Golf results - Corowa & Howlong

By Corowa Free Press

Corowa Golf

Monday 8 April

Lady Niners

Winner – Heather Forrest.

Runner up – Marg Monks

NTP – Liz Wilson.

Well done ladies, winner and runner up were both playing off a zero handicap which is a fantastic accomplishment.

And Liz, fantastic effort in getting nearest the pin for our newest niner, congrats and pats on the back to ya!

Reminder – Monday May 6 come out to play nine, then dine and have some wine and hope the weather is fine.

All past present and future niners are welcome.

If not inclined to play the nine, come anyways and join us for a casual lunch and a chin wag.

Tuesday 9 April

Golden Oldies – Stableford

Winner – John Bates 19 pts.

Runner up – Davie Williams 15 pts c/b.

Ball winners – Rick Jamieson, Bill Garner 15 pts.

NTP – Rick Jamieson.

Reminder new start times of 8am for 8.30am start.

Wednesday 10 April

Ladies Stableford

Winner – Marg Tobin 35 pts.

Runner up – Maureen Jeeves 35 pts.

Ball winners – Ann Nicol 34 pts, Jacqueline Lawler 33 pts, Margaret Gillick 32 pts.

NTP’s (4th) – A grade – Selina Barkley, C grade – Nancy Marshall.

Saturday 13 April

Ladies Stableford

Winner – Bernie McLean 37 pts.

Runner up – Jo Pavey 36 ps.

Ball winners – Gay Richards 36 pts, Trish Lethbridge, Margaret Playford 34 pts.

NTP – Jo Pavey 18th.

Men’s Stableford

A grade winner – Neville Tait 37 pts.

B grade winner – Peter Reid 39 pts.

C grade inner – Terry Johnstone 39 pts.

Ball winners – Peter Tait, Keith Allsopp, Doug Ward 37 pts, Sam Sargood, David Holmes, David Grindley 36 pts, Stephen Carrick, Wayne Miller, Malcolm McLean, Phillip dunning, Andrew Coburn 35 pts, Robert Ronnfeldt, Trent Vonarx 34 pts.

NTP’s – Stephen Carrick 18th, Phillip Wilkinson 18th, Graham Skinner 18th, Peter Reid 27th.

Howlong Golf

Monday 8 April

Men’s Howlong Vets – Stableford

A grade winner – Neville Brown 38 pts.

A grade r/up – Tom Johnson 37 pts.

B grade winner – Don Nothrop 37 pts c/b.

B grade r/up – Les Pilfoot 37 pts.

Place getters – Peter Anderson, Bill Miller 37 pts, Geoffrey Lawrence, John Arthur, Robert Laidlaw 36 pts, Tom Rilen, Rino Feltrin 35 pts, Rodney Moyle, Bruce Ritchie, Paul Hayden, Michael Hibberson, Kim Gray, Peter Smith 34 pts, Stephen Jones 32 pts.

NTP’s – Bob Watson 2nd, Gordon Sawyer 5th & 8th.

Ladies Howlong Vets – Stableford

A grade winner – Lee Nothrop 39 pts.

A grade r/up – Kaye Bingham 37 pts.

Place getters – Beverley Simpson 36 pts, Goldie Reid, Carol Richardson 35 pts, Angela Lee, Beverley Pilfoot 33 pts.

NTP – Jeanette Drummond 5th.

Tuesday 9 April

Men’s Stableford

A grade winner – Wendel Reitenbach 38 pts.

A grade r/up – Des Nemeth 37 pts.

B grade winner – Reginald Outen 37 pts.

B grade r/up – Peter Morton 36 pts.

C grade winner – Dean MacGregor 38 pts c/b.

C grade r/up – Des Anthony 38 pts.

Place getters – Laurie Kaviers 37 pts, Trevor Pattinson, Hayden Mathews, Owen Tittensor, Bob Blundell 36 pts, Bruce Pearce, Ken Rampling, Glenn Lilley, Peter Greig, Bill McKenzie, Adam Mathews 35 pts, Steve Martin, Tom Johnson, Rod Petty, Gary Pool, Russell Munro, John Stevens, Kevin Argent, Peter Smith, Kevin Kerlin, Glen Shannon 34 pts, Robert Richardson, Bruce Bengough, Ian Rough 33 pts, Nathan Schneider, Graham Clarke 32 pts.

NTP’s – Glen Shannon 2nd, Kevin Miller 5th, Shane Rohrich 18th.

Ladies Stableford

A grade winner – Karen Rahilly 37 pts.

A grade r/up – Danika Coyne 33 pts.

Place getters – Amira Goldsmith 32 pts, Maureen Mathews, Loretta Lehmann 31 pts, Susan Mitchell 29 pts.

Wednesday 10 April

Ladies Stableford

A grade winner – Sue Harris 37 pts.

A grade r/up – Dot Reitenbach 36 pts.

B grade winner – Angela Lee 38 pts.

B grade r/up – Fran Anderson 35 pts.

Place getters – Gail Howard 36 pts, Lee Nothrop 34 pts, Jeanette  Edwards, Kaye Bingham 33 pts, Di Tyrell-Miller, Goldie Reid, Chris O’Toole, Judy Stephens, Trish Frost 32 pts, Carol Richardson 31 pts.

