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November 09, 2017

Good business opportunity, wrong location

I really noticed today how good it looks heading out Redlands Road from the roundabout and seeing the transition from the town and business to residential, punctuated by the wonderful RSL Park on the left and the green space and skate park on the right, it looks so good.

The thought of seeing a car wash facility on the block is almost incomprehensible.

I am sure it is a good business opportunity, on absolutely the wrong site.

I strongly urge residents to oppose this development as strongly as possible, get in contact with your elected representatives and let them know what you think.

Our community is often far too complacent, speak up.

It’s no good whingeing in the pub or supermarket about developments like this that are obviously not located in a suitable area, or are not in the community’s best interests.

We elected the current new councillors, hold them accountable and ensure they act in our collective best interests.

This valid and beneficial business opportunity could and should be sited in the airport industrial estate.

Would it be too much to ask that to preserve this existing wonderful green space council offer the developer some land on that airport estate at a significantly discounted price?

That estate seems to be struggling to gain support, let’s reward the proponents of this new business, by encouraging them into that area.

It could be a win/win situation.

I am all for progress and respect and admire those who want to invest in our community, but am also all for ensuring the right business is in the right location; this is clearly not the case with this development.

Peter Wright


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