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August 02, 2017

Corowa Golf

Mixed weather this week with showers mainly at night.

Fields getting smaller though with many members having a few weeks in warmer climates.

Could not find any results for the Lady Niners or Golden Oldies, so perhaps their fields have also dwindled.

Anyway, as always, there is something to report this week so had better get on with it.

Tuesday, July 25

Pro Comp – Stableford: Winner - Terry Moriarty 36 pts. Runner-up - Brian Howard 35 pts. Ball winners - Rod Rosengren, Glen McKenzie, Doug Ward 34 pts, Bruce Pearce 33 pts.

Wednesday, July 26

Ladies Stableford: Winner - Margaret Playford 41 pts. Runner-up - Margaret Tobin 35 pts. Ball winners - Sue Patton, Gwynneth Handberg 35 pts, Elaine King 32 pts, Gay Richards 30 pts. NTP’s (4th) - A grade - Trish Lethbridge, B grade - Gwynneth Handberg, C grade - Deb Richards.

Thursday, July 27

Pro Comp – Stableford: Winner - Trent Vonarx 38 pts. Runner-up - Steve Carrick 37 pts. Third - Andrew Scott 36 pts. Fourth - Martyn Cunningham 35 pts. Ball winners - Greg O’Brien, John Taylor, Peter Ellis 34 pts, Wayne Miller, Peter McNamara, Stuart Trott, Greg mason 33 pts. NTP’s - J. Cawthray 4th, Andrew Scott 18th.

Saturday, July 29

Ladies Stableford: Winner - Nola Carmosin 41 pts. Runner-up - Florence Hudson 36 pts. Ball winners - Marg Tobin 34 pts, Nancy Marshall 33 pts. NTP’s - Donna Rohrich 4th and 27th.

Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - David Robb 38 pts. B grade winner - Steve Piddington 36 pts. C grade winner - Aaron Vonarx 34 pts. Ball winners - Leigh Bedford 36 pts, Travis Applegarth (Bright) 35 pts, Graeme Chester, Gary Clinch 35 pts, Greg Eales (Yarrawonga) 34 pts, Terry Moriarty, James Walker (Wodonga), Greg Allan (Jubilee) 34 pts, Peter Filliponi, Glen McKenzie 33 pts, Geoff Ellis, Ben Brown, Phillip Turner, Michael Hooper, Peter Tait 32 pts. NTP‘s - Richard Sargood 4th, Vaughan Saunders 27th.

Sunday, July 30

Stableford: Winner - Carolyn Bailey 42 pts. Ball winners - Neville Blewett 37 pts, Steve Carrick 35 pts, Gary Chappell 33 pts, Ken Garner (Wodonga) 33 pts. NTP’s - ladies - Carolyn Bailey 4th and 18th, men - Craig McNaughton 4th and 18th.

For your diary:

Wednesday, August 2 - ladies stroke/monthly medal and round 4 Wangamong Shield.

Saturday, August 5 men’s stroke/monthly medal and round 5 Wangamong Shield plus round 5 Clarke Cup.

Sunday, August 6 - IGA 4 person Ambrose shot gun start.

Wednesday, August 9 ladies stableford - Howlong visit, round 3 Lethbridge cup to be played on or before this date.

Sunday, August 13 - 27 hole 4BBB PAR sponsored by Kilara Group.

And in case you missed this - as of Monday, August 7, to receive your membership discount you must present your current membership card to be swiped at the terminal.

Also starting Monday, August 7 - if you have won or received a club voucher, the club can load these vouchers on to your membership card for Bar and Bistro purchases (excludes Happy Hour and take away purchases).

So present your club voucher to reception to be uploaded the next business day.

Happy Golfing

‘The Bogeyman’

Howlong Golf

Monday, July 24

9 hole Medley Stableford: Winner - Chris palmer 16 pts c/b. Runner-up - Margaret Fowler 16 pts. Ball winner - Maureen Wood 15 pts.

Tuesday, July 25

Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Brett Livingstone 43 pts. A grade r/up - Peter Daley 38 pts. B grade winner - Stephen Martin 41 pts. B grade r/up - Gideon Rottem 39 pts. Ball winners - Kim Gray 38 pts, Morris Lauder, Kevin Murphy 37 pts, Bob Watson, Graeme Curtis, Reginald Outen, Ron Elston, Bill Iverach, Robert Ross 36 pts, Robert Blundell, Tim Mildren, Dev Knighton, Ray Reid 35 pts, Peter Donovan, Wazza Norton, Keith Lambert, Allan McMaster 34 pts. NTP’s - Michael Hollis 2nd, Graeme Curtis 5th, Andrew Coburn 8th, Tom O’Halloran 18th.

Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Leanne Slater 38 pts. A grade r/up - Fay Barnes 37 pts. Ball winner - Rachael Wright 35 pts. NTP - Loretta Lehmann 5th.

Wednesday, July 26

Ladies Par: A grade winner - Noellene Wells 0 c/b. A grade r/up - Janny Molesworth 0. B grade winner - Mary Dixon +2. B grade r/up - Gloria Martin +1. Ball winners - Robin Stevens, Rachael Wright, Kaye Redhead, Eve Byatt -1, Chris O’Toole, Lee Nothrop, Jan Sutherland -2, Carol Richardson, Diane I’Anson -3. NTP’s - Rachael Wright 2nd, Jan Sutherland 5th, Fay Barnes 8th.

