SPC show off new label information

By Rodney Woods

Consumers of SPC products can expect a change to the company’s product labels from now on.

Despite the need for a magnifying glass to see some of them, country-of-origin labels became compulsory for fast-moving consumer goods businesses, including SPC, on July 1.

‘‘SPC believes anything that helps the consumer make an informed decision about how to buy Australian products is a good system,’’ SPC supply chain commercial manager David Frizzell said.

‘‘The system helps consumers quickly and easily identify the Australian content of the products they are purchasing.

‘‘Consumers want to help support the Australian industry by buying right, so this is good in that it helps achieve that.’’

The compulsory changes will now require companies to state on their product labels exactly where the goods are produced, grown, made or packed, as well as communicate what percentage of the ingredients comes from Australia.

Mr Frizzell said there would be positive flow-on effects for SPC and for local producers, despite Australian produce being more expensive than imported goods.

‘‘SPC is determined to provide the highest quality product, for the lowest possible cost, whilst complying with necessary regulations and standards which are in place to benefit workers and Australian consumers,’’ he said.

‘‘As a result, we are more expensive than less regulated and controlled imports and we believe Australians understand that — so yes, we believe consumers will pay a little bit of a premium to buy what’s right for them and the Australian industry.

‘‘We hope that consumers, who in the past purchased other products thinking they were Australian, will now purchase SPC.

‘‘Increased sales will lead to more confidence right across the industry and growers can make future investment decisions with confidence that Australians are prepared to support their hard work.’’

Mr Frizzell said the Shepparton company had recently completed a successful season processing peaches, pears, apricots and tomatoes and was now working with farmers on quotas for next season.

SPC is also set to release its pouch product range into the market from July 9.