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October 11, 2017

Corowa Golf
A fine week until Sunday when a few showers arrived, but still a pretty good afternoon.
Some rather good scoring through the week, so better get into the results.
Tuesday, October 3
Pro Comp – Stableford: Winner - Simon O’Malley 43 pts. Runner-up - Don Spencer 41 pts. Third - Maureen Jeeves 39 pts. Ball winners - Peter Justin 39 pts, Glen McKenzie, Cliff Coghill, Oliver Carmen, Bruce Pearce 37 pts.
Golden Oldies – Stableford: Winner - Joe Lackner 13 pts. Runner-up - David Twiss 12 pts. NTP - Alf George. Ball winner - Geoff Lawrence.
Wednesday, October 4
Ladies Stroke/Monthly Medal: A grade winner - Bernie McLean 81/72. A grade r/up - Jan Mills 86/72. B grade winner - Elaine King 99/73. B grade r/up - Margaret Gillick 100/75. Ball winners - Noreen Miller 92/73, Margaret Bradford 95/74, Sandra Lewis 97/74, Donna Rohrich (Albury) 84/75, Joan Fletcher 111/75. NTP’s (4th) - A grade - Donna Rohrich, B grade - Gwynneth Handberg, C grade - Tessa Merritt. A grade scratch - Bernie McLean 81 gross. B grade scratch - Elaine King 99 gross. Monthly medal playoff between Bernie McLean and Jan Mills at a date to be advised.
Thursday, October 5
Pro Comp – Stableford: Winner - Peter Justin 41 pts. Runner-up - Glen Wallis 40 pts. Third - Lockie Conboy 40 pts. Fourth - Mark Plunkett 39 pts. Fifth - Gary Clinch 38 pts. Ball winners - Roger Bradford, Peter Lee 38 pts, Laurie Kaviers, Len Reynoldson, Doug Ward, Andrew Love, Michael Hooper, Cliff Coghill 37 pts, John Caminito, John Culhane, Alf George, Guy Rowe, Phil Dunning, Bruce Pearce, Martin Magill 36 pts. NTP’s - Neville Tait 4th, Bob Parr 18th.
Saturday, October 7
Ladies Stableford: Winner - Margaret Gillick 40 pts. Runner-up - Maureen Jeeves 38 pts. Ball winners - Gay Richards 37 pts, Margaret Bradford 36 pts, Jutta Wheatley, Marg Tobin 34 pts. NTP’s - Trish James 4th, Sue Patton 27th.
Men’s Stroke/Monthly Medal: A grade winner - Cody Cuthbert (Commonwealth) 77/.70. B grade winner - Wayne Miller 87/69. C grade winner - Wayne Pegler 95/72. Ball winners - Guy Rowe 81/72, Garry McNamara 78/72, Ross Lyndon 78/73, Andrew Scott 81/73, Craig Scown 84/73, Paul Bradford 105/74, Shannon Cuthbert (Commonwealth) 108/74, Laurie Kaviers 103/74, Darren Hughes 84/74, Tom Bennett 98/75, Lochie Conboy 98/75, Brett Cuthbert (Commonwealth) 89/75, Glen McKenzie 89/75, Tom Embleton 104/75, Steve Rodway 94/75. NTP’s - Robert Watson 4th, Tim Patton 27th.
Russell Wallace 21st - (Jackpot hole not successful). A grade scratch - David Robb 75 pts. B grade scratch - Wayne Miller 87 pts. C grade scratch - Ken Bouchard 93 pts.
And who won the October monthly medal?
Why it was Wayne Miller, of course, with his fine 87 - congratulations Wayne.
Sunday, October 8
PAR: Winner - John Taylor +3. Ball winners - Kelli Cunningham +2, Alex Patton squ, Neville Blewitt -1, Geoff Gallach (Hidden Valley) -2, James Dempsey -2. NTP’s - Neville Blewitt 27th, Andrew Love 18th.
For your diary
As mentioned last week the Riverbelt open will be played at Corowa on Tuesday, October 10 and Friday, October 13.
Wednesday, October 11 - ladies are having their pink day.
Next Sunday, October 15 is a stroke day played off the blue, red and yellow markers - so watch from where you are hitting off.
