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October 04, 2017

More suitable path needed

Attending the Rotary market in Corowa on Sunday I encountered a problem that should have not occurred.

Sand had been used the create a walking path.

Having to rely on a wheelie walker my partner found it impossible to negotiate as did many mums with their prams.

Even walking on the grassed area was very rough.

Could this be rectified by using a more compact, solid material?

Elaine Butler


Corowa’s youth need a venue

The youth in Corowa need a venue and perhaps Rowers Park should become that place with bands and what young people need for fun and leisure.

Towns are not all about councillors and how they see events and festivities.

The ban on alcohol is shirking a bigger issue that has been off the agenda for too long by councillors who overlook the needs and hopes of young people.

No doubt drunken antics are not to be tolerated, but the antics of a few should not be reason to see all young people as trouble.

When was the last time the needs of young residents were considered by Corowa and now Federation shire leaders?

The way leaders impose their tastes for all is not good enough and they need to be more open and recognise the needs and hopes of the young people who should be planned for far more and now is the time.

Talk and listen to young people.

Make Rowers Park a venue for music and riverside fun with the security and controls needed and perhaps it will be a great success and a place of good times for many.

Stuart Davie


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