CDHBU Netball

By Corowa Free Press

A Grade  

Howlong 72 Def CDHBU 21

Tough game this week with a very competitive Howlong team. 

Girls tried hard but were unable to match the Spiders consistency.  Bit more talk across court is needed and some fine tuning and I’m sure our girls will be winning in no time. 

Awards: Cath Wood FHIT - Emily Boyle, Shell Servo Corowa - Chloe Gilcrist, Tuileries - Erica Hanrahan, Newmarket Mug - Brooke Dickie

B Grade  

Howlong 61 Def CDHBU 32

 The girls had a strong 3 Quarters but unfortunately let it go in the last with the heat. 

With a new attacking line up this week due to a couple of outs they have shown a lot of promise. 

We are looking forward to having everyone back next round. 

Awards:  Meat on the Murray - Brooke Dickie, Health Culture - Brooke Ferwerda, Shell Servo Corowa - Hannah Tidd, Newmarket Mug - Chelsea Ferwerda.

C Grade  

Howlong 59 Def CDHBU 23

Girls went out hard but Howlong just a little more experienced and fitter got the points. 

Proud of the girls, played well in the heat. 

Awards: Shell Servo Corowa - Steph O’Mally,  Boyer Automotive - Tam Lavis,  Border Natural Therapies - Maya Ross, Newmarket Mug -  Steph O’Mally

C Res Grade  

Howlong 68  Def  CDHBU 18
The girls had a tough game this week again but really found their flow in the last half. 

Mish Walker had a strong game across the whole court feeding brilliantly into Megan Aitken who showed a lot of confidence this week. 

Tayla Rippingale worked very hard shutting down her shooters leads and goals. 

Well done girls. 

Awards:  Perfection - Tayla Rippingale, Shell Servo Corowa - Megan Aitken, Doterra - Michelle Walker, Newmarket Mug - Michelle Walker

16 & Under  

Howlong  42  Def  CDHBU 31

 The score really didn’t reflect how hard these girls played today. 

The shooters worked so hard today, working the ring. 

The defence were amazing taking everything from training onto the court. 

The girls worked tirelessly all game, each one of you should be proud! 

Awards:  Essential Beauty - Amarni Taylor, Green Bean Café - Shelby Richardson, Sportspower - Ella Harvie, Ladies Committee -  Sophie Goyne

14 & Under   

Howlong  57  Def  CDHBU  15 

The score didn’t reflect the game, the girls worked so hard all game, continued to defend down the court, chased up all the loose balls. 

Shooters have been practicing outside of training and it shows. 

Keep up the good work girls - always learning.
Awards:  Corowa Travel Link - Remy Longmire,  Ladies Committee - Emma McKenzie, Griffin Mechanical Repairs - Lara Ovenden, Lewis Fencing - Ashley Hanrahan

12 & Under  

Howlong  22  Def by  CDHBU 26
The girls played another great game today in the warmer weather and were able to walk away with another win. 

We had a few changes in positions and the girls gave it their all. 

Awesome work by Tamir Richardson & Jade Lewis who read the play well and Sommers Hogan who had an awesome second game by playing a great game in defence and center. 

Also to Tegan Haswell who put in 110%. 

Great game by all! Enjoy the week off before we take on RWW after Easter. 

Awards: Corowa RSL  Club - Tamir Richardson, Ladies Committee - Tegan Haswell, Miegel’s Pharmacy - Lewis, Painter’s Café - Sommers Hogan

10 & Under     

Howlong  2  Def by  CDHBU 19
What another brilliant game it was to watch our Under 10s play. 

It was terrific to see them finding space on the court and working well when both attacking or defending. 

We had many excellent intercepts, determination for the ball, driving forward for passes and the majority of the goals were shot in the BIG ring. 

Excellent work girls! 

Awards: Green Bean Café - Maddison Ryan, Ladies Committee - Paige Amor, Coaches Award - Savannah Ross