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November 29, 2017

Howlong Golf

Monday, November 20

9 hole Medley Stableford: Winner - Adam Mathews 21 pts. Runner-up - Yvonne Sheather 20 pts.

Ball winners - George Lee, Heather Poole, Michael Ursu 20 pts, Julie Fenton-Smith 18 pts. NTP’s - Adam Mathews 8th.

Tuesday, November 21

Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - David Smith 41 pts c/b. A grade r/up - Jade Payne 41 pts. B grade winner - Bill McKenzie 38 pts c/b. B grade r/up - Ian Williams 38 pts. C grade winner - Lyndon Hemphill 45 pts. C grade r/up - Terry Barker 43 pts. Ball winners - David Charles, Russell Mooney, Ian Rough 42 pts, Ray Reid, John Hunter 41 pts, Neville Batt, Tom O’Halloran, Ken Rampling, Russell Schmidt 40 pts, Jack O’Halloran, Daniel Gill, Gordon Goodear 39 pts, Ray Lennen, Ian Bain, Ken Bathols, Gideon Rottem, Shane Vogel 38 pts, Peter Donovan, Kevin Kerlin, Dev Knighton, Richard Murray, Neville Brown, Gordon Sawyer 37 pts. NTP’s - Trevor Pattinson 2nd, Keith Lambert 5th, David Purtill 8th, Matthew Bain 18th. Eagle - Daniel Gill 11th and 14th.

Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Julie Southern 47 pts. A grade r/up - Maureen Mathews 36 pts. Ball winners - Danika Coyne 34 pts, Loretta Lehmann 33 pts. NTP - Coral Davidson 5th.

Wednesday, November 22

Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Janet Rogers 45 pts. A grade r/up - Julie Cox 39 pts. B grade winner - Lorraine Horton 41 pts. B grade r/up - Fay Dean 40 pts. Ball winners - Fay Barnes 39 pts, Patricia Barker, Susan Gibb, Beverley Coughlan, Robin Stevens, Gwen McCarthy 37 pts, Lorraine Walton, Goldie Reid, Maureen Harris, Kaye Bingham, Heather Sarau 36 pts. NTP’s - Jan Marshall 2nd, Fay Dean 5th, Gail Howard 8th, Susan Gibb 13th.

Thursday, November 23

Men’s Silvercolts Stableford: A grade winner - Tony Jelbart 43 pts. A grade r/up - Manny Tanirau 39 pts. B grade winner - Tex Smith 41 pts. B grade r/up - Richard Murray 38 pts. C grade winner - Bill Tomkins 42 pts. C grade r/up - Gerry Hellmann 41 pts. Ball winners - Brian Hone, John Kimber 40 pts, Reginald Outen 39 pts, Alan Panther, Leslie Virtue, Brian Hardidge 38 pts, Ian Williams, Don Eastick, Neville Lowe, Rino Feltrin, Bob Ash 37 pts, John Milton, Philip Cummings, Kevin Murphy, Dan Gissel, Neville Brown, John Gibbs, Nevil Yates, Mervyn McCormick 36 pts, Doug Poole 35 pts.

Eagle - Patrick Seccull 11th. NTP’s - Mervyn McCormick 2nd, Peter Smith 5th, Ray Reid 8th, John Van Nispen 18th.

Friday, November 24

18 hole Medley Stableford: A grade winner - Andrew Neilson 42 pts. A grade r/up - Maureen Mathews 41 pts. Ball winners - John Sheehan 40 pts, Kurtis Spinelli, Derek Beehan, Adam Mathews 39 pts, Glenn Stevenson 38 pts. NTP’s - Paul Purtell 8th and 18th.

Men’s 9 hole Chook Run: Winner - Nathan Chapman 26 pts. Ball winners - Peter Morton 23 pts, Dean MacGregor, Andrew McNamara, George Lee 21 pts, Keith Lambert 20 pts, Doug Poole, John Mentakis, Rob Boyd, Chris Palmer 19 pts.

Ladies 9 hole Chook Run: Winner - Rachael Wright 18 pts. Ball winners - Valerie Cross, Susan Gibb 17 pts, Yvonne Sheather, Alice Rasmussen, Marg Fowler 16 pts.

Saturday, November 25

Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Steven Humphries 40 pts. A grade r/up - Paul Purtell 39 pts. B grade winner - Tim Mildren 43 pts. B grade r/up - Tetsuya Kamiyama 41 pts. C grade winner - Bob Ash 41 pts c/b. C grade r/up - Wayne Olcorn 41 pts. Ball winners - Kevin Kerlin 41 pts, David Horton, Max Anderson, Nathan Schneider 39 pts, Ken Rampling, Glenn Lilley, Tim Kirkwood, Ross Martin, Bill Simmonds, Simon Martin, Casey Rolfe, John Simpson, Beau Wheeler 38 pts, Rob Forrest, Danny Kiervan, Ronald Chaffey, Bruce Barnes, David Stevens, Martin Tobin, Owen Tittensor 37 pts, Ray Reid, Stephen Martin 36 pts.

