Corowa Market Report

August 02, 2017

Ryan Hussey from Rodwells Corowa (right) and client Paul Shelley from Chiltern who sold lambs Monday for $158.

Corowa Market held on Monday, July 31 with 6,654 lambs yarded a decrease of 1,664 from the previous week and 2007 sheep yarded a decrease of 1,936.

Lamb numbers declined and the quality was good with a fair few lambs coming off hard feed.

There was a fall in the number of merino lambs but there was a small increase in new season trade weights.

All the usual buyers were operating in a cheaper market.

New season lamb numbers reached 1,185 head and quality improved.

New season trade weights sold from $124 to $157/head, ranging from 615c to 645ckg cwt.

The 2 score lambs to processors sold from $72 to $102/head.

Medium and heavier trade weights were $10 cheaper selling from $112 to $146/head, ranging from 580c to 600c/kg.

Heavy lambs eased to a similar degree and ranged from $130 to $164/head, while extra heavy lambs reached $170/head.

Carcase prices ranged from 550c to 580c/kg.

Merino lambs fell $15 and more, with the trade weights ranging from $105 to $119/head.

Mutton numbers eased and the quality was not as good and there was less weight on the heavy crossbred ewes.

Prices fell $16 to $17 on the light and medium weights and from $8 to 410/head on heavy sheep.

Heavy merino ewes reached $120 and the best of the crossbred ewes sold to $112/head.

Carcase prices ranged from 340c to 380c/kg on average.

Corowa Top Results

New Season Lambs

58 RH Weisner Walla Walla $157

24 JR Hammon & Son Wilby $153

121 CK & DE Dunn Culcairn $151

Shorn Lambs

120 RJ Lubke Alma Park $170

50 B & A Weiss Jindera ` $164.60

60 I Belubla Tocumwal $164.20

51 Springfield Culcairn $160

25 Avalands Pastoral Walla Walla $160

Merino Lambs

39 JH McLaurin Bidgeemia $119

119 Brindley & Wilson Corowa $115.20

33 Namarang Berrigan $114

XBred Ewes

53 D & K Mills Corowa $120.20

36 ‘Glenmore’ Wymah $120

139 Kentucky P/L Corowa $112

100 N Pooley Barnawartha $111.60

16 T & M Barber Walla Walla $106

48 Valeclare Boorhaman $105

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