Happy Golfing
“The Bogeyman”

Howlong Golf
Tuesday, October 3
Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Rorey McNamara 39 pts. A grade r/up - Peter Stevens 38 pts. B grade winner - Peter Morton 38 pts. B grade r/up - Steven Wilson 37 pts. C grade winner - Rod Bensley 44 pts. C grade r/up - Owen Tittensor 41 pts. Ball winners - Jim Fairweather 40 pts, Russell Mooney, Kevin Murphy 38 pts, Peter Smith, Russell Mathews, Peter Hastings, Peter Walsh 37 pts, Graham Clarke, Peter Daley, Allan McMaster, Eddie Fah, Ian Williams, Bill Simmonds, Ron Newman 36 pts, John Marshall, Ray Reid, Keith Lambert, Craig Aldridge, Robert Laidlaw, Bert Washington, Lyndon Hemphill 35 pts, Wendel Reitenbach 34 pts. NTP’s - Peter Morton 2nd, Robert Blundell 5th, Peter Walsh 8th, Rorey McNamara 18th.
Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Carol Richardson 33 pts c/b. A grade r/up - Rachael Wright 33 pts. Ball winner - Pauline O’Meara 33 pts. NTP - Loretta Lehmann 5th.
Wednesday, October 4
Ladies Stroke: A grade winner - Wendy Day 71 c/b. A grade r/up - Robin Stevens 71. B grade winner - Heather Sarau 67. B grade r/up - Virginia Ebert 68. Ball winners - Lyn Crocker 68, Jeanette Edwards, Lynette King, Bev Allison 71, Rachael Wright 72, Maureen Harris, Kate Daly 73, Joan Trevethan 74, Kaye Bingham, Angela Lee 75, Carol Richardson 76. NTP’s - Don Reitenbach 2nd, Bev Allison 5th, Susan Gibb 13th. Medal of Medals winner - Robin Stevens. Putts - Janet Rogers.
Thursday, October 5
Men’s Silvercolts - Club Champs Rd 2: A grade winner - Mal Walter 61. A grade r/up - Peter Mills 62. B grade winner - Tex Smith 65 c/b. B grade r/up - Mick Kwiecinski 65. C grade winner - John Gibbs 64. C grade r/up - Ronald Southern 68. Ball winners - Bruce Bengough 65, Kim Gray, Neville Brown 66, Terry Mardling, Craig Aldridge 67, John Coughlan, Don Eastick, Robert Jones 68, Peter Donovan, Richard Murray, Keith Allison, John Van Nispen, Kevin Murphy, Peter Revell, Gordon Goodear 69, Ron Newman, Thomas Larkins, Don Nothrop, Tom Johnson, Bruce Ritchie 70. NTP’s - Russell Mathews 2nd, Peter Revell 5th, Mervyn McCormick 8th, Jim Fairweather 18th.
Friday, October 6
18 hole Medley Stableford: A grade winner - Russell Mathews 36 pts c/b. A grade r/up - Joshua Carr 36 pts. B grade winner - Brian Carr 44 pts. B grade r/up - Andrew Coburn 42 pts. Ball winners - Dev Knighton 41 pts, Kevin Kerlin 40 pts, Nathan Wayenberg 37 pts, Darryl Daniel 36 pts, Greg Allan, Rorey McNamara, Jeffrey Mitchem 34 pts. NTP’s - Di Tyrell-Miller 2nd and 5th, Jason Hanke 8th.
Men’s 9 hole Chook Run: Winner - Peter Hastings 23 pts. Ball winners - Bill Iverach, Adam Mathews 21 pts, Peter Walsh, Brent Cochrane, Trevor Pattinson, Dean MacGregor 20 pts, David Horton, Arthur Wooley, Shaun McCormack 19 pts, John Mentakis, Gary McLaughlin, Don Nothrop, Wayne Koehler, Kel Smith, Robert Priscina 18 pts.
Ladies 9 hole Chook Run: Winner - Loretta Lehmann 22 pts. Ball winners - Marg Fowler, Rachael Wright 21 pts, Shandell Eastwood 20 pts, Kate Daly, MJ Ursu, Gail Arthur 19 pts, Frances Young 18 pts.
Saturday, October 7
Men’s Monthly Medal – Nett: A grade winner - Eddie Fah 65 c/b. A grade r/up - Steven Humphries 65. B grade winner - Robert Richardson 67 c/b. B grade r/up - Bill Iverach 67. C grade winner - Troy McNamara 67. C grade r/up - Michael Boyd 70. Ball winners - Ian Charles, Nathan Schneider 66, Paul Baker, Peter Daley 67, Bruce Bengough, Kevin Argent 68, Martin Tobin, Michael Nicholson, Nathan Quinlivan, Mick Kenna 69, Mathew Porter, Danny Kiervan, Jim Fairweather, Simon Martin, Tony Turner, Rorey McNamara, Mark Pattinson 70, Deon Van Der Merwe, Reginald Outen, David Stevens, Tom Murphy 71, Ian Bain, Cam Mernone, Ray Van Klaveren 72. Gross winner - Nathan Schneider 69.
