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December 13, 2017

Corowa, Howlong and MRVGA – Corowa Veterans Golf Results

Corowa Golf

A sunny, warm week for golf this one, so perhaps we had better get used to them.

But for now, we had better get on with this week’s report, so here goes.

Monday, December 4

Lady Niners: Winner - Maree Seymour. Runner-up - Maz Wiltshire. Third - Lesley New.

Tuesday, December 5

Pro Comp – Stableford: Winner - Rob Porter 39 pts. Runner-up - Neil Caulfield 38 pts. Ball winners - Bill Hall 38 pts, Darren Hughes 36 pts, John Caminito, Brad Glare, Jackie Rider 35 pts.

Golden Oldies – Stableford: Winner - Martin Magill 18 pts. Runner-up - bill Kaitler 16 pts. Ball winner - John Bates.

Wednesday, December 6

Ladies Stroke - Monthly Medal: A grade winner - Jan Mills 87/73. A grade r/up - Bernie McLean 82/73. B grade winner - Louise Sargood 99/74. B grade r/up - Gwynneth Handberg 101/76.

Ball winners - Janet Beverley 87/74, Noreen Miller 93/74, Selina Barkley 86/75, Danika Coyne (Wodonga) 75/75, Tessa Merritt 108/77, Vera Mason 98/79. NTP’s (4th) - A grade - Danika Coyne, B grade - Vera Mason, C grade - Tessa Merritt. Best gross B grade - Louise Sargood. There is now a play-off for this month’s monthly medal between Jan Mills and Bernie Mclean - date to be advised.

Thursday, December 7

Pro Comp – Stableford: Winner - Scott Hetherington 38 pts. Runner-up - Andrew Scott 37 pts. Third - Trent Vonarx 37 pts. Fourth - Ken Bouchard 37 pts. Fifth - Allen Wood 37 pts. Ball winners (2 balls each) - Darren Hughes 37 pts, Gavin Davis, Graeme Chester 36 pts, Neil Caulfield, John Stephen, Ben Taylor, Steve Riders, Glen McKenzie, Ben Greer, David Holmes 35 pts. 1 ball each - Tim Patton, Neville Tait, 35 pts, John Caminito, Michael Cleary, Geoff Boyd, Keith Morrison 34 pts, Haydn Elliot, John Fraser, Darren Chester, James Cleeve 33 pts. NTP’s - Peter Tait 27th, Joe Lackner 18th.

Saturday, December 9

Hams & Turkeys 4BBB - Ladies Results: Ham - Heather McKenna and Jan Mills 45 pts. Turkey - Heather Briggs and Trish Lethbridge 43 pts c/b. Pudding - Sandra Lewis and Bernie McLean 43 pts.

Pudding - Louise Sargood and Maureen Jeeves 43 pts. NTP’s - Jo Pavey 4th, Vera Mason 27th.

Men’s Results: Ham - Steve Carrick and Des Fraser 46 pts. Turkey - Malcolm McLean and Michael Love 46 pts. Pudding - Craig Scown and Matt Goodall 45 pts c/b. Pudding - Graeme Pickett and Sonny McKenzie 45 pts. Pudding - Greg Eales and Michael Hooper 44 pts. Pudding - Paul Pavey and Anthony Livingstone 43 pts. Pudding - David Robb and Dalton Wegener 42 pts c/b. NTP’s - Matt Goodall 4th, Trent Vonarx 27th.

Sunday, December 10

Mixed Stableford: Winner - Glen Rolton 41 pts. Ball winners - John Coghill 40 pts, Graham Skinner 37 pts, Brett St John, Jacqueline Lawler, Michael Love 35 pts. NTP’s - Jacqueline Lawler 4th, John Taylor 4th, Kelli Cunningham 18th, Regan Schmidt 18th.

Junior Golf

Winner - Charlie Poole 33 pts. Ball winners - Oliver Nelson 34 pts, Jonathon Biddle 36 pts.

For your diary

Wednesday, December 13 - ladies AGM, 9 hole Christmas party.

Saturday, December 16 - Life Members day - stableford

Saturday, December 23 - 4BBB stableford Aggregate.

Monday, December 25 - Christmas Day (just in case you forgot).

Everybody have a great Christmas!

Happy Golfing

“The Bogeyman” 

Howlong Golf

Tuesday, December 5

Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Wazza Norton 43 pts. A grade r/up - Eddie Fah 40 pts. B grade winner - Kim Gray 42 pts. B grade r/up - Bill McKenzie 39 pts. C grade winner - Jeff Cashman 41 pts c/b. C grade r/up - Richard Murray 41 pts. Ball winners - Wendel Reitenbach, Ken Bathols, Ray Lennen 40 pts, Martin Tobin, Ian Williams, Kevin Dance, Ron Elston 39 pts, Noel Paech, Michael Nicholson, Edward Wornes, Keith lambert, John Stevens 38 pts, Robert Ross, Reginald Outen, Bob Watson, Ken Rampling, Bill Simmonds, John Mentakis 37 pts, Ian rough, Jeffrey Mitchem 36 pts.

NTP’s - Don Eastick 2nd, Bill Butler 5th, Glenn Lilley 8th, Peter Riches 18th.

Ladies Stableford: Winner - Karie Lowe 41 pts. Runner-up - Fay Barnes 40 pts. NTP - Fay Barnes 5th.

