New mayor for Indigo Shire

By Robert Muir

Cr Bernard Gaffney is back as Mayor of Indigo Shire – for a fourth time - after a draw from a hat on Tuesday, October 30.

Both Cr Gaffney and Cr Larry Goldsworthy each secured three votes. Crs Barb Murdoch and Cr Sophie Price supported Cr Gaffney, while Cr Goldsworthy received votes from Crs James Trenery and Di Shepheard.

Cr Barbara Murdoch was elected unopposed as deputy mayor. Both Cr Gaffney and Cr Murdoch will serve for one year.

Former Mayor Jenny O’Connor is on leave for a month to contest a seat in the Victorian state election on November 24 and, accordingly, did not take part in last week’s meeting.

Cr Gaffney was mayor in 2010, 2014 and 2015. “I’m very relaxed about it and very pleased to be elected. It’s not an easy job,” he told the Free Press.

“Indigo Shire is an achieving and functional council and I hope for that to continue. My main job is to see a holistic approach to the whole shire and not concentrate on any one town or part of our shire. Advocacy has been one of my strong points.”

After a distinguished police career, Cr Gaffney entered Local Government in November 2008, being voted in as deputy mayor.

He is keeping a watchful eye on the agriculture sector with the long, prolonged dry spell. “We are not truly in drought at the moment but it wouldn’t take much more for that to be the case.

“If that becomes the case, I’ll make my way to Melbourne and Canberra and try to at least get some relief for the farming community,” he said.

Indigo’s new mayor has a small farm, growing fat lambs, at Wooragee, enjoys time with his five grandchildren and is looking forward to his 12-month reign, again, as Indigo Shire Mayor.