Community Garden boost

By Rhys Williams

The Commonwealth Bank Corowa branch has extended a philanthropic hand by donating $500 towards the Corowa Community Garden as part of their Community Grants program.

The cheque was handed over by the Corowa branch manager Donna Hussey to community garden president Sally Hughes on site last week.

Ms Hughes was delighted to receive the generous donation on behalf of the community garden, which she said will be used to develop a new section that reflects the local flora.

“We had no idea that this grant was an option until Donna came and spoke to us about it and asked what we could use the money for,” she told the Free Press.

“We would like to add a native garden that showcases our local species with pretty ground covers and small shrubs that are very drought tolerant, which is a big issue in our community.

“I think it will be money well spent.”

Branch manager Donna Hussey said her and the Corowa staff identified the community garden as deserving of the $500 grant, which is aimed at creating a stronger society.

“The branch staff and I banded together and brain stormed who in our community would really benefit from a grant, and we collectively decided on the community garden,” she said.

“I think the community garden is doing wonderful things to connect all members of the community and make everyone feel part of it.”

Funding for the grants is provided through the employee giving program, which has been supporting Australian communities since 1917.

More than 13,000 current and retired bank employees donate a portion of their income to the program, with each contribution matched by the bank.

As part of the grants program, last year the Commonwealth Bank Corowa branch donated $10,000 to Corowa High School towards a student resilience program.

“These donations are about the bank wanting to be part of the fabric of the community by making positive contributions such as these,” Ms Hussey said.