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Subscription Terms & Conditions

If you are a subscriber of a digital and/or print publication from the McPherson Media Group (“MMG”, “we” , “our” or “us”) these terms of use apply to your subscription. Our print and digital publications (“Publications”) are listed here under the legal entity which publishes them:

Shepparton Newspapers Pty Ltd

Yarrawonga Chronicle & Corowa Free Press Pty Ltd

Deniliquin Newspapers Pty Ltd

MMG Rural Pty Ltd

Your use of our digital publications and services (which includes websites, apps and digital replica editions of newspaper format) is also subject to our general website Terms of Use.

Contacting us

Please contact the MMG customer service team:

Your subscription

Your subscription gives you access to the online and/or print formats of the Publication that you have subscribed to for the period of your subscription. Your subscription is unlimited for the tier of subscription which you have purchased.

Print subscriptions include home delivery or shop collection where delivery is available in your area. This availability may change from time to time to comply with MMG’s and our partners’ logistics requirements.

Full Digital Access entitles you to unlimited access to our digital publications and services on any device.

MMG retains the right to provide free access to all or some content on our Publications for a period time (for example, during a community emergency or promotional offer) and if this occurs you are not eligible for a part or full refund.

MMG holds the right to refuse any subscription order at any time for any reason. Subscription fees are not refundable except where permitted (below).

We reserve the right to modify the content or what is included in the digital product or services at any time.

We are not responsible for any claim relating to your having entered incorrect personal details in your subscription order. You are responsible for alerting us to any errors as soon as you become aware of them. If we decide to offer you a credit because of your error, it may take the form of an extension of the term of your subscription, a price reduction on your next scheduled payment or an upgrade to the next tier of content, if one is available.

We are not liable to you for loss or damage that you or another person may incur in connection with your subscription, be it direct, indirect or consequential. Our maximum liability to you in relation to your subscription is limited to the amount that is equal to the subscription fees that you paid to us in the preceding 12 months before you lodged the claim.

> You may use your subscription only for personal use;

> You may not re-sell your subscription to any other party; and

> You may not use it for commercial uses.

If you would like to purchase a multi-user subscription, please contact our customer service team.

Your payment to us will be via your nominated payment method. Your subscription automatically renews for the next period at the end of each billing cycle and you will be automatically charged unless you cancel before then. Where you pay by your chosen auto renew method you are responsible for ensuring you have enough funds for the payment to be successfully processed.

It is your responsibility to check your credit or debit card statements to ensure the correct amounts are being debited from your account and to let MMG customer service know if you believe there has been an error.

It is also your responsibility to ensure your payment details are valid and up-to-date. You can update these online at My Account or contact MMG customer service.

To receive a tax invoice, please contact MMG customer service.

We may cancel your subscription and revoke your access to our Publications if your subscription payment method is rejected for any reason. You would then need to re-subscribe. Please note, the original pricing may not necessarily be available at the time.

If for an unforeseen reason your access to our digital Publications is unavailable for a continuous period of more than 24 hours due to reasons controlled by MMG, you may be eligible for a credit of a pro-rated amount for the period of the outage. This would be at MMG’s discretion. If you are unable to access our Publications or services due to issues which do not relate to MMG, you are not eligible for a refund or credit.

Where some print subscriptions do not renew automatically subscribers will receive a renewal notice.

If you are experiencing any technical issues while accessing your digital subscription, it is your responsibility to contact the customer service team directly for assistance. We reserve the right to refuse any request for credits, refunds, or extensions if you have not asked us for assistance within 48 hours of experiencing an issue.

You may pay by credit card or debit card at the time of subscription.

Your account login can be used in up to six concurrent sessions on different devices and must not be shared with anyone else. If we detect or suspect your account details have been misused for any reason, we may terminate your subscription without refund.

The use of your digital subscription may incur other fees for internet, data or device access, for which MMG is not responsible.


You agree to pay the subscription price at the payment intervals stated at the time you order your subscription.

Discounts apply only if they are included in your subscription order at the time of purchase. MMG will not backdate discounts.

MMG reserves the right to change the price at any time after providing you with 30 days’ notice by email for any price rise for customers who have elected to have recurring, auto-renew subscription payments. We will post by standard mail the notice to home delivery-only customers who have not provided a valid email address. The new price will take effect from your next scheduled payment date. You may cancel your subscription at any time (see below for details).


If you subscribe to MMG publications or services via one of our promotions or offers then the terms and conditions of that offer will also apply. If the promotional terms are in conflict with these Subscription Terms and Conditions then this document will override the promotional terms.

You are likely to be required to pay using a direct debit or credit card payment method if signing up for a promotional offer. Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of the promotional period at the standard subscription price unless you are eligible for another promotional code.

