Campers under fire

By Riverine Herald

THREE people face possible infringement notices for unattended campfires on the weekend.

Officers from Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) and Victoria Police found the breaches while patrolling Gunbower, Guttrum and Benwell state forests.

DELWP senior forest and wildlife officer Glenn Smith said authorised officers spoke to more than 130 forest users over the past weekend and most people were doing the right thing.

‘‘It was great to see everyone collecting firewood was complying with the rules including collecting in the designated firewood collection area and only taking the two cubic metre maximum (per load),’’ he said.

‘‘Most campsites inspected were well maintained but it was disappointing to see people still leaving their campfires unattended.

‘‘Since 1 July 2018, 138 illegal campfires have been recorded by DELWP within the Loddon Mallee region. This includes 30 illegal campfires along the Murray River near Gunbower and Torrumbarry.

‘‘We also spoke to several people who were trail bike riding and reminded them that bikes must be registered and to stay on the formed tracks in the forest.

‘‘While we are pleased that everyone enjoyed themselves and most people were doing the right thing, we hope people are always respectful of others and the environment when visiting our forests, parks and reserves, not just when patrols are happening.’’