Corowa Market Report

October 25, 2017

Roy Monte from Landmark Corowa with Andrew Vile from ‘Mayors Creek’ Howlong who sold 130 new season lambs to a top of $196.20.

Corowa Market held on Monday 23 October with 16,826 lambs yarded and increase of 3,082 from previous week, 5,573 sheep yarded and decrease of 480.

Lamb supply continued to flow in as the offering increased by 3,082 head with quality continuing to be good.

The majority of the offering was 14,600 new season lambs with a limited number of 382 mixed quality old lambs and a couple of pens of merino lambs.

The market remained strong with consistent competition throughout the market as prices generally showed a dearer trend with all the regular buyers keenly operating.

Heavy lambs were mostly up to $6 dearer with some sales close to $10 stronger, medium and heavy trade weight lambs were $3 to $6 higher, while lighter lambs sold from firm to $5/head dearer.

Some plainer secondary 2 score light trade weight lambs sold slightly cheaper in some isolated sales.

Restockers were busy at times paying from $110 to $146 for well-bred store lambs and $66 to $108/head for lighter lots.

They also purchased merino ewes from $89 to $93, merino hoggets for $78 to $89 and merino lambs for $80/head.

Light weight 2 score lambs to the processors sold from $89 to $116, light trade weights 2 and 3 score made $113 to $131/head averaging around 660c/kg cwt.

The medium trade weight new season lambs 3 scores sold from $139 to $160 and the heavier trade weight drafts of 3 and 4 scores sold from $155 to $174/head as they averaged an estimated 653c/kg cwt.

Heavy new season lambs 3 and 4 scores made $164 to $182 with the extra heavy 4 scores selling from $184 to reach the market top of $200/head to average between 634c to 640c/kg cwt.

Old lambs of medium trade weight sold from $124 to $133 and the heavy weight 3 and 4 scores made from $149 to $179head as the costs ranged between 590c and 654c/kg cwt.

Heavy hoggets 3 and 4 score sold from $130 to $148/head.

The sheep numbers came back by 480 and the quality was from mostly good to average with most the offering from medium to heavy weight sheep off shears.

Demand was also strong for mutton as the medium weights lifted by $6 to $8 dearer with heavier weights selling from $5 to $6 higher with light weight sheep making from firm to $2/head dearer.

Light 1 and 2 score sheep made from $73 to $95 and averaged 470c, medium trade weight 2 and 3 scores were from $87 to $124/head with merino ewe mutton averaging 460c/kg.

Heavy crossbred ewes 3 and 4 score sold from $104 to $134/head

Heavy merino ewes sold to $150, while medium to heavy weight merino wethers sold from $118 to $145/head as they averaged at 440c/kg.

Rams of all breeds sold from $40 to $88/head.

Corowa Top Results

New Season Lambs

47 DR & S Wellardson Indigo Valley $200

101 RS Gulliver Balldale $198.20

114 Mickan Bros Walla Walla $197

51 LL Vile & Part Howlong $196.20

58 Tomlinson Ag Coreen $196

160 Sowden Inv Elm Park $194

91 D & C Phegan Walla Walla $191

15 AJ Quinn Gerogery $188

18 Lilow Past Co Jindera $187.20

89 RP Blake & Son Boorhaman $187.20

61 I Ramage Lurg $185

23 R & J Reid Londrigan $185

Old Lambs

44 DI & LJ McPherson Katamatite $179.20

18 H Gadd Jingellic $171.20

34 B Wenke Walla Walla $170

20 GJ McRae Peechelba $167.20

39 Bernley Past Culcairn $160

16 Boorinda Past Major Plains $160

XBred Ewes

109 WA Hicks P/L Lowesdale $150

13 Waldeck Henty $150

18 Hovell P/L Burrumbuttock $134

27 MD Skehan Corowa $132

15 TP Holmes & Sadler Benalla $130

35 G Bussell Carboor $128

26 P P Carroll Coreen $126

Merino Ewes

88 HP Pendergast Omeo $145

66 Brimin Ag Brimin $141.20

116 S & J Pitson Culcairn $134.20

92 BS & F Coyle Walla Walla $130

56 Dundooga Table Top $121

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