CDHBU Netball

By Corowa Free Press

A Grade 

CDHBU 30 defeated by Billabong Crows 63

Girls played a fast paced game with some beautiful passages of play throughout the match. 

Defenders where kept on their toes against a very finely tuned 2018 premiership side. 

Lots learned in the game and the club can only see improvements, onwards and upwards from here ladies. 

Top 2 players Emily Boyle and Rachel Hanrahan

Awards: Corowa Jewellery - Chloe Gilchrist, Shell Servo Corowa - Emily Boyle, Club Award - Rachel Hanrahan, Newmarket Mug - Erica Hanrahan 

B Grade 

CDHBU 38 defeated by Billabong Crows 58

Girls started strong trailing by 4 at the end of the first quarter. 

Crows had a cracker in the second which gave them the winning edge. 

Great team effort all round and fantastic leadership was given to the younger players on the team. 

Next week ladies will be another opportunity to improve. 

Top 2 players Sisi Howard and Shay Taylor.

Awards: Meat On The Murray - Sisi Howard, Shell Servo Corowa - Laura Duncan, Club Award - Brooke Dickie, Newmarket Mug - Shay Taylor.

C Grade   

CDHBU 14 defeated by Billabong Crows 51 

Tough, hot start to the season but some great moments of play and leading out. 

With time the girls will develop a great team talent as they are showing potential. 

Looking forward to a great year, well done girls. 

Awards: Shell Servo Corowa - Tam Lavis, Doterra - Courtney Aitken, Essential Beauty - Becky Bruce, Newmarket Mug - Georgia Cluff.

C Res 

CDHBU 12 defeated by Billabong Crows 32

The girls had a very strong start. 

Tyneaka and Jodie played well together in the mid court controlling the game and Steph took multiple intercepts. 

Good game girls. 

Awards: Shell Servo Corowa - Jodie Lewis, Bodyshop - Tyneaka Roach, Border Natural Therapies - Steph O’malley, Newmarket Mug - Tyneaka Roach.

16 & Under  

CDHBU 22 defeated by Billabong Crows 58 

With the warmer weather still around the girls all pushed themselves the whole game. 

Soph and Shelb worked hard in the ring and Molly, Isabelle and Ella fought hard down the defensive end. The score board didn’t reflect how hard the girls played. 

Hayley ran a great game playing 3 quarters in centre.

A few things to work on at training but great effort girls. 

Awards: Ladies Committee - Hayley Lewis, Origin Clothing - Sophie Goyne, Green Bean - Isabelle Walton, Bodyshop/Coaches Award - Shelby Richardson. 

14 & Under  

CDHBU 21 defeated by Billabong Crows 43

The girls went down today but had a great defensive game. 

Everyone worked hard on what the club had been doing at training - driving in front, defending the ball and player and hitting the ring. 

Well done girls. 


12 & Under  

CDHBU 31 defeated Billabong Crows 3 

Awesome first game for all of the girls.

It was great to see training had paid off and the girls put into play some of the things the club had been working on. 

Well done to the award winners. 

Awards: Ladies Committee - Lucy Barlow, Sportspower - Niamh Lavis, Green Bean - Kara Lowen-Webb. 

10 & Under  

CDHBU 7 defeated Billabong Crows 3 

What an exciting start to the season with both Billabong and CDHBU playing well. 

All the hard work at training paid off with the girls winning 7-3. 

There was lots of movement around the court and positive signs for the season ahead. 

Awards: Ladies Committee - Amelia Ovenden, Corowa Rsl Club - Kate Smith, Coaches Award - Camryn Abley.