If we are required to cancel your promotional subscription for any reason (for example, if you fail to pay or you breach our Subscription Terms and Conditions, you may not be able to re-subscribe later using the original promotional price.

Managing your subscription

You can manage your account to change your personal details or your payment card in the ‘My Account’ or section of our websites or by contacting the customer service team for help.

Any upgrades are billed from the beginning of your next billing cycle but you will get immediate access to the upgraded digital product. Downgrades of print and digital products will take effect from your next billing cycle. If you have a print product, we may need up to 10 working days to make the change to your home delivery.

Suspending or redirection of print home delivery

You cannot suspend a digital-only subscription or the digital component of a print+digital subscription.

If you have newspaper delivery included in your subscription, you may suspend that home delivery component while you are on holidays via the ‘My Account’ section of the website. You may also contact MMG’s customer service team during office hours.

We need a minimum of five business days to organise a suspension of your delivery.

When you suspend your home delivery, we will automatically provide you with an extension of your subscription renewal date or a credit on your account after the suspension period has ended.

If you have digital access as part of your subscription, this access will continue to be available to you during the suspension period at no extra cost. You cannot suspend a digital only subscription.

If you would like to modify the details of your delivery suspension, you can do so at any time by contacting the customer service team.

If you would like to redirect your home delivery to a new address in our standard delivery area, please contact our customer service team. We require a minimum of five working days to put a redirection in place.

Cancelling a subscription

You can request cancellation of your subscription at any time, either by contacting our customer service team or online. Cancellation won’t be effective until we have received all relevant information from you and would take effect from the end of your current billing cycle (note that your cancellation request must be made at least 72 hours before your next subscription payment is due).

If you ordered your print and/or digital subscription via a telemarketing channel then you have the right to cancel via contacting our customer service team within 10 business days from the subscription start date. These 10 business days are your cooling-off period.

If you cancel an annual pre-paid subscription, you may be entitled to a pro-rated refund if there is more than one month left on your prepaid subscription.

We can cancel or suspend your subscription at any time at our discretion but we will act reasonably. If we cancel your subscription, we may give you a pro-rated refund if you have pre-paid your subscription.

We will not refund past subscription payments if you have not contacted our customer service team directly. We will not refund past subscription payments if you do not contact our customer service team to report unexpected deductions from your bank account within three months of the deduction.

We are not responsible for any missed or unwanted deliveries or any unexpected charges resulting from requests made by you to any newsagency or other third party rather than directly to our customer service team.

Note: cancelling your registration for any MMG newsletters or other email communication does not constitute a cancellation of your subscription to our publications and services.

Newspaper delivery

Subscriptions that include a print product for home or office delivery are possible only within our standard delivery area. This area may change from time to time for operations reasons. For more information, contact our customer service team.

Delivery to some addresses in our delivery area (for example, office buildings, apartments, retirement villages) will depend on whether we have distribution access.

We will inform you if we have to cease our delivery service where we no longer have distribution access or if delivery is difficult. If we have to stop all deliveries to you for reasons of logistics, we will give you a pro-rated refund of any pre-paid subscription fees where services can no longer be fulfilled.

Some home delivery subscribers may not receive all inserts and magazines that form part of our print products for operational reasons. We will not offer refunds in these cases.

While we will use reasonable commercial efforts to ensure the delivery of all subscribed print products to your nominated delivery address on the day or days each week nominated by you in your subscription, we make no guarantees as to the timeframe within which such print products will be delivered to you on those days and consequently have no liability to refund you.

If you tell us that your print product has not been delivered within three days of the missed delivery date, we will credit your account for the issues where the newspaper was not delivered. At our discretion we may provide this credit by extending your subscription by the same number of days or by giving you a pro-rata credit on your next subscription payment.

It is your responsibility to tell us of any deliveries of newspapers that you receive or any subscription payments that continue to be deducted after you have cancelled your subscription.


You agree and acknowledge that personal information is collected and stored by us so we can serve your subscription to you, manage any operational issues, communicate with you about your subscription and to let you know of any promotional offers, associated benefits or other products and services from MMG or our partners, unless you opt out. Your personal information may include your name, street address, email address, postcode, telephone number and/or year of birth and security questions. The details of how we handle your personal information is contained in our Privacy Policy.


We market our products and services to potential readers and viewers in Australia. These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Victoria, Australia, where its courts have exclusive jurisdiction to decide any matters involving us in relation to your subscription and these terms and conditions.

These Subscription Terms & Conditions are available on all our websites and may be changed by us at any time in our discretion, including (but not limited) to terms relating to fees and charges, cancellation and modifying your subscription. Any changes become effective when amended terms and conditions are posted on our websites. We provide you with timely notice of any changes and you may cancel your subscription within 30 days of such changes.