CDHBU Football & Netball

By Corowa Free Press


Holbrook 19-11-125 def CDHBU 7-6-48  

CDHBU travelled to Holbrook on Saturday for the last round of the Hume League for 2019.  The Power were right in the game till half time but then the Brookers took control in the second half.


Sam’s Mug – Cal Butler

Hotel Australia – Tom Webb

Newmarket Hotel – William Dyer

Daysdale Hotel - Jess O’Donaghue

Corowa Golf Club – Nathan Rhodes

Club Mulwala – Jeke Koroi


Holbrook 13-10-88 def CDHBU 2-9-21 

The under strength Power side went down to Holbrook by 67 points in a fiery reserves game.


Newmarket Mug – Joe Brewster

Incentive – Josh Tidd

Incentive – Ryan Rhodes

Griffin Mechanical – Jake Boyle 

Corowa Gold Club – James Webb


Holbrook 20-14-134 def CDHBU 2-3-15  

The U/17s had a long day at the office for their last encounter, going down to Holbrook by 119 points.  


Shell Voucher – Jesse Clark

Sports Power – Dougal Robb

Newmarket Hotel – Liam Fitzgerald

Coaches Award – Sean Fischer


Holbrook 9-9-63 def CDHBU 0-0-0

The U/14s battled hard again the strong Holbrook side, going down by 63 points. 


Painters Cake – Blake Collins

Newmarket Hotel – Lachlan Raggett

Coaches Award – Riley Collins

Club note:  Special thanks to the hard workers that put on a wonderful vote count at Coreen on Sunday.  Details in next week’s Free Press.


A Grade   

Holbrook 52 def CDHBU 19 

The Power knew it was going to be tough against a higher placed team. Another tough physical game. Holbrook has the height advantage at both ends, which gave them the advantage throughout.

Sickness and injuries did not help. Erica again stood tall as did Gabi in defence and worked hard all day. Emily tried her best in goals again, well supported by Chloe. 

Awards: Tuileries - Gabi Brown, Miegels Pharmacy - Ruby Crawford, Shell Servo Corowa - Karina Par, Newmarket Hotel Mug - Erica Hanrahan.

B Grade   

Holbrook 42 def CDHBU 38

Not the best finish to a season but it was a very hard fought and physical game which presented a test for the girls. All played very well again but just could not get any rhythm into the game.

Finally in the last quarter the Power managed to get things happing, but 13 goals down was a hard task.

Awards: Tuileries - Brooke Dickie, Essential Beauty - Georgia Cargill, Shell Servo Corowa - Shay Taylor, Newmarket Hotel Mug - Georgia Cargill. 

C Grade   

Holbrook 43 def CDHBU 27 

Hard to believe it was the last round already. It was a physical game for the girls and they held their own, but Holbrook just got away from them on the scoreboard. Thanks to the girls that stepped up to help out with numbers not only this round but throughout the season. 

Thanks so much for the year girls. 

Awards: Shell Servo Corowa - Maya Ross, Border Natural Therapies - Georgia Cluff, Origin Clothing - Courtney Aitken, Newmarket Hotel Mug - Georgia Cluff. 

C Res   

Holbrook 59 def CDHBU 20

The girls knew they were coming into a hard game having over half the team out. They fought out their last game and tried new positions and combinations across the court. Huge thank you to the Under 16 girls who stepped up to help field a team, and a big thank you to the girls for a wonderful season. 

Go Power. 

Awards: Perfection - Sophie Goyne, Border Natural Therapies - Molly Raggett, Shell Servo Corowa - Rebecca Carroll, Newmarket Hotel Mug - Bronte Jordan. 

16 & Under     

Holbrook 38 def CDHBU 36 

The girls had a tough game this week, but they put together a solid game and only lost by two goals. Everyone played amazing which was a perfect end to a perfect season. Go power.

Awards: Ladies Committee - Isabelle Walton, Green Bean Cafe - Molly Raggett, Origin Clothing - Chloe Hayes, Essential Beauty - Shelby Richardson. 

14 & Under     

Holbrook 49 def CDHBU 14

With four quarters of fast netball, the girls have put what they have learnt throughout the season onto the court and tried their hardest. Thanks for the great year girls. 

Awards: Corowa Travel Link - Ashley Hanrahan, Lewis Fencing - Emma McKenzie, Griffin Mechanical Repairs - Imogen Letchford, Ladies Committee - Eloise Black.

12 & Under    

Holbrook 35 def CDHBU 20 

The girls knew they had a tough game playing against Holbrook who is still sitting undefeated. Unfortunately with the heat and a few girls sick, they were down by three in the first quarter. 

Holbrook were strong and hardly missed their goals and the girls were unable to get the turnovers needed. Going down by 15 at the final siren, the girls know they have some hard work ahead of them before they take on Holbrook again in the semifinal. 

It was great to see some of the younger girls stepping up and leading on the court. Evie had a great game in goal keeper while Lucy continued to be an option in wing attack. 

Tegan gave it her all with a solid four quarters in both wing defence and centre. 

Looking forward to seeing the team play in the finals. Well done on a great home and away season!

Awards: Ladies Committee - Tamir Richardson, Meat on the Murray - Evie Hughes, Corowa RSL - Tegan Haswell, Green Bean Cafe - Lucy Barlow.

10 & Under 

Holbrook 12 def CDHBU 11

The Under 10s really stood up today and played a terrific game of netball against a great Holbrook outfit. The Power were down 5-0 at quarter time but didn’t let that stop them, coming out fighting for the remainder of the game. 

Awards: Ladies Committee - Camryn Abley, Origin Clothing - Ella Ross, Lewis Fencing - Kate Fitzgerald, Green Bean - Mylee Richardson. 

The Power would like to thank their valued sponsors for their support throughout the season and wish the 12 & Under team all the best in the final series.