CDHBU Football & Netball

By Corowa Free Press


Jindera had a good lead on Power for the first three quarters, but with only 17 players left for the last quarter, the Power came home strong, going down by 20 points at the finish.

Jindera 8-11-59 def CDHBU 5-9-39

Awards: Sam’s Mug – Ryan Mills, Hotel Australia – Brad Talbot, Complete Mini Excavations – Jayden Shaw, Daysdale Hotel – Keith Mills, Corowa Golf Club – Josh Lewis.


The Power had their first ever win over Jindera reserves, getting up by 15 points.

CDHBU 7-6-48 def Jindera 4-9-33

Awards: Newmarket Hotel – Mitch Clifton, Incentive – Michael O’Rourke, Incentive – Lachlan Battisson, Chester’s Transport – Steve Talbot, Corowa Golf Club – James Webb, Thursday Meal – Will Dyer.


The under 17’s were right in it to the final few minutes when Jindera rallied in the last few minutes.

Jindera 4-7-31 def CDHBU 3-2-20

Awards: Shell Voucher – Sean Fischer, Sportspower – Jayden Collier, Thursday Meal – Alex Lavis, Coach – Zach Nixon.


Jindera 15-18-109 def CDHBU 0-1-1

Awards: Painters Café – Bryce Smith, Ladies Committee – Lachlan Raggett, Coach – Tim Haswell, Liberty rural Fuels – Imogen Tomlinson.

Club Note

This Saturday we travel to Brocklesby to tackle the Brock/Burrum Saints.

A Grade

The spectators watching the game agreed that looking at the score; it certainly does not reflect the game we watched on Saturday. 

All girls worked extremely hard and were all consistent in making some fantastic passages of play. 

Great game to watch and our only downfall this week was our height in the defence end. 

Well done ladies let’s hope we can play like this again next Saturday.

CDHBU 24 def by Jindera 58

Awards: Essential Beauty- Emily Boyle, Shell Servo Corowa - Ruby Crawford, Doterra - Rachel Hanrahan, Newmarket Hotel Mug - Emily Boyle.

B Grade 

The girls came out strong but couldn’t keep that momentum for the whole game. 

They had great moments of play which shows why they have had some success. 

Great work from Laura, Brooke D and Sisi. 

With more training and improvement more wins will come. 

CDHBU 29 def by Jindera 42

Awards: Boyer Automotive - Laura Duncan, Border Natural Therapies - Sisi Howard, Shell Servo Corowa - Brooke Dickie, Newmarket Hotel Mug - Laura Duncan.

C Grade

Great cohesive game by the girls on Saturday, leading to a strong close finish. 

Girls backed each other down the whole court, and didn’t give up for four strong quarters. 

Great effort girls. 

CDHBU 48 def by Jindera 50

Awards: Shell Servo Corowa - Carol Eisenhauer, Health Culture - Maya Ross, Cath Wood FHIT - Brooke Ferwerda, Newmarket Hotel Mug - Tamara Lavis.

C Reserve

The Power girls knew they were up against a strong side this week.

They didn’t let their heads down but Jindera proved they were the stronger side this week. 

They played really well as a team and show improvement in new positions ever week.

CDHBU 21 def by Jindera 47

Awards: Ebella - Michelle Grogg, Meat on the Murray - Lana Rhodes, Shell Servo Corowa - Melissa Stevenson, Newmarket Hotel Mug - Tayla Rippingale.

16 & Under

What an amazing effort these girls put in, the score didn’t reflect how hard the girls worked. 

The girls fought hard to the end. 

Great defensive end and amazing full effort from the whole team. 

Well done girls! 

CDHBU 34 def by Jindera 38

Awards: Miegel’s Pharmacy - Shelby Richardson, Corowa Jewellery/Body Shop - Sophie Goyne, Green Bean Cafe - Amarni Taylor, Ladies Committee - Chloe Hayes.

14 & Under

The girls wanted a win and it showed from the first ball. 

Micky & Tayah were brilliant in goals, all the girls moved the ball down the court as asked and there was good pressure down the court by all the girls too. 

Ash, Ava & Remy all excelled in mid court with tough calls. 

CDHBU 35 def Jindera 14

Awards: Ladies Committee - Mickayla Lewis, Griffin Mechanical Repairs - Tayah Wynne, Corowa Travel Link - Ava Phibbs, Lewis Fencing - Emma McKenzie.

12 & Under

The girls had a slow start this week but proved they wanted the win coming back with full force. 

And winning by 1 after trailing by 8 at halftime. 

Awesome work girls. 

Great defence by Jade & Sommers while Elise played well in goals. 

CDHBU 18 def Jindera 17

Awards: Sportspower - Jade Lewis, Green Bean Cafe - Elise Norman, Ladies Committee - Sommers Hogan.

10 & Under

An excellent defensive game from our 10 & Unders on Saturday. 

Any loose ball they were onto it and they took multiple intercepts also. 

The defensive game was finished off with some excellent shooting by all girls too. 

Well done, keep training and improving, it shows on game day! 

CDHBU 19 def Jindera 2

Awards: Corowa RSL - Savannah Ross, Lewis Fencing - Kate Fitzgerald, Ladies Committee - Camryn Abley, Coaches - Kate Smith.