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September 27, 2017

MRVGA – Corowa Veterans Golf

Forty players took to the Corowa Golf Club in this month’s event on Monday, September 11.
In addition to the monthly veterans event there was a trophy on offer for the best score of the day. As such, the Harold Ronald Memorial Trophy was presented to Nigel Cooper (Jubilee Club) scoring 37 S’ford points on a handicap of eight.
Congratulations to Nigel on his results.
Ladies; winner was Kaye Redhead (Howlong) with a score of 35 off 39 and Heather Eggleston (Rutherglen) runner-up on 29 off 27 handicap.
No NTP winners.
Men’s; A grade winner was Nigel Cooper with 37 on a c/back from Tom Johnson playing on a handicap of 18.
B grade went to Alf George (Corowa) with 37 on a c/back off 25 and John Gibbs ((Howlong) runner-up with 37 off 30.
NTP winners were; Rex Humphreys (Rutherglen) on the 18th and Robert Laidlaw (Howlong) on the 27th holes.
All winners and runners up received meal vouchers made available by the support and generosity of today’s business support partner, Newmarket Hotel Corowa.
Our appreciation to John and Irene Elmore of the Newmarket Hotel for their support over a number of years.
Ball run down; Pat Cooper (Rutherglen) 28.
Ann Bumbers (Howlong) 27, Neville Brown (Howlong) 37, Thomas Larkins Howlong) 37,  Geoff Pearce (Rutherglen) 37, Laurance Moylan (Howlong) 36, John Arthur (Corowa) 35, David Twiss (Corowa) 35, Grag Ganning (Rutherglen) 34, Ken Dean (Howlong) 34 and Ivor Bumbers (Howlong) 34.
Group winners; Terry Moroney (Corowa), Brian Scolyer (Corowa), Lindsay Steer (Tarrawingee), Peter Redhead  (Howlong), Graeme Curtis (Howlong), Robert Laidlaw )Howlong), Andrew Scott (Corowa) Ken Weavell (Corowa)and Rex Humphreys (Rutherglen).
Registrations for the next game at Rutherglen Golf Club on Monday, October 9 are open for an 8.30am tee time.
This event will be the final round of the Dave Alger 36 hole Memorial Trophy.

Rutherglen Golf Club Ladies

Rutherglen ladies held their annual tournament on Thursday, September 21.
Beautiful sunshine greeted the players, course in top condition thanks to Graham Williams who put in a massive amount of work to get it where it is.
Nancy Duursma blitzed the field with 41 pts with a handicap of 19.
There were some good scores to come in and everyone enjoyed the day.
This being the first round of the Drummond Challenge, Chiltern will be the second round on Tuesday, September 26 and third round Beechworth on October 18, last one at Yackandandah on November 9.
Good luck to the ladies going to Benalla on Friday to play in the district p/o of the RW 4B those being J. Harrison/P. Cooper, P. Prescott/H. Eggleston.
Next Wednesday at home will be V/P.
Many thanks to the sponsors and the people that helped on the day to make it a success.
Tournament results;
A grade winner - Nancy Duursma (Rutherglen) 41 pts.
A grade runner-up - Sandra Saunders (Tumba) 37 pts.
B grade winner - C. O’Toole (Howlong) 36 pts.
B grade runner-up - R. Black (Rutherglen) 36 pts c/b.
C grade winner - L. Waters (Tumba) 37 pts.
C grade runner-up - Annie Sinclair (Rutherglen 36 pts.
NPT’s (14th)
A grade - C. Ward (Beechworth)
C grade - 2nd shoot 4th B. Simpson (Howlong).
Vets - N. Duursma (Rutherglen).
Super vets - Y. Williamson (Rutherglen).
OBE award - P. Cooper (Rutherglen).
Small teams - N. Duursma, J. Williams, R. Black.
AJ Francis Bowl winners - team 2 Rutherglen - P. Prescott, N. Duursma, Y. Williamson.
Leaders in the Drummonds challenge after 1st round -
A grade - N. Duursma, S. Saunders, Y. Williamson.
B grade - C. O’Toole, R. Black, H. Eggleston.
C grade - L. Waters, P. Cooper, A. Sinclair.
Remember you must play in all rounds to be eligible.

