Devenish honours remembrance day at Benalla Festival.

By Simon Ruppert

The community of Devenish will honour Remembrance Day with a special event as part of the Benalla Festival.

After the success of recent events, specifically Anzac Day and the town's silo opening, which featured an Anzac Tribute Parade, the group wanted to do something again.

The event will take place on Sunday, November 3, from 11am.

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Organiser June Brown said that after realising that people were travelling from far afield to attend the town's events the idea came up to do something as part of the festival.

The knitted and crocheted poppies were a big hit at the Devenish Anzac Day Parade

“When we had the third silo painted we did the remembrance day and Anzac day services,” Ms Brown said.

“They were just wonderful days and people came from across the area to see our memorial and silos.

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“These events have been such a success so we thought we'd make it an an annual thing and thought it would work well with the Benalla Festival.”

The Devenish Anzac Parade

One of the things that drive the idea was the feedback from people of all ages.

“After the Anzac memorial day we had elderly people and young kids coming up to us and telling us how much they enjoyed it,” Ms Brown said.

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The event will feature a free lunch in the local hall.

Big crowds at the Anzac Parade convinced the Devenish Community to do an annual Benalla Festival event.

People wishing to attend the luncheon will need to get a ticket either from the Devenish Store or by phoning June on 0409 160 154.

Victorian Seniors Festival

It is a first-come, first-served event. However, if you are unable to obtain a ticket to the lunch, Ms Howard said the pub would be open and serving food and drink at reasonable prices.

Ms Howard said if anyone would like to donate any knitted or crocheted poppies to the event the committee would be appreciative.

Aussie Bush Muster in Benalla - Victorian Seniors Festival

If you would like to assist with the poppies, phone June on the above number or simply drop them off at the Devenish store.