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January 04, 2018

Corowa Golf

So here we are again -signing off for 2017 and getting started again for 2018. So better get on with it as there is quite a bit to report.

Tuesday, December 19
Pro Comp – Stableford: Winner - David Hughes 43 pts. Runner-up - Terry Moriarty 35 pts. Ball winners - Gary Clinch 35 pts, Bob Ronnfeldt, Rex Suckling 34 pts, Robin Virant, John Caminito 33 pts.
Wednesday, December 20
Ladies Stableford: Winner - Louise Holden 36 pts. Runner-up - Tessa Merritt 35 pts. Ball winners - Selina Barkley 34 pts, Sheila Van Haren, Marg Tobin 33 pts. NTP’s (4TH) - A grade - Selina Barkley, B grade - Florence Hudson, C grade - Tessa Merritt. Monthly medal - Jan Mills.

Thursday, December 21
Pro Comp – Stableford: Winner - Ken Bouchard 39 pts. Runner-up - Keith Morrison 39 pts. Third - Steve Wilson 38 pts. Fourth - Graeme Chester 38 pts. Fifth - Peter Tait 38 pts. Ball winners (2 balls each) - Terry Newton, Bill Hall 37 pts, Jason Cawthray, Neil Caulfield, Martyn Cunningham 36 pts, James Cleeve 35 pts. 1 ball each - Geoff Ellis, Damien Plunkett, David Holmes, Brian Howard, Bob Ronnfeldt, Greg O’Brien, Len Reynoldson, Len Hall. NTP’s - Peter Moriel 4th, Len Reynoldson 18th. Ladies winner - Rita Taylor 37 pts.

Saturday, December 23
Ladies Stableford: Winner - Gay Richards 35 pts. Runner-up - Margaret Gillick 34 pts. Ball winners - Jeannette Aylward 34 pts, Jacquie Lawler 34 pts. NTP’s - Margaret Gillick 4th, Jeannette Aylward 27th.
Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Trent Vonarx 42 pts. B grade winner - Brad Glare 40 pts. C grade winner - Carlos Ramos 39 pts. Ball winners - Phil Dunning 41 pts, Steve Piddington 40 pts, Keith Allsop, Malcolm McLean 38 pts, Dalton Wegener, Bruce Pearce, Glen McKenzie 37 pts, Peter Filliponi, John Black (Northcote), Des Fraser, Graeme Chester, Ross Lyndon, Tom Embleton, Neville Tait 36 pts. NTP’s - Brad Glare 4th, Trent Vonarx 27th. Eagles - Steve Carrick 8th, John Black 19th.

Sunday, December 24
Men’s Stableford: Winner - Sam Sargood (Royal Melbourne) 38 pts. Ball winners - Gary Chappell, Malcolm Brown (Queens Park) 36 pts, James Dempsey, Rick Djohan 34 pts. NTP’s - Darren Hughes 4th, Jenny Edmanson 18th, Gary Chappell 18th. Malcolm Brown - Jackpot hole 12th - $71 prize.
Tuesday, December 26
Pro Comp – Stableford: Winner - Sam Sargood 37 pts. Ball winners - Ray Arrowsmith 37 pts, Rick Djohan 36 pts.

Thursday, December 28
Pro Comp – Stableford: Ladies winner - Jenny Edmanson 34 pts. NTP;’s - Sara Love 27th. Eagle - Sara Love. Men’s winner - John Black 45 pts. Runner-up - Andrew Coburn 43 pts. Third - Brian Eales 41 pts. Fourth - Neville Tait 40 pts. Fifth - Peter Stathis 39 pts. Ball winners (2 balls each) - Glen McKenzie, Andrew Scott 38 pts, Russell Laycock, Andrew Love, Terry Johnstone, Terry Moriarty, Troy Macpherson, Gary Clinch 37 pts, Nathan Dykes, Greg Witherden, Jason Cawthray 36 pts. One ball each - Guy Rowe, Alex McGillivray, Michael Ryan 36 pts, Geoff Ellis, Graeme Pickett, Steven Wilson, Brenton Pool, Steve Carrick, Sam Sargood, Allen Wood 35 pts. NTP’s - Neville Tait 18th, Sam Sargood 27th. Eagle - John Black.