NTP’s – Bev Allison 5th, Sue Harris 8th, Beverley Coughlan 13 pts.

Ladies 9 hole Medley Stableford

Winner – Caryn Ericson 22 pts c/b.

Runner up – Anne Clifford 22 pts.

Place getters – Frances Young 14 pts.

Thursday 11 April

Men’s Silvercolts – Stableford

A grade winner – Don Eastick 42 pts.

A grade third – Tom Johnson 38 pts.

B grade winner – Des Anthony 39 pts.

B grade r/up – Peter Iffland 38 pts c/b.

B grade third – Tex Smith 38 pts.

C grade winner – Alex Geddis 34 pts c/b.

C grade r/up – Alan Panther 34 pts.

C grade third – John Gibbs 33 pts.

Place getters – Bruce Bengough 38 pts, Wendel Reitenbach, Peter Walsh 37 pts, Martin Tobin, Jim Fairweather, Tony Jelbart, Stephen Sang 36 pts, Neville Lowe, Phil Gibbins, Corrie Haring, Robert Bingham, Ray Reid 35 pts, Thomas Larkins, Russell Mathews, Paul Goddard, Henry Hopkins, Laurence Moylan, Tom Bennett 34 pts, Bruce Pearce, Alex Krause, Paul Hayden, Kevin Miller 33 pts.

NTP’s – Mick Kenna 2nd, Peter Smith 5th, Peter Iffland 8th, Peter Donovan 18th.

Friday 13 April

18 hole Medley Stableford

A grade winner – Jason Hanke 37 pts.

A grade r/up – Russell Mathews 36bts.

Place getters – Nathan Chapman 36 pts, Glenn Stevenson, Morris Lauder, Adam Mathews 32 pts.

NTP – Craig Scammell 18th.

Men’s 9 hole Chook Run

Winner – Neville Batt 22 pts.

Place getters – Robert Murray, Wayne Koehler 19 pts, Peter Morton, Peter Walsh 18 pts, bill Iverach, Tom Rilen 17 pts, Phil Gibbins 16 pts, Stephen Purcivall 15 pts.

Ladies 9 hole Chook Run

Winner – Francis Young 17 pts

Place getters – Karen Rahilly, Lorraine Grant, Gill Goodman 16 pts, Alice Rasmussen 15 pts, Julie Fenton-Smith, Fay Dean, Jan Marshall, MJ Ursu, Maureen Wood 14 pts.

Saturday13 April

Men’s Stableford

A grade winner – Des Nemeth 40 pts.

A grade r/up – Peter Redhead 39 pts c/b.

A grade third – Shane Taggart 39 pts.

B grade winner – Craig Royal 38 pts.

B grade r/up – Mal Walter 37 pts.

B grade third – Bruce Pearce 36 pts.

C grade winner – John Miller 40 pts.

C grade r/up – Des Whelan 38 pts.

C grade third – Russell Munro 36 ps.

Place getters – Nat Horsfall, Ray Reid 38 pts, Wayne Hannan, Simon Martin 37 pts, Kevin Miller, Bill Iverach, Ian Robertson, Scott Proctor 36 pts, Tim Kirkwood, Warren Beddoes, Paul Packham, Scott Reid, Glenn Lilley, Stephen Donaghey, Chris Talbot, Matthew Bond 35 pts, Stan Ridley, Chris Woods, Gary Taylor, Mick Kenna, Graham Williams, Rowan Hall, John Watkins, Mark Pattinson, Martin Tobin, Dick Johnson 34 pts, Tom Johnson, Phil Barker 33 pts.

NTP’s – Shane Taggart 2nd, Phil Barker 5th, Tom Grubisa 8th, Trevor Schroeter 18th.

Ladies Stableford

A grade winner – Vicki Walsh 45 pts.

A grade r/up – Fay Barnes 40 pts.

Place getters – Lee Nothrop 36 pts, Mary Dixon 35 pts, Kaye Bingham 34 pts, Dot Reitenbach, Gill Goodman 33 pts, Judy Fah 32 pts.

NTP – Julie Cos 5th.

Sunday 14 April

Men’s Stableford

A grade winner – Gary pool 41 pts.

A grade r/up – Stefan Kaiser 37 pts.

B grade winner – Andrew Neilson 33 pts c/b.

B grade r/up – Barry Cohen 33 pts.

Place getters – Stuart James 36 pts, Neville Batt, Daniel Krause, Wayne Hannan 35 pts, David Smith 34 pts, Craig Royle, Bill Day 33 pts, Keegan McArdle, Russell Mooney, Glenn Bianco, Andrew Senkic 32 pts, Mark Wegener 31 pts.

NTP’s – Stefan Kaiser 2nd, Wayne Hannan 5th, Stefan Kaiser 8th, Gary Dundas 18th.

Ladies Stableford

A grade winner – Gail Krause 38 pts.

A grade r/up – Vicki Walsh 36 pts.

Place getters – Kaye Bingham 34 pts, Carol Richardson, Jeannette Drummond 32 pts.

NTP – Carol Richardson 5th.