa Clay Target Club hosted its monthly shoot with the following results on October 27:

Event 1: 10 target Point score eye opener – 8 possibles from John Leary, Brian Joy, Colin Wemyss, Terry Walls, Ben Vogelzang, Daryl Hunt, John Wojcik and Greg Ganning. 

Event 2: 30 target Point score Championship – Overall winner and AA grade Terry Walls 105/105, 2nd AA grade Chris Figgins 95/96, A grade 1st Greg Ganning 102/105, 2nd Bob Glossop 89/90, B grade 1st Tony Plum  85/93, 2nd Peter Watkins 82/93, C grade 1st Campbell Conallin 84/90, 2nd Michael Carey 77/90.

Event 3: 30 target Double Barrel Championship – Overall and AA grade winner after an epic shoot off was Daryl Hunt 231/231, 2nd AA grade John Wojcik 230/231, A grade 1st Ray Gamble 58/58, 2nd Rodney Wilson 34/35, B grade 1st Phil Thiel 43/44, 2nd Ken Birthday 42/44, C grade 1st Louise Wilson 46/48, 2nd Campbell Conallin 45/48.

Event 4: 20 target Handicap – 1st Ray Gamble 22/22, 2nd Beau Vovelzang 21/22, 3rd Campbell Conallin 24/25. Overall High gun – John Wojcik 167/170, Veterans Bob Glossop 166/170, Ladies Lesley Wojtowyez 156/170, Juniors Campbell Conallin 156/170.