Saturday, December 30
Pro Comp - Ladies Stableford: Winner - Noreen Miller 35 pts. Runner-up - Deb Eason 34 pts. Ball winners - Danika Coyne, Jeannette Aylward 34 pts, Marg Gillick, Marg Tobin, Gill Goodman 33 pts. NTP’s - Danika Coyne 27th, Marg Tobin 18th.
Men’s Stableford: Winner - Darren Chester 39 pts. Runner-up - Sam Sargood 39 pts.
Third - John Black 38 pts. Fourth - Rick Edmanson 38 pts. Fifth - Graeme Chester 38 pts.
Ball winners (2 balls each) - Ben Taylor 37 pts, Steve Carrick, David Robb, Peter Reid, Gary Davie, Ben Playford, Neil Caulfield, Steve Graham, Bill Kelty 35 pts. NTP’s - Sam Sargood 27th, J. Swale 18th. One ball each - Rick Djohan, Jack Reid, David Anderson, Phil Turner, Grant Ward 34 pts, Keith Morrison, Craig Gyles, Mash Mooney, Trent Vonarx, David Holmes 33 pts.

Sunday, December 31
Stableford: Winner - Trent Vonarx 45 pts. Runner-up - Christine Dunkinson 41 pts. Third - Pat Phelan 38 pts. Ball winners - Geoff Ellis 37 pts, Luke Taberner, Brian Carr, Clive Brooks, Earl Brooks, John Taylor 36 pts. NTP’s - ladies - Jo Ford 4th, men - Glen Roxton 4th, Pat Phelan 27th.

For your diary
Federation Classic 2018
The Federation Classic will be played on Friday, January 26, Saturday, January 27 and Sunday, January 28.
Maximum men’s handicap 36, ladies - 45.
So get your entry forms from the front desk and get it in.
Entry fee is $20 per day (or a block entry of $50 for the three days).
Remember - Golf link card must be produced on request and competitors must be prepared to play at the time appointed by the committee (or forfeit you place in the draw).
All ties in the competition will be decided on a countback.

Happy Golfing
“The Bogeyman”

Howlong Golf

Tuesday, December 19
Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Peter Stevens 42 pts. A grade r/up - Bill Iverach 39 pts. B grade winner - Russell Schmidt 41 pts. B grade r/up - Alan Panther 38 pts. Ball winners - Michael Nicholson 38 pts, Kevin Argent, Cyril Land, Neville Lowe, Ray Lennen 37 pts, Stephen Martin, Ron Newman, Bruce Barnes, Tom O’Halloran, Trevor Pattinson, Glenn Lilley, Edward Wornes, Peter Smith 36 pts, Ian Williams, Robert Watson 35 pts. NTP’s - Jeff Cashman 2nd, Philip Cummings 5th, Rino Feltrin 8th, Alan Panther 18th.
Ladies Stableford: Winner - Rachael Wright 34 pts. Runner-up - Margret Austin 32 pts. NTP - Rachael Wright 5th.

Friday, December 22
Seafood Run – Stableford: Winner - Cheryl Wigmore 22 pts. Runner-up - Amanda Arnot 22 pts. Third - Yvonne Sheather 21 pts. Fourth - Michael Gardiner 21 pts. Fifth - Kaye Redhead 21 pts c/b. Ball winners - Steven Humphries, Chris Palmer 21 pts, Melinda Blumoser, Ron Newman Jesse Corrigan-Dale, John Arthur, Bruce Bengough, Susan Gibb, Heather Sarau, David Smith 20 pts, Julie Fenton-Smith, Ian Campbell, Raymond Dale, John Kimber, Neville Batt, Rod Petty, Elsie Romey, Wayne Hannan, Andrew Neilson, Fred Chapman 19 pts, John Mentakis, Peter Hastings, Stuart James, Peter Redhead, Di Tyrell-Miller, Julianne O’Reilly, Lee Lawther 18 pts.
18 hole Medley Stableford: Overall winner - Peter Stevens 38 pts. A grade winner - Kerry Dunne 37 pts. Ball winners - Jarrod Wood, Scott Proctor 37 pts, Peter Daley 36 pts, Kenneth Edmunds 35 pts, Joel Klemke 34 pts. NTP’s - Joel Klemke 8th, Russell Mathews 18th.