NTP’s - Tom Murphy 2nd, Martin Tobin 5th, Robert Laidlaw 8th, Ian Charles 18th.

Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Goldie Reid 42 pts. A grade r/up - Michelle Stevens 40 pts. Ball winners - Heather McCallum 40 pts, Judy Fah 39 pts, Judy Stephens 38 pts. NTP - Dot Reitenbach 5th.

Sunday, November 26

Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - William Halliwell 43 pts. A grade r/up - Andrew McNamara 42 pts. Ball winners - Barry Cohen 41 pts, Jay Mase 39 pts, Kevin Harmer 37 pts, Craig Barton, Matthew Morton, Doug Poole 36 pts. Eagle - Kevin Harmer 10th. NTP’s - Grant O’Reilly 5th, Barry Cohen 8th, William Halliwell 18th.

Ladies Stableford: Winner - Maralyn Seddon 37 pts. Runner-up - Julie Cox 32 pts.

Corowa Golf

A warm humid week with a shower Saturday night and Sunday morning to freshen things up again.

A busy week on the course so had better get on with it.

Monday, November 20

Lady Niners: Winner - Gail Law. Runner-up - Rhonda Clarke. Third - Leonie Iwaniuk. NTP - Rhona Clarke.

Tuesday, November 21

Pro Comp – Stableford: Winner - Neil Caulfield 38 pts. Runner-up - Alex McGillivray 38 pts.

Ball winners - Bob Ronnfeldt 37 pts, Bill Hall, Bruce Pearce 36 pts, Rob Porter, Brian Howard 35 pts, on countbacks from quite a few.

Golden Oldies - 9 hole Stableford: Winner - Keith Allsop 15 pts. Runner-up - George Iwaniuk 14 pts.

Ball winner - Joe Lackner. NTP - Keith Allsop.

Wednesday, November 22

Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Sue Patton 40 pts. A grade r/up - Marg Tobin 36 pts. B grade winner - Jackie Lawler 38 pts. B grade r/up - Nancy Marshall 38 pts. Ball winners - Tessa Merritt 37 pts, Jan Mills, Gay Richards 36 pts, Vera Mason 34 pts. NTP’s (4th) - A grade - Anne Harris, B grade - Kelli Cunningham, C grade - Tessa Merritt.

Thursday, November 23

Pro Comp – Stableford: Winner - Neville Tait 40 pts. Runner-up - Alistair Herbert 39 pts. Third - Len Reynoldson 39 pts. Fourth - Andrew Coburn 38 pts. Fifth - Owen Walsh 38 pts. Ball winners (2 balls each) - Brad Glare, Doug Ward, John Fraser, John Taylor 37 pts, Wayne Miller, Geoff Ellis 36 pts, (1 ball each) - Allen Ward, Alex Patton 36 pts, John Uphill 35 pts, Neil Caulfield, Martyn Cunningham, Cliff Coghill, Tom Embleton, Phill Dunning 35 pts. NTP’s - Allen Ward 4th, Doug Ward 18th.

Saturday, November 25

Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Sandra Lewis 37 pts. A grade r/up - Marg Tobin 36 pts. B grade winner - Margaret Beel 38 pts. B grade r/up - Gillian Goodman 36 pts. Ball winners - Jeannette Aylward 35 pts, Jo Pavey 34 pts, Sara Love, Margaret Playford 32 pts. NTP’s - Sara Love 27th, Heather Briggs 4th.

Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - David Robb 40 pts. B grade winner - Geoff Ellis 38 pts. C grade winner - Michael Love 42 pts. Ball winners - Tom Bennett 41 pts, Des Fraser, Terry Moriarty, Christopher Gillard 38 pts, Neil Caulfield, Alex Patton 37 pts, Garry Zabenko 36 pts, Glen McKenzie, Phill Densten, Graeme Pickett, Terry Johnstone 35 pts, Tim Patton 34 pts. NTP’s - Alex Patton 4th, Phil Rosser 27th.

Sunday, November 26

Stableford Medley: Winner - Rita Taylor 41 pts. Ball winners - Tim Patton, Bill Kelty 37 pts, Jack Reid 35 pts, Chris Philpot 34 pts. NTP’s - Sara Love 27th, Kellie Cunningham 18th, Tim Patton 27th, Graham Skinner 18th.

To the other important ‘play off’ occurring this weekend was to decide who our club champion for 2017 would be.

It was a very tight play-off but Jason Cawthray saluted against Sam Sargood.

So congratulations Jason, well done and well won, it was always going to be a close tussle and so you survived it.

We welcome you to our “Club Champions”.

For your diary

Wednesday, November 29 - ladies 4BBB stroke.

Saturday, December 2 - men’s stroke/monthly medal.

Wednesday, December 6 - ladies stroke/monthly medal.

Saturday, December 16 - Life Members Day - stableford.

Monday, December 25 - Christmas day.

Happy Golfing

“The Bogeyman”

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