Corowa Golf

Weather was warming up by Saturday, and still some pretty good scoring out there.
No Tuesday comp this week, so better get on with the rest of it.
Monday, September 18
Lady Niners: Winnie - Leonie Ivaniuk. Runner-up - Heather Forrest. Best putter - Marj Dykes 16 putts.
Tuesday, September 19
Golden Oldies – Stableford: Winner - John Bates 14 pts. Runner-up - Bill Kaitler 13 pts c/b. Ball winner - Terry Moroney.
Wednesday, September 20
Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Louise Holden 38 pts. A grade r/up - Margaret Bradford 37 pts.
B grade winner - Jutta Wheatley 39 pts. B grade r/up - Anne McNamara 35 pts. Ball winners - Kelli Cunningham 37 pts, Trish Lethbridge 36 pts, Bernie McLean, Sandra Lewis, Donna Hancock (Yarrawonga) 35 pts, Noreen Miller, Louise Sargood 34 pts. NTP’s (4th) - A grade - Louise Holden, B grade - Jutta Wheatley, C grade - Nancy Marshall.
Thursday, September 21
Pro Comp – Stableford: Winner - Steve Rodway 41 pts. Runner-up - John Caminito 40 pts.
Third - Roger Bradford 40 pts. Fourth - Len Reynoldson 40 pts. Ball winners - Peter Carter, Keith Morrison, Geoff Ellis 38 pts, Peter Martin, Graham Skinner 37 pts. NTP’s - Graham Pickett 4th, Len Reynoldson 27th.
Saturday, September 23
Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Ann Nicol 43 pts. A grade r/up - Nola Carmosin 40 pts. Ball winners - Ros Black 38 pts, Joan Fletcher 37 pts, Jutta Wheatley 36 pts. NTP’s - Jeannette Aylward 4th, Ros Black 27th.
Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Peter Filliponi 42 pts. B grade winner - Michael Knowles (Clifton Springs) 38 pts. C grade winner - Ken Bouchard 42 pts. Ball winners - Alf Arthur 40 pts, Ken Walkinshaw, Peter Carter 39 pts, Gary Clinch, Ross Lyndon, Truman Addison (Thurgoona), Brett Cuthbert (Commonwealth) 37 pts, Steve Rodway, Ross Lewis, John Coghill, Chris Philpot, Paul Pavey, Wayne Miller, Cliff Coghill, Terry Johnstone, Andrew Scott, Laurie Kaviers 36 pts. NTP’s - John Coghill 4th, Geoff Nicholls 27th.
Sunday, September 24
All Saints Ambrose: Winners - John Taylor, Steve Carrick, Michael Love and Andrew Love - handicap 6 1/8, nett score 55 7/8, prize - golf bag each plus Day on the Green tickets each. Runners up - B. Tucker, Paul Steiner, J. Planta, P. Freire - handicap 5 ½, nett score 56 ½, prize - golf bag each plus $60 voucher each. Third - Peter Reid, Andrew Livingstone, Jo Pavey and Paul Pavey - handicap 8 ¼, prize - bottle of wine each plus a $40 voucher each. Fourth - B. Mann, G. Steed, G. Hennessy and H. Griffin - prize bottle of wine each plus $20 voucher each. NTP’s (4th) - men - P. Humphries, ladies - Kelli Cunningham - prize 1 golf bag each. 18th - Men - Herbie Griffin, ladies - Sue Patton - prize golf bag each. Ball winners - J. Russell, G. Lambeth, B. McMahon, B. Cohen 58, C. Scown, G. Rolton, R. Schmidt, A. Parker 59 ½, S. The, S. Trott, J. Dunkley, S. Whitechurch 59 5/8.