Saturday, December 23
Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Tom Grubisa 41 pts. A grade r/up - Brandon Purtell 40 pts. B grade winner - Peter Anderson 39 pts. B grade r/up - Danny Kiervan 38 pts. C grade winner - Stephen Donaghey 45 pts. C grade r/up - Liam Mount 43 pts. Ball winners - Andrew Neilson, Brian Austin 41 pts, Ronald Chaffey, Kristen Van Duursen, Wayne Olcorn, Bruce Bengough, John Van Nispen 40 pts, Mark Pattinson 39 pts, Trevor Schroeter, Wayne Degering, Brian Shields, Don Eastick Ray Reid, Ross Martin, Graham Chick, David Charles, Ian Bain 38 pts, Patrick O’Keefe, Alex Krause, Tony Caunt, Casey Rolfe, Les Stevens, Steven Mahon 37 pts. Eagle - Brandon Purtell 14th. NTP’s - Ray Reid 2nd, John Van Nispen 5th, Daniel Mills 8th, Daniel Krause 18th.
Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Helen Embleton 41 pts. A grade r/up - Michelle Stevens 40 pts. Ball winners - Fran Anderson, Fay Barnes 39 pts, Lee Nothrop 36 pts. NTP - Helen Embleton 5th.

Sunday, December 24
Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Liam Munt 44 pts. A grade r/up - Greg Allan 41 pts. Ball winners - Mark Wegener 40 pts, Eddie Fah 39 pts, Col Trainer, Peter Walsh 38 pts, Cliff Harmer, Rorey McNamara 37 pts, Mathew Porter 36 pts. Eagle - Cliff Harmer 11th.  NTP’s - Andrew McNamara 2nd, Peter Walsh 5th, Greg Allan 8th & 18th.
Ladies Stableford: Winner - Jeanette Edwards 37 pts. Runner-up - Susan Van De Ven 34 pts.

Tuesday, December 26
Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Ray Reid 42 pts c/b. A grade r/up - Rob Forrest 42 pts. B grade winner - Liam Mount 39 pts c/b. B grade r/up - Stephen Donaghey 39 pts. Ball winners - Eddie Fah, Paul Purtell 41 pts, Peter Smith, Shane Purcivall, Peter Walsh 38 pts, Henk Van De Ven 37 pts, Gary Dundas, Adrian Feuerherdt 36 pts, Rick Harnwell, Bill Tomkins, Stephen Purcivall, Sam McEachern, Keith Allison, Richard Feuk 35 pts. NTP’s - Graeme Pool 2nd, Sam McEachern 5th, Paul Purtell 8th, Wendel Reitenbach 18th.
Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Liz Greenhill 40 pts. A grade r/up - Susan Wood 36 pts c/b. Ball winner - Alison Comensoli 36 pts. NTP - Susan Wood 5th.

Wednesday, December 27
Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Glenda Marshall 38 pts. A grade r/up - Maureen Mathews 36 pts. B grade winner - Beverley Simpson 36 pts. B grade r/up - Pamela Nankervis 35 pts. Ball winners - Susan Mitchell 36 pts, Vivian Beehan, Gail Howard, Kaye Bingham 35 pts, Di Tyrell-Miller, Jane Arthur 34 pts, Dot Reitenbach, Helen Foster 33 pts. NTP - Glenda Marshall 5th.
Men’s Stableford: Winner - Russell Mathews 40 pts. Runner-up - Liam Mount 39 pts. Ball winners - Craig Copeland, Terry Mardling 37 pts, Rorey McNamara, Ronald Smith 36 pts, Stephen Donaghey 35 pts. NTP’s - Ron Washington 2nd, Craig Copeland 5th, Ry Coleman 8th, Rorey McNamara 18th.

Thursday, December 28
Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Rodney Moyle 38 pts. A grade r/up - John Arthur 37 pts. B grade winner - Kevin Murphy 38 pts c/b. B grade r/up - Paul Allen 38 pts. Ball winners - Neville Lowe 38 pts, Bob Watson, Brian Duncan, Wayne Degering 37 pts, Robert Laidlaw, Ken Rampling, Corrie Haring, John Kimber, Bill Miller, Henry Hopkins 36 pts, Peter Redhead, Nevil Yates, Peter Smith, Jeff Cashman, Richard Murray, Jacob White, Philip Cummings, Philip Raftery, Kelvin Shannon 35 pts.
Ladies Stableford: Winner - Susan Mitchell 38 pts. Runner-up - Joan Seigel 36 pts. Ball winners - Jane Arthur 36 pts, Bev Allison 35 pts. NTP - Joan Seigel 5th.