Eagle - Cam Mernone 14th. October Medal Winner - Eddie Fah. NTP’s - Paul Baker 2nd, John Watkins 5th, Wayne Harris 8th, Steven Humphries 18th.
Ladies Stroke: A grade winner - Angela Lee 66. A grade r/up - Melinda Blumoser 68. Ball winners - Loretta Lehmann 68, Judy Fah 70, Cheryl Wigmore, Goldie Reid, Gail O’Halloran 72. NTP - Helen Embleton 5th.
Sunday, October 8
Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Phil Gibbins 44 pts. A grade r/up - Alex Krause 43 pts. B grade winner - Daniel Murphy 37 pts. B grade r/up - Doug Poole 36 pts. Ball winners - Ben Greer 39 pts, Ralph Aalbers 38 pts, Peter Stevens 37 pts, Gary Dundas 36 pts, Stuart James, Joshua Mann, Shane Rohrich, Andrew McNamara, Clifford Harmer 35 pts, Cam Mernone, Michael Ursu 34 pts. NTP’s - Cam Mernone 2nd, Shane Rohrich 5th, Doug Poole 8th, Dion Phillips 18th.
Ladies Stroke: A grade winner - Heather Sarau 70 c/b. A grade r/up - Julie Cox 70. Ball winners - Raylee Van Noordennen 73, Eve Byatt 77. NTP - Eve Byatt 5th.
Rutherglen Golf Club
Ladies and Juniors
Rather a quiet week, course drying out but still plenty of grass.
Was rather warm last Wednesday and we are not used to it yet.
The ladies who played in the RW 4B at Benalla last week had some good scores - 42 and 41 respectively but were not in the race as two from Albury won with 48 and r/up 46, but the sandies held their own.
This week have a team going to Mitta for the Ned Sandgreen Championships, should be fun, the team are J. Williams, N. Duursma, P. Prescott and H. Eggleston, good luck ladies.
On October 18 is the Beechworth tournament with two of our new girls going, Lisa Butterworth and Annie Sinclaire, this being the third of the Drummonds challenge.
Last Wednesday was stableford; the two Pats burnt the course up, well done girls.
Monday 9 holes - Y. Williamson, r/up H. Eggleston.
Wednesday, October 4 stableford - P. Cooper 38 pts, r/up P. Prescott 37 pts, NTP (8th) H. Eggleston.
Good Golfing
Hi juniors, hope you have been practicing, don’t want to start off on the wrong foot with Alf.
We will be back on October 14 at 9am - see you then.
MRVGA - Corowa
Veterans Golf Results
There were 29 registrations, including two ladies, playing in today’s event at the Rutherglen Golf Course.
A shaky start to the day, weather-wise, turned out to be a great day.
The hospitality and course at Rutherglen Golf Course made for a great day even if some results were not.
Our business support partner for this event was Brett Hughes of the Australia Hotel Corowa, providing the lunch vouchers to winners and runners-up.
Our sincere thanks to Brett for this support.
Today’s winners are Pat Cooper was the ladies winner carding 25 stable-ford points from a 31 handicap with Jenny Harkness runner-up with 24 from 37 h/cap.
Men’s A Grade winner was John Arthur with a score of 36 on a count-back off a h/cap of eight with Graeme Curtis runner-up on 12.
B Grade winner was Lindsay Steer with a score of 35 playing off 23 on a count-back from Brian Scolyer playing off 22.
Incorporated in today’s event was the final round of the Dave Alger 36 Hole competition which went to John Arthur with a total score of 69 stable-ford points.
Congratulations to the winners and runners-up for their results.
The ball run-down winners were G Ganning, J Gibbs 34, H Duursma, A George, P Smith and T Johnson 32, C Timma, P Nolan and M Eltringham 31.
Group ball winners; A Wood, T Smith, T Larkin, R Jamison, T Moroney and J Culhane.
Registrations are now open for our November 13 event at the Corowa Golf Course with a tee time of 8.30am.
Membership for the MRVGA 2018 program will close on Friday, October 27 – please contact Terry Moroney on 6033 5381. 

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