Thursday, July 27

Men’s Silvercolts Stableford: A grade winner - Robert Forrest 38 pts. A grade r/up - Michael Hibberson 37 pts. B grade winner - Robert Jones 38 pts c/b. B grade r/up - Les Pilfoot 38 pts. C grade winner - Kevin Murphy 38 pts c/b. C grade r/up - Ian Rough 38 pts. Ball winners - Kevin Kerlin, Sam McCulloch 38 pts, Ian Schirmer, David Horton, John Milton, Bill McKenzie, Phil Kamber 37 pts, John Simpson, Mick Kenna, Alan Hutchings, Tom Bennett 36 pts, Tony Jelbart, Ian Williams, Kim Gray, Robert Bassmann, Gavin Hallett, Jeff Cashman 35 pts. NTP’s - Peter Tamango 2nd, Grant O’Reilly 5th, Tom Penski 8th, Peter Donovan 18th.

Friday, July 28

18 hole Medley Stableford: A grade winner - Morris Lauder 39 pts. A grade r/up - Craig Pett 35 pts.

Ball winners - David Robb, Graeme Curtis 34 pts, Ian Weaver 33 pts, Andrew Neilson 32 pts, Colin Watson 31 pts. NTP’s - Jason Cawthray 8th, David Robb 18th.

Men’s Chook Run: Winner - Eddie Fah 24 pts. Ball winners - Thomas Larkins 20 pts, Paul Evans, Robert Priscina, David Smith, Steven Wigmore, Shane Taggart 19 pts.

Ladies 9 hole Chook Run: Winner - Heather Sarau 20 pts. Ball winners - Margaret Fowler 16 pts, Loretta Lehmann 15 pts, Sue Eisenhauer 14 pts.

Saturday, July 29

Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Tom O’Halloran 42 pts c/b. A grade r/up - Brandon Purtell 42 pts.

B grade winner - Brent Cochrane 42 pts. B grade r/up - John Muller 37 pts. Ball winners - Les Stevens 41 pts, Bob Watson, Shane Taggart 40 pts, Peter Redhead 37 pts, Tim Mildren, John Stevens 36 pts, Warren Beddoes, Richard Alexander, Colin Stein, David Charles 35 pts, Ronald Chaffey, Ken Rainbow, Brenton Pool, Bruce Bengough, Tim Kirkwood 34 pts, Henk Van De Ven, Gary Taylor, Bill Iverach, Campbell McKenzie, Matt Versteegen 33 pts. NTP’s - Trevor Schroeter 2nd, Gary Dundas 5th, Alex Krause 8th, Trevor Schroeter 18th.

Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Lee Nothrop 41 pts. A grade r/up - Glenda Hoskin 36 pts. Ball winners - Caryn Ericson 35 pts, Michelle Stevens 34 pts, Goldie Reid 33 pts. NTP - Michelle Stevens 5th.

Sunday, July 30

18 hole Medley Stableford: A grade winner - Phillip Barker 41 pts. A grade r/up - Kevin Harmer 39 pts. B grade winner Max Abel 38 pts. B grade r/up - Cheryl Wigmore 35 pts. Ball winners - Gary Stone, Anthony harmer, Brett McMahon, Peter Walsh 36 pts, Gail O’Halloran, John Durow, Ronald Fary 35 pts, Justin Russell 34 pts. NTP’s - Anne Weiss 2nd, Lisa Smith 5th, Brett McMahon 18th.

Split 6’s Winter League: Winners - Maralyn Seddon and Graham Gould 70. Runners up - Wayne Hannan and Alex Krause 66 c/b. Third - Melinda Blumoser and Glenda Hoskin 66. Ball winners - Steven Wigmore and Rod Petty 59.

Rutherglen Golf Club Ladies and Juniors

It was a lovely day on the course last Wednesday and the ladies had a good day, the course only heavy in a few places.

The tournament preparations, for August 17, are coming along nicely. Now all the club has to do is get a direct line to have a nice fine day and sunshine would be nice also.

The Boorhaman tournament is on August 8 and the club has a team going to that one.

A busy August, as the club championships are also on, so that will keep the ladies on the course for a while.

This coming Wednesday, August 2, is stroke monthly medal, count putts.

One lady had a good day putting last week, bet she can’t do it when it counts.

This week there will be a match played in the L. B. SKO, between N. Duursma and H. Eggleston, good luck to both ladies.

There is also another match coming up soon with J. Williams v P. Prescott, and Jenny will be giving a few shots, good luck to both those ladies also.

Results; Wednesday stableford - J. Williams 32 pts, r/up H. Eggleston 28 pts.

Good Golfing


The juniors had a fun morning trying to chip into a hoop, with not too much success, then playing a hole, which delivered a much better result.

The juniors now have a goal to work on when playing holes again to beat that score.

The children were without head coach this week, Alf, who is on the sick list with a bad dose of the flu.

Everyone hopes he is soon up and coaching again, so Alf stay warm, get well and come back soon.

Results; Paddy 9 and close behind Joseph 10, then came Ryn 13, well done to all.

Until next week, keep practicing.

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