Friday, December 29
18 hole Medley Stableford: A grade winner - Simon Martin 42 pts. A grade r/up - Rorey McNamara 38 pts. B grade winner - Greg Keir 39 pts. B grade r/up - Daniel Flack 38 pts. Ball winners - Russell Mathews, Harry Weaver, Liam Mount 38 pts, Oscar Zerbst 37 pts, Paul Purtell, Jacob White, Jo Coleman, Brandon Purtell, Douglas Tucker 36 pts, Scott Proctor, Ivor Bumbers 35 pts. Eagle - Harry Weaver 14th. NTP’s - Maureen Mathews 5th, Glenn Stevenson 8th, Oscar Zerbst 18th.
Saturday, December 30
Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Shane Taggard 40 pts c/b. A grade r/up - Bruce Bengough 40 pts c/b. A grade third - Les Stevens 40 pts. B grade winner - Stephen Purcivall 43 pts. B grade r/up - Michael Nicholson 40 pts. B grade third - Bruce Barnes 39 pts. C grade winner - Philip Raftery 43 pts.
C grade r/up - Wayne Olcorn 40 pts. C grade third - Steven Wigmore 39 pts. Ball winners - Neville Brown, Daniel O’Sullivan, Ry Coleman 39 pts, Philip Trimble, Graeme Male, Ken Rampling, Dennis Heather, Liam Mount, Robert Ross, Mark Pattinson 38 pts, Stan Ridley, Deon Van Der Merwe, John Purtell, Paul Allen, John Muller 37 pts, Wazza Norton, Tom Grubisa, John Watkins, Martin Tobin, Graeme Pool, Ray Van Klaveren, Warren Kuschert, Nathan Quinlivan, Max Anderson, Ian Rundell 36 pts, Des Nemeth, Simon Evans, Nathan Schneider, Neville Batt 35 pts. Eagle - Brandon Purtell 11th, Duane Kerwin 1st. NTP’s - Nathan Quinlivan 2nd, Tom Grubisa 5th, Jim Fairweather 8th, Shane Taggart 18th.
Sunday, December 30
Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Di Tyrell-Miller 40 pts. A grade r/up - Jeanette Edwards 39 pts. B grade winner - Liz Greenhill 38 pts. B grade r/up - Lee Nothrop 37 pts. Ball winners - Lee Lawther 38 pts, Beverly Hockings 37 pts, Karie Lowe 36 pts, Heather Briggs, June Washington, Bernice Campbell, Helen Embleton 34 pts, Colleen O’Keefe 33 pts. NTP - Liz Greenhill 5th.

Sunday, December 31
Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Shane Rohrich 40 pts. A grade r/up - Mathew Porter 39 pts. B grade winner - Ralph Altman 38 pts. B grade r/up - Marcus Reid 37 pts. Ball winners - Peter Stevens, Stuart James, Ron Washington 39 pts, Ry Coleman, Eddie Fah 38 pts, Matt Versteegen, Des Whelan, Stefan Kolevich 36 pts, Cliff Harmer, William Begg, Steven Humphries 35 pts. Eagle - Brian Shields 14th. NTP’s - Ry Coleman 2nd, William Begg 5th, Brian Shields 8th, Brenton Pool 18th.
Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Jan Hansson 44 pts. A grade r/up - Janis Altman 38 pts. Ball winners - Julie Evans 38 pts, Paula Orriss, Judy Fah, Kaye Bingham 37 pts, Anne Smith 36 pts. NTP - Julie Evans 5th.

Monday, January 1
18 hole Medley Stableford: A grade winner - Nathan Schneider 44 pts. A grade r/up - Mark Pattinson 43 pts. B grade winner - Peter Risbey 41 pts. B grade r/up - Jack Risbey 37 pts. Ball winners - Stuart James 38 pts, Brandon Purtell, Brett McMahon, Jeanette Edwards, Wayne Hannan, Janis Altman, Ronald Smith 37 pts, Mark Wegener, Paul Baker, Philip Raftery, Steven Cooke, Sam McEachern 36 pts. Eagle - Trevor Pattinson 18th. NTP’s - Janis Altman 2nd, Julie Evans 5th, Nathan Schneider 8th, Trevor Pattinson 18th.
9 hole Medley Stableford: Winner - Sharon Coyne 24 pts. Runner-up - John Arthur 21 pts. Ball winners - Barry Cross 21 pts, Valerie Cross 19 pts, Michael Ursu, MJ Ursu 18 pts.

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