Air conditioner catches fire

By Jarryd Barca

Fire & Rescue NSW 268 Station Corowa was called to a fire on January 1.

Luckily the only damage was to an air conditioning unit, caused by an electrical fault.  

Two elderly Corowa residents noticed smoke was escaping their air conditioner when they made the call to 000.

One resident put the extinguisher on the air conditioner upon the fire fighters’ arrival but the unit was still burning inside, forcing a team in breathing apparatus to take the unit apart and use a Co2 extinguisher. 

Corowa Station Commander Lindsay Bush said it’s a timely reminder to have all electrical equipment up to speed and safe for the summer months.

“It’s just lucky that no other part of the house was damaged. If that same thing happens at 2am in the morning it would have been devastating, that house would probably be gone,” he said.

Mr Bush said people must “make sure their air conditioners are regularly serviced to prevent something like that happening in the future”. 

Crew members extinguished the flames, monitored the homes to ensure its safety and isolated the power and administered oxygen to the elderly residents who had inhaled a potential dangerous amount of smoke until ambulance arrived. 

The remainder of the house was undamaged and no one was injured.