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August 31, 2017

Think carefully before casting your vote

Residents of Federation Shire have the opportunity to seriously think about who will represent them at the local government level.
Almost 125 years ago local border residents, from both sides of the river, decided it was time to involve ‘the people’ in the ‘federation process’.
As a result of the 1893 Federation Conference the people became involved and all the colonists across ‘The Great South Land’ voted for delegates to the next conference dealing with federation.
Following that meeting all the colonists voted to accept, or otherwise, the constitution which would ‘federate the colonies’.
Just seven years later the Commonwealth of Australia was proclaimed in Sydney on January 1, 1901.
The timing was because residents of this district felt strongly that the people should have a say.
On Saturday, September 9, pick up on the legacy from the 1893 Corowa Federation Conference - think carefully, have your say and help create a Local Council that genuinely cares about local issues.
Lesley New

Council candidates must show ‘policy and plans’

So far the council candidates are talking about having another go or who they are.
We need policy and plans and new directions and not the status quo yet again .
We need to encourage investment in our shire that will create jobs and ambition for the next generation.
We need potential to be captured.
We need to hear what the Prime Minister said in Albury that investment must be encouraged.
We need to note former Prime Ministers Hawke and Howards recent ABC comments about the dangers of small groups.
We do not need ‘how to vote’ leaflets in the mailbox with no policy, just how to vote for a candidate, which look like the electoral commission printed them.

Stuart Davie

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