CDHBU Football & Netball

By Corowa Free Press

On a cold and windy day DCHBU travelled to Lockhart for a day of football and netball.


CDHBU 8.9.57 def by Lockhart 12.10.82

Lockhart jumped the Power in the first quarter and held the handy lead to mid-way through the third quarter.

After that the Power poured on the pressure and came back strongly but unfortunately ran out of time to go down by 25 points.


Sam’s Mug – Russell Anderson

Hotel Australia – Cal Butler

Maverick Boats – Brad Talbot

Daysdale Hotel – Tom Moloney

Corowa Golf Club – Jordan Wilson


CDHBU 5.10.40 def Lockhart 2.11.23

In a real arm wrestle and with both teams kicking badly for goal the Power held on to win by 17 points.

Fijian recruits William Dyer and Jekeson Koroi were impressive in their debut games.


Newmarket Mug – Mitch Clifton

Incentive – William Dyer

Incentive – Jekeson Koroi

Club Mulwala – Jack Diamond

Thursday Meal – Brady Kirk

Corowa Golf Club – Joe Brewster


CDHBU 10.8.68 def Lockhart 7.2.44

In a good fast game Lockhart got away from the Power in the third quarter and held on to win by 24 points.

It was a good effort from the team and there will be some more wins to come for the boys.


Shell Voucher – Dougall Robb

Sportspower – Liam Fitzgerald

Thursday Meal – Jess Clark

Coach Award – Travis McKenzie


CDHBU 0.1.1 def by Lockhart 11.20.86

Again it was a good team effort from the youngsters.

Even though well beaten on the score board it was still one of the best team efforts from the under 14’s for the season so far.


Painter’s Café – Bryce Smith

Ladies Committee – Tim Haswell

Coach Award – Lachie Hogan

IGA – Clancy Tomlinson

Club Note

Thanks to the Daysdale Hotel for their hospitality Saturday night on our way home from Lockhart.

This weekend we have a spell with Interleague on Saturday.

Training will be at Coreen tomorrow night (Thursday).


A Grade   

Lockhart 36 def CDHBU 25

The team had trouble settling in the first quarter; it didn’t take long into the second to hit their straps. Not a win but a great game to watch. 

Big thanks to Karina, Brooke and Sisi for playing and benching for us.  Looking forward to a week off.  Let’s get ready for our next game. 


Shell Servo Corowa - Erica Hanrahan 

Cath Wood FHIT - Emily Boyle 

Tuileries - Rachel Hanrahan 

Newmarket Hotel Mug – Emily Boyle

B Grade   

Lockhart 38 def by CDHBU 45

The B Grade got off to a good start for once but passages of lapses of concentration let Lockhart back into the game allowing them to have a two goal lead at the final quarter. 

However some changes and determination saw them come home strongly to win. 

Special thanks to Shelby and Ella from 16 & under, who held their own against tough opposition. 


Health Culture - Grace Hanrahan 

Shell Servo Corowa - Sisi Howard 

Meat on the Murray - Laura Duncan 

Newmarket Hotel Mug - Grace Hanrahan

C Grade   

Lockhart 25 def by CDHBU 49

Fantastic win by the girls today, tight play in defence together with great shooting by Brooke and Carol gave us an awesome result. 

Training is paying off. 


Shell Servo Corowa - Carol Eisenhauer

Perfection - Courtney Aitken 

Doterra - Brooke Ferwerda 

Newmarket Hotel Mug - Courtney Aitken

C Reserve    

Lockhart 61 def CDHBU 17

The girls knew they were coming into a tough game against Lockhart with lots of girls out this week. They fought it out until the very end of the game and worked well down the whole court. 


Shell Servo Corowa - Tyneaka Roach

Boyers - Molly Raggett 

Border Natural Therapies – Bronte Jordan

Newmarket Hotel Mug - Michelle Grogg.

16 & Under    

Lockhart 17 def by CDHBU 32

If you had a chance to watch the girls today you would see what true team spirit is. 

These girls ran so hard and had their first win. 

You should all be so so proud of yourselves. 


Ladies Committee - Shelby Richardson 

Green Bean Cafe - Ella Harvie 

Origin Clothing - Hayley Lewis 

Body Shop/Corowa Jewellery - Chloe Hayes.

14 & Under   

Lockhart 11 def by CDHBU 18

The girls were slow to get going but found the fire. 

Awesome last quarter, they wanted the win and it showed in that quarter. 

Always defending their player and putting pressure on the turnovers. 

Well done on the win. 


Ladies Committee - Mickayla Lewis 

Lewis Fencing - Remy Longmire 

Griffin Mechanical Repairs - Tayah Wynne 

Corowa Travel Link - Ashley Hanrahan.

12 & Under   

Lockhart 23 drew CDHBU 23

The girls played another good game today and made a comeback after a slow first quarter. 

Unfortunately we couldn’t get the win but will settle for a draw. 

Ashlin had her first go in goals, well done. 

Looking forward to a week off and working on a couple of things at training before we play Henty. 


Ladies Committee - Niamh Lavis 

Green Bean Cafe - Ashlin Grogg

Sportspower - Tamir Richardson.

10 & Under  

Lockhart 8 def CDHBU 4

What a fantastic game it was against Lockhart. 

They were too good for us on the day but our girls didn’t give up and continued to put in effort after effort while defending. 

With a bit more work on our attack it will be a great game next time we meet.


Ladies Committee - Ruby Wilson 

Lewis Fencing - Paige Amor 

Corowa RSL - Camryn Abley 

Coaches Award - Amelia Ovenden.