Thursday, December 7

Men’s Silvercolts Stableford: A grade winner - Victor Lees 42 pts. A grade r/up - Neville Brown 39 pts c/b. A grade third - Ken Rainbow 39 pts. B grade winner - Jim Fairweather 42 pts. B grade r/up - Robert Jones 41 pts. B grade third - Tex Smith 40 pts. C grade winner - Ian Rough 40 pts c/b. C grade r/up - Paul Hayden 40 pts c/b. C grade third - Brian Michalowsky 40 pts. Ball winners - Ron Newman 40 pts, Michael Ursu, Ronald Southern 39 pts, John Arthur, Peter Anderson, Ivan Yates, Patrick O’Keefe, Don Kirk, Jeff Cashman 38 pts, Peter Smith, David Charles, Gordon Goodear, Christopher Bird, John Simpson Ken Bathols, John Kimber 37 pts, Rino Feltrin, Robert Laidlaw, Peter Smith, Gavin Hallett, Graeme Male, Gordon Bryant 36 pts. NTP’s - Neville Lowe 2nd, Tony Jelbart 5th, Peter Donovan 8th, Ken Rainbow 18th.

Friday, December 8

18 hole Medley Stableford: A grade winner - Nathen Wayenberg 37 pts. A grade r/up - Peter Daley 35 pts. Ball winners - Ian Weaver, Kerry Dunne 34 pts. NTP - David Byrne 18th.

Men’s 9 hole Chook Run: Winner - Peter Morton 23 pts. Ball winners - Ian Sutherland 20 pts, Peter Hastings 19 pts, Rod Petty, Barrie Smart 18 pts.

Ladies 9 hole Chook Run: Winner - Alice Rasmussen 19 pts c/b. Ball winners - Wendy lambert 19 pts, Margot Hudson, Bev Allison 18 pts, Jan Hastings 17 pts.

Saturday, December 9

Men’s Stroke: Overall winner - Rorey McNamara 65 c/b. A grade winner - Rorey McNamara 65. A grade r/up - John Watkins 66. A grade third - Shane Taggart 67. B grade winner - Warren Beddoes 68 c/b. B grade r/up - Glen Shannon 68 c/b. B grade third - Kevin Argent 68. C grade winner - Gerry Hellmann 65. C grade r/up - Joseph Armato 68. C grade third - Stephen Donaghey 70. Ball winners - Glenn Lilley 67, Tetsuya Kamiyama 68, George Ekanayaka, Ken Rampling, Les Stevens, John Arthur 69, Mal Walter, Tony Turner, Bill Iverach, Wazza Norton 70, Max Anderson, Matthew Rose, Wayne Degering, Graham Wilson, David Stevens, Stephen Martin, Dale Barnett, Alex Krause, Neville Brown, Graeme Curtis, Joshua Carr 71, Stephen Purcivall, John Stevens, Ian Bain, Greg Keir, Bob Watson 72.

Gross winner - Shane Taggart 74. NTP’s - Richard Firth 2nd, Ian Charles 5th, Bob Watson 8th, Martin Tobin 18th.

Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Goldie Reid 40 pts. A grade r/up - Robin Stevens 39 pts. Ball winners - Wendy Day 36 pts, Melinda Blumoser, Susan Wood, Liz Greenhill, Michelle Stevens 35 pts.

NTP - Angela Lee 5th.

Sunday, December 10

Summer Pennant Round 1: A grade winner - Ian Williams 41 pts. A grade r/up - Stuart James 40 pts. B grade winner - Casey Rolfe 44 pts. B grade r/up - Stephen Leathem 39 pts. Ball winners - Brenton Pool, Rorey McNamara, Anthony Harmer 38 pts, Clifford Harmer, Tim Cameron, Jeremy Williams, Clayton Scott, Damien Shanahan, Neville Batt, Mathew Porter 37 pts, Neville Brown, Kevin Harmer, Nathan Schneider, Liam Mount 36 pts. Eagle - Rorey McNamara 14th.

NTP’s - Anthony Harmer 2nd, Clifford Harmer 17th.

MRVGA – Corowa Veterans Golf Results

On Monday, December 11 the MRVGA – Corowa Veterans held the last game of this year at the Corowa Golf Club with 51 players taking to the beautiful Corowa course with the following results;

Ladies winner was J Trevethan carding 37 S/ford points on a h/cap of 22, on a count back with L Lawther runner-up on a h/cap of 26.

Ball run-down winners were D Tyrell-Miller 30, A Bumbers 30, B Simpson 29, K Redhead 28, P Prescott 23, H Eggleston 26 and B Allison on 22.

Only one NTP winner being J Trevethan on the 27th green.

Men’s A Grade winner was J Mason with 44 off 12 and runner-up was G Rowe with 37 off 8.

B Grade went to T Hinch with 40 off 24 and L Moylan runner-up with 38 off 27.

Ball run-down winners; I Bumbers 37, A George 37, G Ganning 36, D Twiss 36, G Goodear 36, D Twiss 36, D Stanley 36. J Culhane 36, B Scolyer 35, K Allsopp 34, R Feltrin 33, A Wood 33, N Lowe 33 and P Redhead 30.

Group winners; J Gibbs, R White, M Vizjak, T Moroney, I Grimes, K Weavell, P Nolan, K Watson, T Jelbart, R Wiltshire and R Humphreys.

Men’s NTP winner K Dean on the 18th green.

We presented the trophy for the Player of the Year, which is a culmination of performance over the 12 months ending in November 2017.

This year’s winner being R Jamieson, winning on the narrowest of margins with 15 points.

We wish to acknowledge our sponsors of the day; D’Amicos Italian Restaurant Corowa and the Corowa Golf Club for their generous support.

Our next game is on Monday, January 15, 2018 at the Corowa course with a tee time of 8.30am.

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