Give a dog a home: Jackson

By Jared Prestwidge

JOLLY Jackson is a very friendly young man with plenty of energy to burn.

A seven-month-old Staffy cross, Jackson will require a patient owner willing to continue his obedience training, so he grows into a well-mannered family member.

He will also need a home with secure fences and plenty of toys to prevent him from getting bored and destructive.

Daily walks should be on the to do list, as Jackson loves getting out and about in the fresh air and open spaces.

Jackson’s light colouration leaves him prone to skin cancer, so he needs an attentive owner who will apply lots of pet-safe sun screen to his nose and ears.

He will also need to be kept indoors or in shady areas as much as possible during the summer months.

It is recommended that Jackson get skin check-ups at the veterinarian every six months, to ensure any early signs of skin cancer can be caught and treated.

His adoption fee is $360 and PER source number: BR101840