Chook raffle to help MND fight

By Shepparton News

Shepparton Marketplace will host a chook raffle today to raise much-needed funds for motor neurone disease.

The traditional style of raffle consists of people winning a hot roast chicken if the spinning wheel lands on a person’s ticket number.

Pensioners Murray Elliot and Barbara Gibbons have organised the unique event to help raise funds to find a cure for the deadly disease.

Mr Elliott said he was hoping the Shepparton community supported the worthy fundraiser.

‘‘My partner’s family and friends of mine have been touched by the shocking disease,’’ Mr Elliot said.

The pensioners are using their own money to buy the prizes to ensure every cent goes toward helping MND.

Mr Elliott said the Marketplace had been extremely helpful with organising the fundraiser.

Mr Elliot said tickets were $2 and he was looking forward to seeing everyone have a bit of fun while donating to a worthy cause.

The Marketplace will continue to host the fundraiser several times during the cooler months.