Many thanks to All Saints for sponsoring this day and the wonderful prizes they provided.
We are sure that the hundred entrants all enjoyed a great day on our wonderful course.
For your diary
Monday, September 25, Tuesday, September 26 and Wednesday, September 27 - junior camps each day, Wednesday, September 27 - two person Ambrose.
Saturday, September 30 - round three of J and E Nankervis to be played by today.
Sunday, October 1 - medley 4BBB Multiplier.
Wednesday, October 4 - ladies stroke/monthly medal, also round five Wangamong Shield.
Saturday, October 7 - men’s stroke/monthly medal.
Tuesday, October 10 and Friday, October 13 - Riverbelt open at Corowa, so get your entries in now for this event.
Sunday, October 15 - Red, Blue, Yellow markers - stroke.
Also, do get your entries in for “Golf 5”, this starts on October 23, get your teams of five together now and get entry forms from front desk.
Monday, September 11
Lady Niners: Winner - Rhonda Clarke. Runner-up - Davina Carruthers. NTP - Rhonda Clarke.
Tuesday, September 12
Pro Comp – Stableford: Winner - Graham Steep 38 pts. Runner-up - Bob Ronnfeldt 37 pts.
Third - Rod Rosengren 35 pts. Fourth - Bill Hall 34 pts.
Golden Oldies – Stableford: Winner - Robert Packer 16 pts c/b. Runner-up - Don Bradshaw 16 pts.
Ball winner - Bill Kaitler. NTP - Geoff Lawrence.
Wednesday, September 13
Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Selina Barkley 33 pts c/b. A grade r/up - Anne Harris (Wodonga) 33 pts. B grade winner - Ann Nicol 38 pts. B grade r/up - Jutta Wheatley 36 pts. Ball winners - Maureen Jeeves, Gwynneth Handberg 35 pts, Joan Fletcher, Sandra Lewis 33 pts, Barbara Spinks 32 pts. NTP’s (27th) - B grade - Sandra Lewis, C grade - Ann Nicol.
Thursday, September 14
Pro Comp – Stableford: Winner - Phill Dunning 39 pts. Runner-up - Craig McNaughton 38 pts.
Third - Billy Par & Peter Justin 37 pts. Ball winners - Bill Hall, Graeme Pickett 36 pts, Stuart Trott, John Hagger 35 pts, Guy Rowe, Peter Tait, Dalton Wegener 34 pts. NTP’s - Peter Carter 27th, John Taylor 18th.
Saturday, September 16
Ladies Stableford: Winner - Nola Carmosin 39 pts. Runner-up - Barbara Spinks 35 pts. Ball winners - Gwynneth Handberg 35 pts, Ann Nicol 34 pts, Marg Tobin 34 pts. NTP - Gwynneth Handberg 4th.
Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Bob Parr 42 pts. B grade winner - John Taylor 38 pts.
C grade winner - Graham Skinner 41 pts. Ball winners - Craig Scown, Phill Dunning 37 pts, Peter Stathis, Doug Ward, Terry Johnstone 36 pts, Bruce Pearce, Paul Bradford 35 pts, Graeme Pickett, Geoff Ellis, Bob Ronnfeldt, Tony Delaney 34 pts, Alan Nicol 33 pts. NTP’s - Peter Tait 4th, Bob Parr 27th, Graham Skinner 21st. EAGLE - Bob Parr 23rd.
Sunday, September 17
Stableford: Winner - Craig McNaughton 37 pts. Ball winners - Stuart Trott 36 pts, Michael Sherlock (Howlong) 34 pts, Chris Philpot, Tim Patton 33 pts. NTP’s - Chris Philpot 4th, Graham Skinner 18th.
Happy Golfing
‘The Bogeyman’

