Letter to the Editor

December 13, 2017

Wake boats for open water, not rivers

My home overlooks the Murray River a short distance east of Corowa, and I have seen first-hand the damage to the river banks caused by the wash from wake boats.
In fact, the bank below my home has receded ten feet in ten years, due to the wash from wake boats eroding under the banks, which collapse, leaving the river wider and more shallow.
Picnic tables and seats have fallen into the river.
In addition, huge river gums have been undermined and fall into the river.
The sole purpose of a wake boat is to create large waves for one wake-boarder to perform tricks.
Those complaining about the proposed ban of wake boards in the Murray River from Bundalong to South Corowa are only thinking about their own selfish indulgences.
Ski boats and fishing boats are not a problem. I believe wake boats should be banned from all rivers.

Reg Moloney

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