Home is where the Salvos’ heart is

By James Arbuthnott

The Salvation Army Home League of Rochester celebrated its 116th anniversary last week with a cuppa and light lunch - and a speech on youth homelessness.

Each year they use their anniversary to raise funds for missionary projects. So this year they invited team leader Charlie White from SalvoCare Shepparton to talk about the issues.

"Lots of youths are trying to find accommodation in the area," Salvos' Salle Bogie said.

"We make it a big party day and over 50 people from around the district attended.

"Shepparton tries as hard as they can to find accommodation for the kids but they still have to turn away 90 people a week. They're doing a tremendous job but it's not even scratching the surface, so we wanted to support them in any way we can."

More than 36,000 young people aged 12 to 25 experienced homelessness in Australia in 2016.

Circumstances out of their control can leave youths without a safe place to call home including conflict or family breakdown, sexual, physical and emotional abuse, lack of access to employment opportunities, the death of a parent and mental health issues.

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