Howlong golf

Tuesday, September 19
Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Peter Stevens 42 pts c/b. A grade r/up - Eddie Fah 42 pts.
B grade winner - Ian Campbell 39 pts. B grade r/up - Steven Wilson 36 pts. C grade winner - Bill Iverach 44 pts. C grade r/up - Ian Schirmer 41 pts. Ball winners - Russell Mooney, Graham Gould 41 pts, Martin Tobin, Robert Watson 40 pts, Gregory Ganning 39 pts, Graham Clarke, Peter Riches, Bob Watson, Dev Knighton 38 pts, Bill McKenzie, Keith Lambert, Russell Munro, Wayne Pegler 37 pts, Bruce Pearce 36 pts, Richard Murray, Robert Richardson, Kevin Murphy, Paul Packham, John Stevens, Bill Tomkins 35 pts, Robert Hayes, Tom O’Halloran 34 pts. NTP’s - Eddie Fah 2nd, Gregory Ganning 5th, Peter Smith 8th, Michael Nicholson 18th.
Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Rosie Lennen 39 pts c/b. A grade r/up - Rachael Wright 39 pts.
Ball winners - Lyn Willet, Carol Fairweather 35 pts, Denise Hayes 32 pts. NTP - Rachael Wright 5th.
Wednesday, September 20
Men’s Silver Colts Stableford: A grade winner - Michael Hibberson 43 pts. A grade r/up - Reginald Outen 42 pts. B grade winner - Phil Kamber 42 pts. B grade r/up - Robert Laidlaw 41 pts. Ball winners - Philip Cummings 41 pts, Peter Smith 40 pts, John Milton 39 pts, Tom Johnson, Francis Queen, Bruce Ritchie 38 pts, Peter Revell, John Van Nispen, Bruce Christie, Wayne Degering, Paul Hayden 37 pts.
NTP’s - Peter Donovan 2nd, Michael Hibberson 5th, Peter Hatch 8th.
Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Kaye Bingham 41 pts. A grade r/up - Di Tyrell-Miller 40 pts. B grade winner - Beverley Coughlan 39 pts. B grade r/up - Carol Richardson 37 pts. Ball winners - Colleen O’Keefe 39 pts, Lee Lawther 38 pts, Robin Stevens, Margaret Duncan, Gail Howard 37 pts, Judy Stephens, Patricia Barker, Goldie Reid 36 pts. NTP’s - Pam Boswell 5th, Gail O’Halloran 8th.
Friday, September 22
Men’s 9 hole Chook Run: Winner - Matt Versteegen 22 pts. Ball winners - Steven Wigmore, Doug Poole 20 pts, Robert Metcalf, Ian Campbell 18 pts, Thomas Larkins, Paul Evans, Bill Iverach, Wayne Jacobsen, Barry Cross 17 pts, Simon Martin 16 pts.
Ladies 9 hole Chook Run: Winner - Lyne Crocker 24 pts c/b. Ball winners - Heather Poole 24 pts, Eve Byatt, Helen foster, Julie Cox 21 pts, Alice Rasmussen 20 pts.
Saturday, September 23
Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Shane Taggart 41 pts. A grade r/up - Neville Brown 40 pts.
B grade winner - Neville Batt 42 pts. B grade r/up - Kevin Argent 40 pts. C grade winner - Brennan Williams 49 pts. C grade r/up - Steven Wigmore 44 pts. Ball winners - Jim Fairweather 41 pts, Max Abel 40 pts, Peter Stevens, Michael Kelly 39 pts, Quinton Cooke, Wayne Degering, Ken Rainbow, Paul Allen, Nathan Schneider, Scott Proctor, Bill Tomkins, John Surridge, Phil Gibbins 38 pts, Russell Munro, Steven Humphries, Bill Simmonds 37 pts, Michael Ursu, John Watkins, Glenn Lilley, Ray Reid, Henk Van De Ven, Ian Bain, Bruce Bengough, Robert Laidlaw 36 pts, David Stevens, Chris Talbot 35 pts. NTP’s - Deon Van Der Merwe 5th, Brandon Purtell 8th, Bill Iverach 18th.
Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Liz Greenhill 46 pts. A grade r/up - Amanda Arnot 43 pts. Ball winners - Cheryl Wigmore 41 pts, Heather McCallum, Wendy Day 40 pts, Diane I’Anson 39 pts, Kaye Bingham, Susan Tanks 38 pts, Judy Stephens 37 pts. NTP - Susan Tanks 5th.
Sunday 24 September
Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Peter Stevens 43 pts. A grade r/up - Wayne Hannan 40 pts. B grade winner - Mark Wegener 40 pts. B grade r/up - Don Nothrop 38 pts. Ball winners - Neville Batt 39 pts, Doug Poole 38 pts, Bernard Weiss, Mathew Porter, John Duffy 37 pts, Daniel Krause, Alex Krause, Peter Lee 36 pts, Nathan Quinlivan, Ralph Aalbers 35 pts. NTP’s - Nathan Schneider 2nd, Peter Stevens 5th, Neville Batt 8th, Daniel Krause 18th.
Ladies Monthly Medal – Nett: A grade winner - Robin Stevens 71. A grade r/up - Maralyn Seddon 72.
Ball winners - Gail Krause 72, Susan Wood, Janet Rogers, Anne Weiss 73. NTP - Jeanette Edwards 5th.

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