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August 16, 2017

Great work Corowa Post Office

We would like to give a huge accolade to Corowa Post Office.

As I went to obtain stamps, I noticed a photo up on the wall of my brother-in-law which was quite a shock as he had only recently passed away.

On the photo was a note saying – ‘Found: is this your USB?’.

They found a USB that came through a small hole in an envelope.

We thank them very much as I was told by the lady if it had been sent back to Sydney then it would have gone into a box and just forgotten about.

We are all so fortunate to have such caring staff at Corowa Post Office.

We thank you.

Davina and Ken Carruthers,


Make your vote count

Do you want Corowa to have a year-round heated covered, fully funded swim complex?

If so, vote for like-minded and forward-thinking candidates.

Some candidates have announced they intend pushing for a 50 metre outdoor cold pool, believing this to be what Corowa wants according to those surveyed (not the whole town).

I wonder how many of those who voted for the outside pool have not been near the pool in recent years.

I was one – so I decided to do my own survey of the pool usage commencing on Boxing Day.

I found the pool closed on the public holidays.

I made daily random visits for two weeks, usually between 2pm and 4pm.

I was shocked to find the maximum number, by a long way, was 17 including supervising adults on a very hot afternoon.

At the same time, I counted over 70 in the lagoon area.

It seems this is where people prefer to be, or in their own or the neighbours’ free backyard pool.

At no stage did I see anyone swimming or playing anywhere near the 50 metre end of the pool.

On a couple of cooler days there was no one there.

And what about the other eight to nine months of the year – the pool would be closed and people will continue to go to Wodonga or Wangaratta for aqua aerobics, training and learn to swim classes and shop while they are there.

Wendy Davis,


Praise for Corowa Hospital staff

A word of thanks and praise to all of the nurses and staff at Corowa Hospital.

My partner of many, many years Helen Harris was diagnosed with cancer late last year.

She tried radiation treatment at Albury earlier this year which did not work.

So she came back to Corowa Hospital to be near to family and friends and her beloved garden.

She was a very clever lady who loved knitting and mosaic, and has made deb dresses for all of her nieces and cousins.

Helen travelled the world, loved India and Vietnam and all their people as many of our artefacts around our home show.

But most of all she loved Corowa and its people.

Helen’s nursing time was mainly in Ballarat and she worked in aged care for over 30 years and was full of praise for Corowa Hospital and its entire staff who did their utmost to ease her pain, never complaining until the last with her daughter and partner Graeme with her until her last breath.

On July 29 we buried Helen at Corowa Lawn Cemetery surrounded by all her family and friends from all parts of NSW, Victoria, SA and overseas.

We miss her so much, a beautiful lady.

A wake was held at Lazy Sam’s Corowa to music from Charlie Pride and Meatloaf as she loved to dance to all types of music.

Helen had organised Lazy Sam’s to provide something special for all of the nursing staff to celebrate her life.

A beautiful lady to the end.

Graeme Harris


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